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  2. anyone hitting Victoria and needs a game feel free to hit me up. Dan has my info if needed...there ya go, my first MGS post in like 2 years...
  3. ya I would be into testing some gear. I may not meet the particip[ation levels though. We are able to play year round usually as well. Never looked for a launch monitor so couldn't tell you if I could get one. Mizuno mp58 3-7 Mizuno mp68 8-Pw with KBS tour stiff shafts Mizuno t-11 wedges 54&60* w spinner shafts all with Black Widow widow maker grips currently 7.1 hcp 40 yrs right handed and irons are all 2* up while I have no idea how many if any post belong to me, you were the first I contacted when my brand new r11 blew up in my hands and you have the pictures to prove it. I have always enjoyed your site but do miss the controversial side although I understand how you pay the bills as well. good luck with how ever gets the gig, it would be a blast. cheers Chris Victoria BC
  4. Love the True shoes. just bought my 2nd pair this week. i work as a chef so am on my feet all day. when i am puttong my old shoes on after work i was always wishin i had my true tours cuz they are so comfy. so i finally bought another pair of phx shoes for daily wear....better than any of the usual suspects!
  5. I'm throw out Nickent just for a laugh...
  6. 4 locations you'd like to golf today, like here in Victoria BC....I might even take you salmon fishing when we finish our round....yes it's a bribe dammit
  7. that was mine. I'm a 9 cap and don't bounce too many off the top anymore. I do hit it long according to my friends. Club head speed between 104 and 116mph. It was set standard, 10.5* with the stiff shaft and the sole plate closed. I am totally bummed after being so jacked up to get it. I never pay full pop to get the latest anything but did with this, but should be happy I bought it locally instead of the hassle of online. It made a wicked noise when it let go as well. Pryed it open as much as possible without ripping it right open. Don't want to risk them not replacing it.MyGolfSpy now has all the pics I took and the story as to what is inside, if they wish to post em...
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