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  1. Have these been discontinued or just special order from here on out?  The MG2 Tiger Grind page has been removed from the Taylormade website and the WITB for Tiger now just shows his wedges as MG2 rather than linking to the TIger Grind spec wedges.  

  2. 20 hours ago, jlukes said:

    Unicorn shafts only exist for people that don’t get fit and randomly buy shafts based on what they read or watch online. 

    If one gets a proper fitting then they’d come away with shafts that fit their swing rather than burning through money on the 2nd hand market with trial and error. 

    Boop beep beep.  Me golf robot.  Me only play what me told to play.  Meep boop bop.  


    Lighten up dude.  Plenty of fitting has happened here.  Golf - and golf equipment - is fun.  Jeez.

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  3. Yah, I've plenty plenty of time at my club builder-fitter so I knew what I was looking for when I went hunting.  I think I'm done with shafts at this point.  Who has a putter that holes the ball every time?  Looking for that next.

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  4. Who has found their unicorn shaft(s)?  I went through trying most of the Obans, a few Padersons, some USTs, Aldila Rouge 125, a Nunchuk (!), Accras and others over the past few years trying to find something I really connect with (almost all of which I bought second hand).  Many of which I really liked.  Only a couple were in my bag for more than a season.  Some of which I flipped almost right away.  When I first saw the Diamana X'17 I was pretty intrigued.  There was no way I wanted to pay the $750 MSRP for the shaft.  Having tried out many shafts I have a good idea of what I'm looking for and how the manufacturers describe what they're selling raltive to how they perform.  I thought the X'17 would be really great to try out.  

    End of last season I got my hands on a Fujikura TR 857 and put it in my driver.  I really liked it, but thought I'd like it more in my fairway woods.  So I put the first shaft in my 3W and then got ahold of a second shaft off eBay and put it in my 5W.  Looove them for my fairway woods.  Smooth, responsive and flow beautifully into the ball.  In my hybrids, I stumbled onto the Adila Tour Green which feels more like light steel than graphite, which I like.  And I can really step on it and it just keeps up with me.  Also at the end of last season I said screw it and got a new X'17 70 X (not MSRP) for my Z585 driver.  I will be buried with that shaft.  And the second X'17 I bought to put in a Z785 head.  And then I bought a X'17 X 60 with a Taylormade adapter when it came up at auction and stuck it in an M5 head.  Needless to say, I've became a bit impulsive about this shaft.  I didn't pay retail for any of the three shafts and also bought the heads second hand, so I don't feel terrible about the dent in the wallet.  You could not pry them out of my cold dead hands.

    What is your unicorn shaft?  Have you opened your wallet for it?  Has anyone tried the uber-$$$ JDM shafts?  What's your experience?

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  5. I've found myself in love with a putter with a really compact toe-heel length - 3.5".  Not so small that I'm worried about toe/heel strikes, but I feel like I lose a sense of the ball on the putter face with longer blades.  I have a couple other blades with 4.25" and 4.5" lengths and a heel shafted mid-mallet that's 3.75".  Anyone out there know of other modern putters with a particularly short blade length?

  6. On 12/2/2019 at 2:26 PM, RickyBobby_PR said:

    The TW specs are what we’re needed to get tiger his desired ball flight window. They are different from the p730 standard design that has a different launch window. 

    It took lots of time and effort to get tiger his desired flight and it wasn’t something that was easily replicated but eventually TaylorMade was able to nail it down to something that could be replicated and provide tiger with replacements when needed. So anyone willing to spend the money can have tiger specs and also anyone wil to spend the money can have old school specs made for them from a club maker but most people including pros don’t play old school specs. Not to mention “traditional” lofts have changed over time. It’s not like we went from 1960s lofts to current lofts. 

    What's missing from the TaylorMade website are the bounces for the P730 iron specs; and not only the bounce but also the offset specs from the P7TW specs.  This begs the question are the P7TW weakened P730s (which would also reduce the offset) or do they have a whole different "milled grind" for Tiger's clubs with the same or different offset?  The more info they provide, the more we want...

