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    toehold57 reacted to GregGarner in Shot Scope V3   
    Final review is live and, hopefully, not redundant. Please let me know what questions I can answer for you! 
    If you're looking for the shortest, most powerful review I can give? I'm canceling my Arccos subscription and going full-time Shot Scope.
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    toehold57 reacted to GregGarner in Shot Scope V3   
    I'll separate this into two separate issues: SGA and putting 🙂
    SGA in ShotScope seems reasonable, though it took me a minute to realize that it was giving me 18-hole round analysis and not tailoring to how many holes I actually played. So, if you're a person that likes to go out and play 3 or 5 holes before dark (or you are on 15 and can no longer see your ball and need to pack it in... ahem, looking at you, Thursday Night Men's League), your SGA numbers are going to seem WAY off. I play 9 more often than I play 18 and I kept getting these numbers that just didn't make any sense. ("I shot 38! How did I lose 4 shots putting??") Eventually I figured that it was just projecting my back 9 would be the same as my front and so my overall SG was based on playing two 9s exactly the same. Not ideal for my buddy Warren, who shot 45-36 on Saturday and was ready to quit after 9. 
    It also wasn't immediately intuitive to me that I needed to filter to "Last 1" to see my SG stats for the round I just finished, since it defaults to Last 10. Good for seeing trends, I suppose? Beyond that, the app feels very limited compared to Arccos. In downloading some of the SS e-books, though, a whole new world opened up to me when I explored the browser-based Dashboard. With Arccos, it's clearly mobile-first and if you go to the browser, you're basically just getting a larger version of what's on your phone. With SS, the browser has WAY more detail and is muuuuuuuuch more useful than the app. Personally, I get more insight from the SS SGA than from Arccos, but the algorithms Arccos is using "feel" more intuitive, whatever that means.
    As for putting, neither system hits a home run, IMHO. Arccos' putt-tagging (even with the new update) was so painful that when I switched to a SuperStroke grip, I didn't even bother with the accessory kit that (for an additional $20) makes it compatible. I just switched to marking everything manually, immediately after finishing the hole. With SS, at least you can mark on the watch, either with auto mode (using the sensor in the putter; they have SuperStroke compatible tags already) or manual, where you stand over each putt and tap the button on your watch. I like the simplicity of auto mode, but wow it's not great at getting the distances right. Manual mode often means I forget to mark a putt entirely, but when I do, it's much more accurate on its location. (Though you're still at the mercy of the GPS signal.) So between the two, I give SS the edge, though there's still room for improvement. Where Arccos does win, handily, is usefulness of the mobile app during the round. This is an easy win for Arccos because SS has literally no use for your phone during the round. I miss the 'mapping' aspects of the Arccos app in-round, but I loooooove leaving my phone in my bag.
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    toehold57 reacted to sirchunksalot in Odyssey White Hot OG Putter   
    Sorry for the late reply, I've been off work today and been running around with my wife. 
    Thank you MyGolfSpy and Odyssey/Callaway for the honor of testing the Odyssey 2 Ball Putter in the White Hot line. It's a face balanced beauty that feels so good when you roll one. I was able to get down to DSG today and hit a couple of quick putts with it and sunk both of them. I also picked up a new SuperStroke grip that I'll be using after giving the stock grip a go. I would post a picture of it, but I left it in the car that my sister-in-law just took off in.
    I'm really excited to get the chance to see if this blast from the past has still got it. 
    Edit: I realized I forgot to mention mine will also be coming with the Stroke Lab shaft, I guess I was so excited to reply that I forgot that little detail. 
    I also got the grip out of the car and took some photos. 
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    toehold57 reacted to GregGarner in Shot Scope V3   
    So I added some initial thoughts (pros and cons) in my review, but wanted to give an update that I didn't think was 'final review worthy.' I've had a couple more rounds with it and feel like I'm starting to get the hang of how to use it.
    The GPS (I switched to the dual mode or whatever that uses more satellites and possibly my blood type? to get a more precise location) is SO. GOOD. It is remarkably more accurate than Arccos, which I suppose is actually just an indictment of my phone, since that's the GPS it's using. I am really loving keeping my phone in my pushcart AND being able to use it after the round, since Arccos usually takes about 80% of my battery during the round. Now I'm streaming music the whole time and still have 70+% of battery left.  Still having some issues getting the watch and the phone to sync up. Not as bad as the first time and it seems to be better when my phone is connected to wifi, but still not seamless and, so far, has never worked on the first try. I really miss the 'map' aspect of using the Arccos app. To be fair, I never used it on courses I play frequently, but didn't realize how much I relied on it for new courses until I was standing on the tee box with no clue what I needed to cover a hazard. Which leads me to: I was already accustomed to playing with a watch, so absolutely no difference there, other than I'm still trying to train myself where the at-a-glance yardages are AND I recently "discovered" the menu item that shows yardages to hazards. THAT is a game-changer for me. Really wish that had been in my demo walkthrough. Or maybe it was and I was just too giddy to get started and didn't pay attention. I'm getting more accustomed to holding the grip end with my trail hand so I don't accidentally mark a yardage too soon. Not a big deal, but it is something I'm thinking about during the round. Allegedly I'll get accustomed to marking putts more seamlessly (manual putting mode) but I'm still forgetting probably 40% of the time.  I still don't like that I have to review the round afterwards.  I can't figure out if I can/how to access SGA for just a single round/most recent round. I can see the overall SGA numbers, but Arccos gives it per-round and it was always interesting, especially on rounds where I thought it was my chipping that was bad but it turns out it's really my Approach that's to blame. Super low importance, but the size of these RFID tags compared to Arccos is such a noticeable improvement. They're so unobtrusive and I've never had a single time when I've had to double-check to make sure I was gripping the club and not inadvertently the tag, which I do frequently with the Arccos tags.  More rounds coming up this weekend after this weather moves through. Hopefully that means the course conditions will be ideal, just in time for the leaves to change.
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