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  1. As far as golf goes I have been on a 30 year nap ! The last time I played regularly I got an onvite from my wife's aunt a retired Colonel. We played at the local navy course in Orange County. The course was all abuzz with some little kid that was breaking 40 on the front nine. The dad was a bit obnoxious they said but the kid was hitting the hell out of the ball. The kids nickname was panther, or was it jaguar...well some big cat ! ....God I am old !
  2. ...that a zillion dollar name brand putter performs any better than a twenty year old flat stick from a barrel in a pawn shop ? Assuming the shaft is straight and the face is milled putting is reading the green and deciding what strike gives you the proper distance. Of all the advancement made by the club manufacturers over the last 30 years putter design has to be the least impactful.
  3. But how do you know if you need it. When I played tournament tennis I was till using wood ( Jack Kramer Wilson Pro Staff) . Metal rackets had just come out but most of them were crap. I started being first round fodder every weekend so I stopped playing tennis and went to golf for a decade. I was over 40 when I went back to tennis and everything was graphite and composites. I could hit the ball harder and with more spin at 45 than I could at 25. Unfortunately so could everyone else but I settled in as a fair to middling club tennis player. Cancer and torn rotator ended any thoughts of playing tennis into my dotage. I am actually shocked that I have gotten back into golf. But the changes in equipment are mind boggling. I have a perfectly good pair of Dexter Golf shoes that the course won't let me wear. Instead of two or three proline golf clubs and the department store set, there must be 20. and whats with all these wedges ??? We had pitching and sand ??!!?. What the hell is a GAP wedge ?..and yesterday my playing partner looked like he was making a phone call when he yells 133 to the middle" which I already knew from pacing it from the 150 stone. Radars and high speed cameras,....hittning UP on your driver. Hybrids flying high and far from indifferent strikes ( I do love that part). Just like starting a new sport, Love it. and DD...Thank You for your service. I virtually spent my entire career developing weaponry for the US armed forces and attended the Defense Systems Management college. I know first hand some of the sacrifices the men and women of our armed forces make even in peace time. May all our men and women in uniform stay safe and only go in harms way when our national security is at stake. When they do I know that they are the best in the world.
  4. Welcome from a fellow newbee to the forum. I lived in Northern Va twice. Loved playing the Reston course. It was late in the summer of 1980. Number one is a manageable par 5 . Big Drive...so so 4W. Pitching wedge from the bottom of the hill....can only see the top of the flag. Wedge felt about right...walked up the hill...no ball on the green...did I go over ??!!?....walked to the hole. EAGLE two under after one....37 on the front 9. 10 is a bear of a par 4...Double Bogey . Still there was a chance to break 80. Pars and bogeys later I realize if I can finish the last two in one over the dream will come true. 17 is the longest par 5 on the card. I bash both my drive and my 4W within 60 yds, I had hardly realized the darkening sky. Rain with huge drops pelting us... The other twosome is making a run for the clubhouse not even finishing the whole. We say we're going to get just as wet as both hole run straight at the nearest shelter. I walk to my ball...par should be a gimmee...with luck a birdie. Suddenly BOOM>>CRASH>>>a lightening bolt hits a stake tree. I walk calmly to my ball and loft a wedge to fifteen. Partner now wants to run too. We don't have a cart so I still say lets finish. The rain is coming down in sheets. My fifteen footer attempt is three feet short, but I make the put. Bogey on the 390 yd finishing hole(OB right) and I break 80 ! Tom says the hell with it and doesn't even come to the tee. My glove is so wet I cant get it on. I am soaked to the skin. I can still feel the water dripping off my hand as I try to tee it up. I need to hit driver for any chance to get home in two. Tom is already 50 yds down the fairway when I make my swing. BOOM another lightening strike behind me. BOOM my drive is solid with a bit of a draw. I over compensated for the OB right. It bounce once and nestles just short of the 150 tree. (No fancy range finders then, you paced it off from the 150 tree !). I hustled to my ball almost running down the fairway. Tom is almost to my ball when another thunder clap and lightening strike in the woods just off the 18th. As Tom points to my ball...He yells back words I'll never forget. Chuck he yells back as he nears the green. TAKE out your ONE iron. I am nearing the ball and I know its no more than a 7 and the lie just off the fairway might make it an 8. Why the hell would I hit a 1 iron ? I yelled back. Tom says " for safety" . Huh I say to myself has the water got to his brain ?? Tom yells back through the pelting rain and wind. 'You'll be safe all the way to the green". I go to line up my shot...but I need an explanation. OK Tom why will I be safe If I hold up my 1i. Tom yells back half laughing half crying. "Even God cant hit a one iron off the fairway; everyone knows that !. As he made his final run to his card I chunked my eight, hit an indifferent pitch, and THREE putted for a double giving me 80 even. ( 99% of this story is absolutely true and I didn't break 80 for another two years and on the other side of the continent !...The one iron came out of the bag that evening.!
