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  1. The $60 000 question- polarized or non polarized? Answers vary among optometrists and sun glass reps. Regardless of which type, I have that wearing any type of glasses while addressing the ball affects my ability tosse the ball in relation to its distance from my eyes. Therefore I only use my sunglasses when not attempting to hit a ball or read a green. Basically just use them to follow the flight of the ball and protect my eyes from the glare here in hotlanta. Have tried several brands and types and cannot tell any difference regardless of price.
  2. Dan, Georgia Garmin G-10 Approach Bushnell Neo Ghost I have used a GPS device because I cannot hold a steady enough hand on any range finder device to get a good shot. Primarily looking for a range finder I can use to get distances to hazards. That means I need to be able to shoot the ground in front of a hazard and get a reliable distance. Very hard to shoot a nondescript area (one lacking a firm fixture) with a less than steady hand. Still looking for the Silver Bullet Range Finder.
  3. I am looking for a Taylormade Aeroburner mini driver Men's right handed 12 or 14 degree Please contact me at Danalpern@aol.com
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