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  1. Harry Moncton, NB, Canada currently using an Evnroll blade putter would like to try the Anser 2
  2. Harry B New Brunswick, Canada Ping G400 swing speed approx: 90 mph
  3. Your first name: Harry Province: New Brunswick, Canada - Your Handicap 22 - The model and distance you hit your current 7 iron Callaway Diablo Edge 7 iron carry 145 - 150 I would be very interested to test irons that are NOT from the big companies with huge budgets to promote their products. Also, these irons have a great look. If they perform half as good as they look they will be an enormous hit!
  4. Oddly enough, I was JUST looking at this at my local golf retailer. I kid you not! I would like to be considered as a tester for this product.
  5. Harry Moncton,NB 23 / approx 90 Taylormade RBZ 19° and Taylormade M4 22° Would stick with 22° as that would be perfect for the yardage I'm looking for
  6. Harry New Brunswick, Canada Current rain gear is Foot Joy HydroLite Short Sleeve Rain Shirt, and Under Armour Storm Rain Pants Worst rain experience was at a fun work tourny and it rained so hard for the first 9 holes I went through 2 rain jackets and gave up wearing the rain pants after only a couple holes. Everything was wet. Teeing off on the 7th hole, my driver went further than the ball. LOL. The grips and gloves were so wet it was difficult hanging onto any club. That was 9 years ago, and we still talk about me "throwing" my driver that day.
  7. Your first name: Harry Your home state/province/country: New Brunswick, Canada Your handicap: 23 Your current irons set/shaft: Callaway Diablo Edge w/steel shafts Your PING choice - i210 or i500: i500
  8. OMG!!!! Who wouldn't want to try these irons? Pick me...pick me.....please pick me! Harry New Brunswick, Canada I currently use Callaway Diablo Edge irons with steels shafts and a regular flex I currently hit my 7 iron about 145 - 150 on the fly. I am not sure what else I can say to convince you to let me try these irons. I have looked at Ping irons for a long, long time, but they are far too expensive for my budget. (The wife says I can buy them if we ever win a lottery....lol).
  9. Would love to try these irons. 1. Your first name and home state or province New Brunswick, Canada 2. Your current irons/shafts (flex and brand) Callaway Diable Edge with regular flex 3. Your current handicap 21 4. HB Launcher irons would be my preferred choice (Bonus is that these are my initials, LOL).
  10. Harry New Brunswick Cleveland CG-15 wedges 50º, 54º, and 58º Weaknesses are lack of spin, and distance consistency. Hdcp 21
  11. Love to try these irons. Harry from New Brunswick, Canada Currently, using Callaway Diablo Edge irons with uniflex steel shafts Handicap is 21 Would like to review the C300 forged set
  12. Agree that this is an amazing opportunity! Harry, NB, Canada Handicap is 20 Swing speed 94 Currently using a Knuth Golf High Heat Driver 9.5° According to the fitting tool I would test a G400 SFT 10°
  13. Harry - Moncton, NB, Canada Handicap of 20 Oddly enough, I have been looking at the new Cleveland CBX line of irons and wedges. My irons are 5 or 6 years old and should probably be replaced soon. I currently use 2 of the Cleveland CG15 wedges, and they have been terrific. What could be better than to win this contest and receive a proper fitting! Thanks, Mygolfspy!
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