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  1. Will trade 12 rabbits for a Skytrak...
  2. Wow, would you look at that. Green grass! What a lovely thought. We still have a couple of months before we’ll have that.
  3. Locally I’m lucky enough to have a First Tee facility that has an indoor driving range. 6 bays I think with around 50-60ft in front of you. They have the same LM equipment that the PGASS in Denver has. “About Golf’ brand. The staff acknowledges the LM numbers will not be as good as Trackman’s or GC’s. Good enough though but I will say there are inconsistencies from bay to bay. $200 grants me access from November until May. Wish they had longer hours, the short hours only allows me to hit 1-2 times a week. My dream is to take the closed down Kmart and turn that into an indoor facility
  4. Yep, I’m into Tenkara but I’m also in Colorado. Tenkara is great for small water (thereby smaller fish), following that thin blue line on the map. We have a lot of that out here. Also good as a backpacking rod since it collapses down to almost nothing. And then there’s just the simplicity of the thing, expandable rod, no reel, extremely light weight. I rarely pull out my 5 weight setup any more. You can start cheap to get a feel for it then move up to a better rod. Loads of good vendors - TenkaraUSA is one of the favorites though not that inexpensive.
  5. Gotta love’em where they’re at. My father in law never cared for me that much, I was never good enough for his girl. There’s a lot of things I could say about him but I will not do it, even after he’s passed. I never walked a mile in his shoes and never will. Besides, my son in law might be having the same thoughts about me! Need to set a good example
  6. Newer? That sparked a thought, are new persimmon drivers still being made? Yes! Louisville Golf National Custom Works / Tad Moore Bob Burns Custom Clubs
  7. I was able to get my second round in on Monday though it was messy. Only the second time I’ve played this course but that’s no excuse. I finally realized I was hanging back, resulting in a bunch of fat shots. Wasn’t until 16 or so that I started making good swings. The good news was I birdied 18 from the fairway bunker. A good, smart play that paid off.
  8. Up to 60 today, woot! Very surprised but I was able to book a tee time this afternoon. Turned out I played by myself, nice change of pace The winter practice looks like it’s going to pay off. Tree trouble on #8 cost me a couple of shots, just unlucky where it ended up. I had 210 into #3, into the sun so I couldn’t see it down. 18” away. Color me shocked but I’m not complaining! Playing 18 tomorrow. Double woot!!
  9. One! And I was (and still) giddy over that!
  10. You don’t apply the code until the very last checkout step, just keep going. 4 dozen, with tax, would be a hair under $60. Your tax (not mileage) may vary
  11. Without a doubt the forum testers provide an in-depth look at products. They are hands on for weeks or months. Who doesn’t learn a ton from those folks. The Buyers Guides do pick winners. The Best Driver and Bag reports are the latest example, right? Although appreciated often there’s no reason given for why one product is better than another or where one product falls on its face. We don’t see this as much in big categories such as drivers or irons but in the smaller categories, smaller ticket items we see this a lot.
  12. I’d settle for better, more in-depth testing. For example the LM test reported results but nary a word on why one LM was better than another. It was like reading an junior high paper, no details, no depth. Same for other categories such as the bag tests that just came out. Tell us why not just pick a winner!
  13. Can’t pass this one up, thanks!
  14. YES! Now we’re talking! My sister lives in Edmond so I’d have an excuse to be there for a plaid-only get together
  15. GASP! (Muttering under my breath broken sentences about pinko commies)
  16. Although I cannot say with certainty it would make sense that the ball would have an enormous effect on the outcome of any shot. If your ball is faster in real life then it should be faster on the sim as well. Your ball is spinning more in real life, it would be spinning more on sim as well (assuming the camera can pick it up. The sims I’ve played on provided ProV practice balls to use.
  17. I’d love to have some of those 70’s/80’s plaid or bright lime green pants. I point them out to my wife when I see pictures. After 40 years she still rolls her eyes at me
  18. Up to 60 today and work being light on calls meant I was able to get the first round of the year in. Oh it was so nice to be out there. Ahhhhh. Played pretty well, my off season practice has paid off. At least for this one round! Come on Spring!!!
  19. My younger brother has had two. I think he’s a dork
  20. Too many ‘experts’ here that only want to argue. I’ll be ignoring this thread
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