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  1. and I just bought two new SM8s for retail with my holiday gift certificates.
  2. I'm a senior short knocker. I carry two 3-woods, both adjustable. My TaylorMade is adjusted to 14 and my Ping is adjusted to 17. I use mostly the Ping from the fairways, but if there's a chance of reaching the green with the TaylorMade without much hazard risk, I'll hit it. I tee off with a three wood or driving iron when a driver is too much or the shot is too risky. I don't hit 5-woods consistently. I ditched them long ago.
  3. I play a 19-degree Ping G400 3-iron Regular flex. The sole is wider than my Ping G Max irons and it's weighted. I rarely have a miss with this club from the rough, fairway or tee. My miss rate with hybrids was unacceptable costing too many strokes. 10 years ago, I played a 19-degree Titleist 503-H Stiff Flex. It was prone to the occasional hook like other hybrids. That doesn't happen with the Ping G400 crossover. I am a 20-handicap senior. Hybrids just don't work for me. I notice other seniors struggle from the rough with hybrids and fairway woods. They're called fairway woods for a reason. To save strokes, get a crossover iron, take your medicine, and hit it down the fairway for an easy up and down.
  4. Let's not forget the foursome who sits around writing down scores and reorganizing golf bags before leaving the hole they just completed. drives me nuts. there's plenty time to do that on the next tee.
  5. I received a text message about this and ordered from the Costco app on my phone. I didn't get the part about the double order. I guess that I am stuck with only the one (2 dozen) order. Oh well. I'll take it. I love these balls.
  6. Welcome to the forums kikbuti :)


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