  5. you're right. The practice area is one exit east of me. I can see it from the freeway when I drive up. But who can resist an empty first tee and and an acquaintance begging to play.Yesterday we didnt see a soul until 8 tee and no wait until 12. So practice has gone out the window...(. The course is calling to me again today. I MUST resist...I need a haircut....wife wants some stuff from home depot.....First tee is yelling now...is that the starter I hear??? LOL
  6. Welcome from an ex Detroiter who spent much of a misspent youth in Windsor Ont. I wont say warm welcome as I know these are the weeks of the last throes of getting in a few holes before the long winter. Is it true that February last 137 days in Ontario if you're a golfer and 93 even if you're not ?
  7. Thanks...but my old school girl pro wasn't much short game help when It came to pitching and chipping. Great putting drills and got my distance control down pretty well. Her pitching lessons were all about "dropping" the club on the ball. YouTube is confusing with half teaching "hinge and Hold" and half teaching "Maintaining the VEE". My course has a great pitching practice area so maybe I'll take one from him on pitching chipping. I don't really care about being able to get up and down although that's nice. I just want to be somewhere in the middle of the green from 40 yds and not dump it in the front bunker !
  8. My bag is what came with the $250.00 Stratus set that I bought from in June. I even use their putter. I did throw in my 3i from my 35 year old set for low chunks from the trees and a 60 deg wedge I found for 10 bucks at the pawn shop. I think my whole set, mens clubs memebership ( unlimited range balls) and the 6 greens fees I've paid since starting back is less than a 2017 top of line driver.
  9. as a relatively new returnee to the game ( no golf for 30 years). I bought a dozen Wilson pro staff whatevers. I was on the Wilson free racket list in college (68-72) and just buy Wilson stuff reactively. Back in the 70's early 80's Wilson pro staffs were second only to Titlest and much more durable. My playing partners were quite dismissive of my choice so I got some Calloways. They all seem the same to me except the range balls that feel like rocks and a brand new pinnacle I found that has a harder feel than the Calloways. I am gussing my driver swing speed is about 90???. Does any ball make a difference?
  10. I was a small college tennis player in my youth and took up the game after travelling in the same bus as a the college golf team. Became reasonably avid in my 30's but as the career took off and the kid arrived my time was too short and I went back to tennis. I stop playing golf about the time the first BIG Bertha came out. I was between a 16 and a 12 but I never took a lesson nor hit more than a small bucket for practice. Basically I just smashed the driver as hard as I could...went and found it at the local muni and was a better than average putter. Fast forward 30 years and I am cancer survivor and retired. Time is plentiful when health allows and money for equipment, greens fees lessons are not problems. I bought a Calloway Stratus set for $250.00 and when it arrived there were half the clubs that I had never seen or heard of before. The driver with the huge head, three wood and five wood that were different and this strange 4h and 5h clubs and the irons starting at 6. I took 4 lessons and learned how to hit the driver and most of the other clubs pretty quickly. Cant hit the woods off the deck.Chipping and pitching are problems but I broke 100 the first time I played and missed a 4footer to break 90 day before yesterday. I have been playing from the second to the most forward tee. The lessons cured my slice but at 67 and no left radius bone the best I can hit this driver is about 220 including role. Pro I went to was old school. Nothing fancy. No video no launch monitors. My question is what will help my game more...$2000.00 worth of clubs...lessons this time from a technically advanced pro.....my own personal set of electronics. Or just play or practice every day. I'll skip weekend mornings for you younger guys.
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