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  1. I have bought top of the line Footjoys three and two years ago and alternate. Both pairs are still waterproof ( I golf in the British Colombia) and I have never worn more comfortable shoes. You get what you pay for.
  2. Carnousty, Vancouver, Canada Wilson FG Tour 100 Handicap 17 7 iron goes 148
  3. Mark Scanlon Taylormade Jetspeed with regular shaft. 92 MPH swing speed Handicap is 20.5 Definitely working to lower my handicap. Lessons should kick in any time now.
  4. Mark Scanlon from North Vancouver , British Colombia I like the HB Driver and Hybrids and the CBX irons and wedges. The TFI putter looks very innovative. I remain a 20 handicap but intend to drop at least 3 index points this year.
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