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  1. So I had a fitting last week and tried all the new drivers against my old Cobra Bio Cell, I was amazed at the difference in my driver to the new ones in ball speed and dispersion. In the end the Epic Flash SZ was the winner , it cam down to the Flash SZ and the Cobra F9, I took them out to the range after the fitting to verify in real life and outside the SZ was by far better on dispersion, dead straight on good hits,  the thing that really got me is my misses still hit the fairway most of the time. Of all the shafts I tried the Evenflow Black 65 X Flex gave me the best results, I am totally impressed with this driver. I am 51 years old so I am going to take advantage of this distance gain now before my SS starts to go down hill. Purple is my cobra bio cell







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  2. [mention=75797]miller1[/mention] How long do you have in each city? Do you have a run of days not working? Will you have a car?
    Melbourne has an abundance of good quality courses, access to most is pretty reasonable.  The best value (and awesome quality courses) are found on the Mornington (1-1 1/2 hrs south of city centre) and Bellarine (1 1/4 -1 3/4 west of city) Peninsulas. Both have several high quality courses that have easy public access. Closer to town, there are lots of private clubs that you should be able to get on, access at the top end is more difficult (and more expensive).  If you can get down to Mornington, look at St Andrews Beach (amazing course) and The Dunes. The Dunes has better facilities, and will certainly have hire clubs. On the Bellarine side, 13th Beach has 2 courses, both very good, Barwon Heads is a classic (more expensive and less accessible, very snobby) Curlewis (my club) is nearly as good as the others, very accessible and great value.
    I haven't played in Sydney or Adelaide, so I can't help much other than that there are some very good courses. Adelaide is likely to offer better value. 
    March in Melbourne should offer great golfing weather, but we are renowned for having 4 seasons in a day, so be prepared.
    Happy to give more detail if you want
    Peaksy68, not sure on time yet, I think I'll be in Melbourne for 2-3 days and Adelaide 2 days, I have the most customers in the Sydney area so I'll be there for maybe 4 days. I will have a car also. Thank you for this information, I might contact you after doing some more research.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, tony@CIC said:

    We have some members from both Aus and NZ here, hopefully they respond to your request. There is an Aussie golf forum, a quick Google search will get you the link. I used it a couple of years ago and got great and immediate feedback - but we were playing in Tasmania which is south of Melbourne across the Bass Strait. If you do head that way King Island And Barnboodle are 2 highly regarded courses. I had no problem renting clubs for my wife and myself (and I'm a lefty).
    Good luck.

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    Thanks for that information, I'll search for that forum. 


    Hello Mate's, I am from Michigan, USA and I am going to be traveling to Australia and New Zealand the 1st part of March for work. I would like to be able to get a round of golf in, I will be in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, then will be in Auckland, NZ. Can somebody recommend a nice decent priced course I could play? I would have to rent clubs also. I will be there for about 2 weeks.




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  5. I tried a few of the TP5x last year and I couldn’t stand them. I couldn’t get them to spin off the irons or out of the rough at all. It felt fine and the distance was definitely there, but I don’t want all of my shots from the rough like knuckleballs.

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    What'd your club head speed? I think these require fast club head speed to make spin.

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  6. I just got fitted and thought i would end up with a lighter shaft, i am 50 and thought lighter would help but ended up with s300 shafts, the lighter shafts only increased my ss by 1 -2 mph but was shorter on carry distance, the s300 i was at 91 ss at 181 carry with tighter dispersion than the lighter shaft. Would have never believed it till i did trackman fitting.


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  7. Not being brutal, just questioning a fitter that would say your swing was too fast for graphite. You are now saying that you weren't interested in graphite. You not being interested is fine, but now we see it wasn't the fitter

    In post 18 i said i really wasn't interested in graphite .


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  8. wow, you guys are brutal, if i was interested in graphite he would have gladly tried them, i didnt care to so that doesn't really matter, we spent well over am hour liking at numbers from alot of shafts, some had slightly better dispersion but about 10 yards shorter, a differnt day might show slightly differnt outcome, i will hit then again before i order them. This place probably sells more Mizuno than any other golf store in Michigan.


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  9. Hmmm..... puzzling statement to me. Graphite has come a long way and I don't think this is accurate.

    There are stiff graphite shafts available but they said that my dispersion would be worse than with a steel, i wasn't really interested in graphite so i didnt ask any more about it.


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  10. I'd always lean toward accuracy unless the distance was way off. And in this case the distances are negligible IMO. Like Meyer... feel is important also.

    So which one?


    Edit: Did you try any graphite or steel-fiber?

    Both felt good, s300 might have felt a very slight bit better but very close, they said graphite was not am option at my swing speed and they don't carry steelfiber. I might go back a differnt day and hit them again, i didnt feel my ball striking was up to par when i did this.


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  11. It looks like the s300 is a little longer with less spin. GolfSpy Meyer has a good point the dispersion is very close if you remove the one outlier.


    If you feel like you need a little more stopping power (spin) on your approach shots then go with C Taper, if you want a little more distance with less spin s300. It looks like both are very close so you really can't go wrong.

    that brings up another point we worked on, we tried many other shafts and they were up over 6000, up to 6500, he went with these 2 to keep the spin down, i am naturally a high ball high spin hitter, the one shot that is far left was a straight pull. I was also wondering if you guys that have used heavy shafts like this have ever just felt they were too heavy by the end of a long round?


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  12. Whichever one is in light blue. Shot trace is more consistent in peak height and your dispersion is much better Left to right. Your spin numbers also don't jump around as much.

    Light blue is the KBS C taper, that one is also lighter in weight, i am 50 do i want a shaft that will work for me down the road also.


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  13. I just got fit for JPX 900 forged, after all the swinging we ended up with these 2 shafts, DG s300 and KBS C Taper, the fitter suggests i go With the s300, what do you all think with these numbers? The 1st one is the s300.




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