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  1. I found this article and podcast really interesting and will definitely be using this information to choose the ball that’s right for me. I’m cheap, so I’m most interested in the mid priced balls - Snell offerings, Maxfli (on sale) and my current gamer, the Srixon Qstar tour. I plan to test all, but would like a little more information about how/why balls were placed in each category (very good, good, etc.). I understand that the cut balls were placed in the poor category based on their tendency to get damaged, and the excellent balls seem to have a combination of both high performance and excellent quality control/consistency. What differentiates those balls in the middle of these two extremes? just a general comment about what qualities balls in these middle categories possess would be great!
  2. Todd Illinois hdcp: 7 ss: 95 Current Setup: Ping g30 5w 17*, Adams a7 19* Srixon z565 4 iron 22* left handed
  3. Todd illinois evnroll er2 I do pretty well at three putt avoidance but struggle to convert putts from 10-20 feet. The evnroll has definitely helped control distance on off center strikes, which is why I’d say my putting is neither a strength nor a weakness. Average but getting better might best describe where I am right now. It would be interesting to see if stroke lab putters can perform as well as or better than what I currently have.
  4. Testing new drivers and really liked the Fujikura Pro 2.0 55 Stiff paired with an M5 head. I’m in no hurry to buy a driver (have a lot of new releases to test this year), so I thought I might reshaft my 2016 M2 in the meantime with something similar to the Pro 2.0 at a lower price point (<$100). Any thoughts on a shaft with a similar profile and feel at half the cost?
  5. Todd Illinois 6 hdcp/95 SS Taylormade M2 - Fujikura Pro50 Epic Flash
  6. Todd - Illinois 6 hdcp - 95 mph driver ss ping g30 Ping G410 Plus
  7. Todd Illinois Srixon z565 Nippon Modus 3 105 stiff 7 iron - 160
  8. I could easily see myself becoming a ho, but I try to keep things in a 5 year cycle. Driver one year, hybrid/fairway the next, irons, then wedges, and finally putter before starting all over again. Gives me something new to play with each year and gives technology in each area a chance to evolve. We will see if I have enough will power to keep it going after this ordeal...
  9. Buying a new putter this year and SAM lab recommended a putter with at least 30 degrees of toe hang for my slight arc stroke. Definitely considering an evnroll, but none of their putters that 1) I like or 2) are offered in lefty have that amount of hang. The er2 comes close at 22 degrees. Should that be a concern or is the difference negligible? I know the best answer is to test one, but the closest evnroll dealer is a couple hours away so I was hoping to get some insight before making the trip.
  10. Day Stenson C. Hoffman DeChambeau Poulter Winning score: -16 Low am: +7
  11. Thanks for the helpful information. I definitely want to take advantage of putter technology. That's why I'm looking specifically at these three models. From what I gather, they all have face technologies that eliminate distance loss on off center strikes, while the evnroll also keeps the ball on line. I'm convinced that the evnroll and ping technologies work; however, I can't find much about the Cleveland satin line and it's effectiveness. I guess ultimately I'm wondering how big the gap is between evnroll and the other two so I can determine whether or not it makes sense to spend roughly $200 more for the evnroll.
  12. I'm in the market for a new putter this year and considering a ping sigma g anser or tyne, a Cleveland tfi #1, or an evnroll slant neck e5 (was told one is coming). As a lefty, it's hard to demo these clubs, so any feedback regarding sound, feel, and mishit correction from those who game these specific models would be much appreciated. In essence, is the evnroll that much better than the other 2? How effective is the Cleveland technology? There's surprisingly little in the way of reviews of that line.
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