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  1. GCSAA Supt

    Golf gloves

    My wife had a $10 coupon for Dick's that she gave to me. I've been using the Titleist Player's golf so I thought I'd use the coupon to get another glove. They were out of the Player's glove but the Under Armour glove caught my eye. Tried it and loved it...my new favorite glove!! Jim, the retired GC Super.
  2. GCSAA Supt

    How'd you play?

  3. GCSAA Supt

    Retro Putter

    Was visiting the course I used to manage just before Christmas and they were throwing away an array of clubs that had been left in lost and found and not claimed for more than two years. I noticed an old Spalding T.P.Mills TPM 4 model putter. Saved it from the dumpster, put a new grip on it and can't believe how well I'm rolling the ball with it. Is a low tech blade like this worth trying next spring? How much will I be giving up with this simple blade? Last year I switched between a Scotty Cameron Futura 5s and a See More mallett. On my putting mat in my basement I'm making significantly more putts and getting better roll with the old TPM 4. Jim, the retired GC Super
  4. GCSAA Supt

    New Year Resolutions

    Great point JLukes! Forgot to mention that in 2018 I took a series of lessons to correct some flaws in my swing. Worked on eliminating any lateral movement, leading my downswing with the left side, and having a consistent setup. I'll be going back to the same pro for a tune-up this spring. Jim
  5. GCSAA Supt

    New Year Resolutions

    Last year I posted my New Year Golf resolutions and wanted to follow up but couldn't find the post. So a bit of a follow up: 1. Get in better shape: I hired a personal trainer to work on flexibility and over all health. I'm 5 lbs lighter than last year! 2. Get my handicap down to 5. I flirted with 5 at bit in August but slipped in the fall. I played most of my rounds away from my home course but got to play some wonderful courses. Many were very long and hard...ended the season at 7.7 index. The pro at the course I was the GC Super for a long time, told my at age 71 don't complain!! 3. Compete for the Senior Club Championship. Lost it on the first hole....blocked my drive slightly to the right and never found the ball. Hit my provisional in an un-playable lie and made a 9. Tournament over....finished with an 81 and followed up with a 76 (Par 70) 4. Compete for the GC Superintendents Association of New England Senior Championship. WON IT!!! Three over for the day...putted great! I think I'll keep the same goals for 2019 but add one....SHOOT MY AGE. My home course is a par 70 and my low round there last year was 72. So it's within reach!! Jim, The retired GC Super.
  6. GCSAA Supt

    Pics from the course

    The Golf Course Superintendents Association of New England had there season wrap up meeting at Whitinsville GC. It's the only 9 hole course on Golfweek's top 100 and well deserved. What a joy to play!!
  7. GCSAA Supt

    Your Preferred Golf Ball?

    I've always been a Titleist guy. Have used the Pro V1 since it was introduced, but our Pro is trying to get me to change to Srixon. Srixons are OK but I really didn't like them in the wind. I've toyed with the Titleist AVX but have been playing poorly, so I felt it wasn't a fair tryout. Took a couple of days off from playing, went to the range and worked on some things my Pro wants me to correct in my swing. (eliminate lateral movement and have "knuckles down" and impact.) So I played today with the AVX and hit it great!! It is consistently 5-10 yards longer than anything I've been playing and there is plenty of spin around the greens ( not quite like the Pro V1 but very good) Now the question!!?? Was it the ball today or have the lessons and things I've been working on finally started to positively impact my game?? By the way, shot 74 (par 70), after a long string of rounds in the 80's Jim
  8. GCSAA Supt

    Who determines pin location?

    When I was a GC Super. I always had my Assistant change the cups. It was another set of eyes on the greens and he understood the idea or balancing a course with front, back, right left...easy hard, medium. We had basic guidelines for slopes and edges that the entire staff was aware of and days the Assistant didn't move the cups it was one of the college kids who could PLAY!. (seems I always had a single digit player on staff!) I found with reasonable guidelines and golfing knowledge, most of my cup cutters did fine. For our bigger events, I would spot the hole locations with a small dot of marking paint. JIm
  9. Jim Massachusetts Titleist AP3/project x 5.5 shafts 7 irom 150
  10. GCSAA Supt

    Shanks for the Memories

    Oh boy, hit a couple of "hozzle rockets" yesterday. What a scary shot. Ended the round with taking an extra club and just punching the ball. Off to the range today to see if I can find the clubface. JIm
  11. GCSAA Supt

    Irons irons irons...?

    Go to a brand agnostic club fitter and try them all. A good fitter will direct you to the best set for your game. Jim
  12. GCSAA Supt

    Would you rather.....

    My best rounds have been very boring. Lots of GIR's, pars, with an occasional birdie or bogey. Last Saturday shot 72 (par 70) ...1 bogey, 1 birdie., and 1 bad double. That being said, one day I'd love to have a clean score card...I've never had one!
  13. Goals this year are to get my handicap down to 5. Currently 6.6. Compete for the Senior Club Championship (won it in 2010 and was only in the hunt once since then) Compete for the NE Golf Course Supts. Senior Champ. Won it 3 times but not in the last few years Qualify for the State's Super Senior Championship. (open to Mass Golf members over the age of 65) To do that: 1. work out at the gym more. Had a personal trainer for 3 months this winter working on flexibliity 2. Take consistent lessons. Hooked up with a good teacher to work on the flaws in my swing. 3. Joined a Driving Range and commit to practice on days I don't play. I'll let everyone know how I'm doing!! Jim, the retired GC Super.
  14. GCSAA Supt

    Cheering on a fellow Firefighter

    The course I used to manage is about 20 mins from Brockton, his home town. Every spring we host the Norfolk County Classic, a 36 hole metal play am. event and Matt has won it twice. He is a gentleman in the finest sense, appreciated how we prepared the course and told everyone about it! Jim, the retired GC Super
  15. GCSAA Supt


    As a retired Golf Course Super. I can tell you no in the business likes to aerate the greens. Its a ton of work!! It's disruptive to play, time consuming, requires special and/or extra reels to mow for a few times after, and most importantly, it ticks off the golfers! However, it is absolutely necessary for the health of the greens. A course near me refused to let the Supt aerate for 5-7 years and then fired him because the greens weren't up to contemporary standards. One winter we suffered sever ice damage on a few of our greens but in each of the aeration holes from the previous fall the turf was green and healthy. I took some of my loudest critics regarding aeration to those greens and showed the the green spots where the aeration had occurred and just said to them "this is why we aerate" I've attached a couple of articles from the USGA Green Section that have some great information. http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/course-care/2014/08/why-do-we-always-aerate-when-the-greens-are-perfect-21474872028.html http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/course-care/forethegolfer/why-do-golf-courses-aerate-so-much-.html Jim, the retired GC Super.