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  1. Dan from Friendswood, Texas Yes, I once had a hitting net. No LM, but I do have a very nice practice area complete with chipping green and practice bunker. The addition of a practice net would be perfect!
  2. Dan / Friendswood, Texas Yes, right handed. 1st choice: 3-wood 15 degree, stiff. Prefer Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black shaft, but open to others. 2nd choice: Driving Iron 18 degree, stiff. Prefer UST Mamiya Recoil or ES shaft, but open to others. Handicap: 8.0 Currently play a Callaway 3-hybrid Big Bertha with UST Mamiya Recoil or ES shaft in lieu of a 3-iron.
  3. Dan Friendswood, Texas Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 8.0 index 96 mph TSi3
  4. Dan: Friendswood, Texas.. Handicap: 8.. I play with two RTX-4 satin chrome wedges (52 mid & 58 full) and would like to compare theses to the Zipcor Raw. I will not go into this study with any preconceived notion about raw wedges.
  5. Daniel Texas 10 hdcp, 95 mph Callaway Rouge Sub-Zero Callaway Flash Sub-Zero
  6. Dan from southeast Texas. Currently wear Antiqua with gortex fabric and a soft silk-like lining. You havn't seen rain until you've lived in southeast Texas. Not Harvey but before perhaps three years ago. The downpour and wind was so hard that holding a large umprella was senseless. I gave up and was totally soaked head to toe. When the frogs start swimming out of the cups, you know it's time to go home.
  7. Welcome to the forums Danpoehler :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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