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    Maxfli Tour/Tour X Golf Balls – Official MGS Forum Review by edingc
    Introduction - July 10, 2021

    Hello, everyone!
    First off, thanks to Maxfli and MyGolfSpy for this review opportunity. My name is Cody, and I am excited to be back for my third official review on the forums. In 2019, I reviewed the Callaway Epic Flash driver. Last year, I was fortunate to be a competitor in the #CobraConnect Challenge.
    My golf game has undergone a huge transformation since I joined the MGS forums in 2018. I am lucky to call the West Michigan area home. We are flush with quality golf courses, instructors and practice facilities. I likely was a 25-30 handicap when I joined the forums despite having played for two decades. Today, my unofficial handicap hovers in the upper-single digits.

    The strength of my game tends to be my ball striking from inside 150 yards. As a former baseball player I am able to generate a good amount of club speed and distance. My biggest weakness is my accuracy and consistency from the tee box. In general, I hit a high draw with my irons, with a miss being a block to the right or a hook left. My driver ball flight is less consistent, though my best shots tend to be high, small cuts.
    I play 18 holes three-to-four times per week from May-August, weather permitting. My office is also less than five minutes away from an excellent practice facility. I am able to hit range balls, use the putting green and practice my short game every day during my lunch break.
    I maintain a dedicated game improvement thread here on the forums that dates back to 2019. I also have a full WITB post.
    My golf ball is one piece of equipment that rarely changes. In 2019, I tried out several urethane-covered models early in the season. I ended up loving the yellow Snell MTB-X. I have played that ball almost exclusively since.
    In order, the four things I considered when selecting the MTB-X as my gamer (and what I measure any ball against) were:
    Driver Carry Distance Value Iron and Short Game Spin Feel The MTB-X was by far the longest ball off of the driver for me during my testing. It is a great value even with the recent price increase. I can usually expect a medium-high flight off of my irons and a quick one-hop and stop, or even a bit of pull back. While it is a higher compression ball, it seems less firm than something like the Srixon Z-Star XV.
    The Review - Sept. 6, 2021
    It’s been fun getting the new Maxfli balls out on the course over the past month. I’ve played several rounds with each ball and played a two-ball solo scramble. I also spent time on the practice green and in the short game area.
    Maxfli has put out very strong tour-level offerings in both of these balls!
    First Impressions

    The packaging of the balls is well done and informative. It is “premium” looking. The urethane cover on both models feels very soft and tacky, especially fresh out of the sleeve. The dimple pattern, although common to balls produced by Foremost, seems large. Larger than balls I've played in the past. Nothing about the packaging makes the balls stand out, for better or worse, on a rack with other premium offerings. Maxfli did well here.
    Looks & Durability - 13/15 Points

    The balls sport a clean design, highlighted by a large “MAXFLI” marking. The only differences between the appearances of the Tour and Tour X are the color of the numbers (black for Tour, red for Tour X) and the name on the alignment marking.

    My only complaint about the looks is that the CG alignment mark is a little chunky. It is almost “Triple Track-like,” in its width. I’d prefer for the lines to be either closer together or removed.

    The durability of both models is impressive. I hit many trees throughout my testing and did not cause any noticeable damage to the covers of the balls. Most grass and dirt marks wiped away with a towel. Some covers picked up permanent marks after particularly violent collisions with trees.
    Sound & Feel - 15/15 Points
    The Tour and Tour X are two different golf balls with two distinct sounds and feels.

    Being a lower compression ball, the Tour produces a muted thwack sound. The Tour is also softer feeling. On my best swings it almost felt like the ball was melting on the club face. I found this feeling to be very addictive.
    The Tour X is a typical high-compression ball. It is firm feeling off of the club face and produces a more piercing crack/click noise when struck.
    These differences in feel and sound exist from driver to putter.
    Both golf balls are enjoyable to hit and deserve all points in this category.
    On Course Performance, Tour X - 40/40 Points
    On Course Performance, Tour - 25/40 Points

    The Tour X was a solid performer all around. It gave up no distance, had a high ball flight and adequate spin for one-hop-and-stop shots into the green. I did not experience excessive spin off of the driver or irons. It plays very much like other high-compression balls I have used in the past.

    The Tour excelled in the long game. It seemed to be a little longer than the Tour X off the driver, I suspect from less spin. It has a penetrating flight that is lower than the Tour X as well.

    My biggest issue with the Tour was a general lack of spin on approach shots and around the greens. I struggled to hold greens with full wedge shots, but only on certain swings. The Tour seemed to be very inconsistent. One shot the ball would hop-and-stop and the next would kick off the back of the green. This made it very hard for me to play the Tour. By the end of testing I had no confidence hitting approach shots into greens.
    While I do find the stock alignment aid to be chunky, I putted very well with both models. My distance control and accuracy seemed no worse during my testing period. It may have even improved.
    Miscellaneous - 7/10 Points
    I ran each dozen through my Check-Go-Pro device. The purpose of the C-G-P was to confirm the position of the factory CG/alignment stamp. My results were interesting as I had a handful of balls that seemed to deviate from the factory line. (The post with my full results is here.)
    The CG stamp would be a big selling feature for me, as I C-G-P most of my golf balls. Either the Maxfli process or the C-G-P is wrong for some balls. Deducting three points here as I’m not sure what process to trust. 
    The balls also showed up personalized with our names. While a nice touch on Maxfli’s behalf, I tend to prefer anonymity when losing golf balls!
    Game Bag or Shag Bag, Tour X - 15/20 Points
    Game Bag or Shag Bag, Tour - 5/20 Points
    The Tour X is a fantastic golf ball. I enjoyed my time playing it, and I think the ball would be good for many high swing speed players. Once Maxfli releases a yellow version for sale, I plan to buy at least two dozen to put into play. At $34.99 per dozen or cheaper on sale, the Tour X is a great value and every bit as good as higher-priced alternatives.
    I enjoyed the long game characteristics and feel of the Tour. However, I was not happy with the inconsistency when hitting approaches into the greens. My remaining Tour balls will be heading to the shag bag. Or, I will pass them along to someone who doesn’t mind playing golf balls with my name on them. 🤣 The Tour might be a better fit for someone who plays a bump-and-run style of approach to most greens.
    Final Score, Tour X - 90/100 Points
    Final Score, Tour - 65/100 Points
    Despite being a “house brand,” Maxfli is making some quality golf balls at excellent prices. The Tour X behaved exactly how I’d expect a high-compression, tour-level ball to behave. The durability of Maxfli’s proprietary cover is impressive (especially considering my testing efforts!). While I did not get along well with the Tour model, it could be a great ball for a different type of golfer.
    Both models are worthy of inclusion in any listing of quality, urethane-covered golf balls.
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