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  1. I found this article and podcast really interesting and will definitely be using this information to choose the ball that’s right for me. I’m cheap, so I’m most interested in the mid priced balls - Snell offerings, Maxfli (on sale) and my current gamer, the Srixon Qstar tour. I plan to test all, but would like a little more information about how/why balls were placed in each category (very good, good, etc.). I understand that the cut balls were placed in the poor category based on their tendency to get damaged, and the excellent balls seem to have a combination of both high performance and excellent quality control/consistency. What differentiates those balls in the middle of these two extremes? just a general comment about what qualities balls in these middle categories possess would be great!
  2. Testing new drivers and really liked the Fujikura Pro 2.0 55 Stiff paired with an M5 head. I’m in no hurry to buy a driver (have a lot of new releases to test this year), so I thought I might reshaft my 2016 M2 in the meantime with something similar to the Pro 2.0 at a lower price point (<$100). Any thoughts on a shaft with a similar profile and feel at half the cost?
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