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  1. If guitar playing had a handicap like golf, I'd probably be in the 20's...But I really love playing them! I'm 72 and finally started to take lessons. Jim
  2. I played the power bilt scotch blades back in that era...Died and went to heaven when I finally got a set of Ping eye irons...First round I missed a 5 iron and it still made it to the green...never looked back! I do have a MacGregor M1W persimmon driver (Keyhole insert). Once a year I'll take it to the range so I can better appreciate the technology of today's modern clubs!! Jim
  3. Oh yes!! I'm on my 2nd Ping Pioneer bag...wore out the first one!!
  4. Just thought I'd put up a couple of the Masters from some of my trips there. Last year I finally got to bring my wife! Sure am missing the tournament, especially since we're sheltered in place at home Jim
  5. I'd love to be a tester for this product. I'm currently using a Nikon Coolshot 40i. and am not thrilled with it. Jim, the retired GC Super
  6. I'm looking for recommendations for the best method/program/app for keeping your golf stats. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Jim
  7. I won the 2010 Senior Club Championship with a set of Iron Wood hybrids in the bag. I'm currently using the Exotics EXS 3, 4, & 5 Hybrids. I plan on trying their EXS Driver as soon as the weather breaks here in New England.
  8. I'd love to test the New Ping G410 Driver 1. Jim, the retired GC Super, Plainville, MA 2. GHIN 7.7 3. Swing speed 95 4. Ping G400
  9. I have been meaning to share these images. The course is Hamilton Farms on south west New Jersey. Every October the Met. GCSA sponsors and Chapter Team Championship for all of the Golf Course Superintendents Associations in the Northeast. I was lucky enough to be part of the New England GCSA team and to play the wonderful Hurdanz, Frey designed course. Jim, the retired GC Super
  10. What is a fade? I had a Pro I used to work with tell me I had 3 shots. A draw, a hook., and FORE ON THE LEFT!! Jim, the retired GC Super.
  11. My wife had a $10 coupon for Dick's that she gave to me. I've been using the Titleist Player's golf so I thought I'd use the coupon to get another glove. They were out of the Player's glove but the Under Armour glove caught my eye. Tried it and loved it...my new favorite glove!! Jim, the retired GC Super.
  12. Was visiting the course I used to manage just before Christmas and they were throwing away an array of clubs that had been left in lost and found and not claimed for more than two years. I noticed an old Spalding T.P.Mills TPM 4 model putter. Saved it from the dumpster, put a new grip on it and can't believe how well I'm rolling the ball with it. Is a low tech blade like this worth trying next spring? How much will I be giving up with this simple blade? Last year I switched between a Scotty Cameron Futura 5s and a See More mallett. On my putting mat in my basement I'm making signif
  13. Great point JLukes! Forgot to mention that in 2018 I took a series of lessons to correct some flaws in my swing. Worked on eliminating any lateral movement, leading my downswing with the left side, and having a consistent setup. I'll be going back to the same pro for a tune-up this spring. Jim
  14. Last year I posted my New Year Golf resolutions and wanted to follow up but couldn't find the post. So a bit of a follow up: 1. Get in better shape: I hired a personal trainer to work on flexibility and over all health. I'm 5 lbs lighter than last year! 2. Get my handicap down to 5. I flirted with 5 at bit in August but slipped in the fall. I played most of my rounds away from my home course but got to play some wonderful courses. Many were very long and hard...ended the season at 7.7 index. The pro at the course I was the GC Super for a long time, told my at age 71 don't c
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