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About Me

"Forward and Findable" defines my golfing existence. I'm not great at anything tee to green, but I do a decent job of getting around most days. Off the tee, I usually have a look at the green, and I'm at least around the green in regulation most of the time. My average score at my home course usually falls somewhere between 77-82, but I can, on occasion, flirt with par or struggle to break 90. 

Driver: I'm not a big hitter by any means (95 mph ss), and I only hit 5 or 6 fairways a round. When I do miss the fairway though, I generally have a shot and fortunately don't spend too much time looking for my ball.

Long Irons: Kind of a Jekyll and Hyde element of my game. When I'm on with these clubs, they are the best in my bag, but unfortunately, the opposite is true when I'm not feeling it. Given the choice between going for the green with a fairway wood/hybrid or laying up with a 4/5 iron, I'll lay up every time. 

Mid Irons: Pretty decent most days. Most of my greens in regulation (7/8 per round) come when I have a 7-9 iron in hand.

Short Irons (full swing): Probably the weakest part of my game. I struggle at times to make solid and consistent contact with wedges when I take full swings, which is a bit of a head scratcher considering what I said earlier about laying up to this distance more often than not.

Short Irons (partial): Probably the most consistent and best all around part of my game. I spend a lot of time between the fringe and 20 yards off, so I've had plenty of practice with these shots and am pretty good at getting up and down most days.

Putter: I average about 30 putts a round and do all right at 3 putt avoidance (maybe 1 a round). My biggest weakness in this area is taking advantage of those greens  I  do hit where I have what I would call a make-able birdie putt (10-20 feet). I'm lucky to make 20% of those putts, which is pretty awful considering I play on flat and relatively slow Midwestern greens.

Aside from a few early spring gethebugsout sessions and a couple simulator sessions in the winter months, I spend very little time practicing, preferring instead to work it out on the course where I play around 100 times a year.

My Bag:

Orientation: Left-handed


     Taylormade M2 2016 Fujikura Pro 53 S


     Taylormade Burner 2009 3 Wood

     Ping G30 5 Wood

     Adams a7 3H


     Srixon z565 4-PW Modus 3 105s


     Cleveland RTX 3 50 & 56


     Evnroll ER2



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