  7. 13 hours ago, cnosil said:

    it is another hosel design that provides offset and would be an alternative to a plumbers neck.  More putter manufacturers are now putting slant necks on mallet putters to add toe hang instead of the more traditional face balance.  From what I have learned,  offset helps control how the putter rotates during the stroke and generally the more offset you have the more closed the face will be to the path.  Here is something you can read:



    Yah, I saw that MGS piece.  When I've tried out a slant neck putter with what I would consider a grip and set-up which doesn't try to manipulate the lie of the putter, it seems to leep my leading arm and putter shaft in the same plane and I produce stroke which seems to brush up the back of the ball.  

    It feels oddly natural - like I'm not trying to hit through the ball or manipulate a forward press or anything.  Just kind of a pendulum-esque sqing with my front shoulder dipping and lifting with my trail handbeing a guide/piston.  

  8. So I understand what a slant neck looks like - it is a putter with a shaft which slants "away" from the plane of the putter face (I believe it is not a putter whose shaft is in the same - or parallel - plane as the face, but whose hosel may slant).  I am unclear what a slant neck is supposed to help to accomplish and why or why not it might help someone.  I've found amazing little to read about slant necks on the interwebs...  Who has some good info?  Thanks.

  9. 5 minutes ago, blackngold_blood said:

    Tensei Pro White or Pro Orange maybe even the Kuro Kage XD.

    I have heard the new Diamana BF and DF have that Diamana feel with low spin. I am sure there are others out there.
    That said if you are getting fit for a shaft then why limit yourself. Try everything they have and then make a decision.

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    Nice.  Thanks.  Will look into them.  Love to try everything, but also want to play golf.  😏

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone plays Accra.  I had one in my bag about five years ago and it was great. 

  10. Getting fit for new shaft.  I have lots of experience with $$$ Obans, UST Mamiyas, Project Xs, Padersons, Fujikuras, etc.  I've been playing Paderson for about two and a half years and love their smooth liner release.  What has come on the market in the past couple years that is marketed as low spin and low/mid-low launch, which doesn't have an overly "boardy" feel?  I've hit the Even Flow and do like it, but I'm wondering what else might fit the bill?  I'm 115-120mph; about 13 launch; mid-agressive tempo.  Thanks!

  11. Hey Adams fans (or anyone else who has an opinion).  I have a set (OK, 4 sets) of CMBs I've horded away for the future.  I've never played the XTDs, but have heard that they're a lot like the CMBs but basically longer.  While I don't need the length, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with boths sets and has a compare/contrast to share?  Head shape/dispersion/trajectory, etc.  Thanks!

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  12. Hey folks.  I have two sets of Ernie Vadersen original Snake Eyes wedges (10, 11, 12).  His wedges - grinds, head shape and hosel design (moreso on the 11 and 12) - are the best looking and playing wedges I've ever had; and I judge every wedge I try out against his designs.  I even had a set of his Snake Eyes MB1s back in 1998-2000.  Anyone remember or still play his gear?  

    Another reason for this post is that I'm finally thinning out my old gear and am gauging interest about if people only play conforming gear these days?  Does anyone pull out their nonconforming wedges for fun?  I'm toying with the idea of having a set of these rechromed for the fun of it and releasing the others to auction heaven.

  13. Hey there.  I've been a lurker for about six years and started to donate a couple years ago.  For a while every club in my bag was influenced by MGS.  I recently got my hands on some NOS Scratch wedges which kicked out a set of Mizunos; and have fallen in love with a Bobby Grace putter which has - at least  - temporarily displaced my Gen 1 ER3.  Wondering for about a year whether I should pull the trigger on an Arrcos (I'm a bit of a control freak).  Love golf!  Love golf equipment!

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  14. On 11/19/2018 at 10:07 AM, cnosil said:

    I have nothing against Bobby grace putters, just a bit expensive if bought directly and not from the secondary market. He has had speed control inserts for a long time and they seem to work.


    When you were fitted was it specifically for an Evnroll or was it for a putter in general? What was the process? What specs are the grace? The 18 blade is very toe down compared to most Evnroll putters so it may be a better fit for your stroke. Wonder how the grace would compare to the 8.3 that is going to be release next year.

