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  1. Thanks but it's been in the drum of rice for many days now so I guess it's past the simple fix. I live in Thailand so it's not easy to send it back to Bushnell but I have a friend whose going back to the UK soon so I'll ask him if he'll take it with him and post it to Bushnell on his return.
  2. Last week I was out playing golf in a buggy and all of a sudden the heavens opened. My Bushnell Tour v3 was on the shelf inside the cart and I didn't dream that it wouldn't be able to handle a little rain on it, so I didn't rush to cover it. The rain didn't stop so we packed in after an hour's delay. I put the rangefinder in its bag and into my golf bag and never thought any more about it. The next time I played, I took the Bushnell out to measure a shot and to my surprise the inside of the viewing lens was clouded so I didn't use it anymore that round. As soon as I got home I read some po
  3. Welcome to the forums glanville63 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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