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  1. Would love to be considered for this opportunity. I play a couple of times per week, and walk with a rented cart on occasion. Ping G410 Max driver Ping G400 SFT 3 and 5 woods Tour Edge 4 hybrid Mizuno 5-PW Callaway 50* Gap Callaway PM2 56 and 60 wedges Cure Hybrid putter
  2. Tee height definitely affects my ball flight. I have a rather shallow AoA, so using a "4 more yards" tee, has helped me to gain consistency. I insert the tee so that the collar on the tee shaft is barely touching the ground, or even up 1/16" for normal shots. I get good height and better carry. For strong headwinds, I push the tee down so that the collar is i/16" to 1/8" below the surface. The ball has a more penetrating flight.
  3. Lloyd Davis College Station, TX Right handed First choice: 18* hybrid, regular shaft Second choice: 3 wood, regular shaft 12.5 handicap I currently play hybrids versus long irons
  4. Lloyd, College Station, TX, USA I play with a Ping Sigma G Doon The Tomcat 14, with the high MOI and "slight arc" fit would be my choice.
  5. Lloyd, Flower Mound, TX Tour Edge EX10, Mitsubishi Basara R-flex 92 MPH, 210 Yd. carry 11 hndcp I have played with adjustable drivers for years, and have NEVER adjusted one after purchase. I think Cleveland is on the right track here, and would love to get these a run.
  6. Lloyd, Flower Mound, TX My dream bag would be: Launcher HB 10.5 Driver Launcher HB 3 & 5 woods Launcher HB 4-hybrid Launcher CBX irons, 5-PW CBX Wedges, 50, 56 and 60 TFI 2135 Cero Putter Black/Blue/White stand bag This would be the trip of a lifetime! Thanks, Cleveland and MGS for offering the contest!!
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