    I tried out the Evnroll ER2 and ER3 and settled on the 3.  Took it to my clubmaker - Top 100 guy - and went through a lengthy process of dialing it in.  Correct that it has less toe hang than the Grace.  I think the Er3 is 30 degrees down and the Grace 18 Blade must be about 75 degrees +/-.  I do suspect that more hang does fit my stroke better.  I did see the new Evnroll models they are releasing and wondered myself whether their new heel shafted mid mallet would be a winner, but got the Grace and just love it to death - looks great and the insert feel so solid.  I don't have exact specs on the Grace, but the major difference is the lie angle and I'm choking down on it a bit to mimic the length I chopped off the ER3.  I had the Evnroll flattened to 67 degrees and I suspect the Grace is a standard 71ish.  I have long arms and shortening and flattening the ER3 works well, but standing a bit more upright with the club head a bit closer feels less "fitted" and more nautral.

  15. 11 hours ago, tschott said:

    Check out the Bobby Grace putters you will love the immediate roll they put on the ball. 

    +1 For Bobby Grace.  I "stole" a near new 18 Blade off eBay a month ago.  I played a custom fitted (short length, flat lie, heavy weight, grip) Evnroll ER3 all last season - and loved it - and the stock unfitted Grace puts it to shame.  No joke.  Yes, makes me wonder about the fitting, but I know the fitter well and it was legit. 

  16. So, I've read the major Arccos/ShotScope thread and mined the internet for any useful opinions about both.  I want all the analytics of ShotScopt, but also the windspeed-direction/elevation data of Arccos.  Don't care about the Arccos club suggestions - I can do the math.  Does Arccos provide all the analytics ShotScope does?  What's lacking from Arccos from the data standpoint? Is the Arccos user interface lacking?  ShotScope's interface better/more useful?  

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  17. My ss is about 115-120.  A typically flush hit ball carries 295-300. Just a few months ago I replaced my 2016 TaylorMade M1 9.5 degree with a Z565 9.5.  I had my M1 weight up and centered.  With the same shaft, the 565 absolutely hammered the ball.  More boring trajectory, much more roll.  I upped the 565 loft to 10  and got a bit more attractive trajectory, but I was curious enough about optimizing the 565 that I went ahead and bought a 10.5 head off eBay and turned it down to 10 degree.  I don't believe tuning the 9.5 up to 10 or the 10.5 down to 10 changed the lie, but for some reason, the 10.5 turned down to 10 shot the ball on a mid to mid high trajectory that seems to go on forever.  The 9.5 turned up to 10 was a mid-low cannon-shot.  While I'm still doing a bit more experimentation, for now I'm settling on the 10.5 turned down to 10 and not going back to my M1 (or any other manufacturer for that matter).  The 565 is longer in the air by maybe 5 yards and on the ground considerably (I total I'm probably 10-15 yards longer with the 565); AND the dispersion is down.  Seriously.  Why doesn't Srixon get more love in the driver department? 


    A buddy of mine was watching me on the range when I was first trying out the 565 9.5 degree.  The balls were like tracers to the end of the range on this trajectory I'd never hit before - mid traj with nice draw (I typically hit high cuts).  He was like - WTF.  I was like - I know right?  The 565 definitely sits more square to my eye at address, which was odd at first because it looked like I was going to hit the ball dead left.  I just had to trust it.  After I got used to it I was able to let it do it's thing.  


    Of course, after the honeymoon on the driving range old habits reappeared and inconsistency reappeared, but I'm not going back to the M1.  The 565's bad is no worse than the M1 and the 565s good is much much better.  

  18. So after a good bit more experimenting with the two, I'm sticking with the ER3 which had the best distance control originally.  After a bit more practice, I was hitting the line just as well as with the ER2 and distance control was still better with the ER3 for some reason.  ER2 has a 25 degree toe hang and ER3 has 30 degrees - would 5 degree of toe hang make a big difference in distance?  The putters are the same otherwise - length, head weight, loft, lie - with only the look and toe hang different.

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