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  1. Sounds a lot like me. I have come to the conclusion that 90% of my problem is the read. If you can figure out that your stroke gets you on the line then it's about speed and line, speed being most important IMO. I like to die them in the hole so when I miss I don't have much left coming back. Maybe I'm not aggressive enough... It helps when you hit it closer, too. So you always have to be inspecting your wedge game.
  2. I second Pawleys Plantation and TPC. Both A1. I also like Tradition which is near Pawleys Island.
  3. Maxfli Tour X is my ball. Just picked up the 4 dozen pack fir $105. Suhweet!
  4. I bought the new PXG driver a month ago. Love it! Getting a new PXG putter Thursday. It's the annual rite of spring because you know. It's not my swing! . It's what we do. Amirite?
  5. Used to be available only on line. I saw them the other day. Quite the value.
  6. Ha ha! Afraid not. Got the username by getting several operations in a short span of time. Family started calling me bionic!
  7. I play the Maxfli Tour X and have done so for about two years now. Just hope Dick's sticks with making these great balls. I'm concerned that their limited distribution (Dick's, Golf Galaxy) may not produce a high enough volume to keep everyone happy. This ball ought to be available everywhere balls are sold but we all know it won't because of the good ole boy golf network. Meanwhile, let's spread the word!
  8. I have worn Footjoy for years but the Skechers Arch Fit are what I wear now. Very comfortable and seems like they will hold up.
  9. I use the 60° out of bunkers especially when short sided. Best club for that shot. If the length is a little more I go to the 56°. On full swing non-bunker shots with either, I have found that placing the ball one ball back of the center of my stance with the sternum over the ball produces the most crisp shots. My miss is to blade it and believe me it's from lingering on my right side instead of turning on the downswing and "covering" the ball.
  10. Maxfli Tour X. You can now buy four dozen fir $25 per dozen. Great ball and I find it comparable to Pro V1.
  11. Not a bit of sarcasm here but I've found that you need to knock it closer to really improve putting. So I backtrack. My course demands excellent wedge play but am I even going to be hitting wedges if I don’t hit fairways? So I go back to the driver. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? I did start using the Putt Out device and quickly learned about putting where I aim. Now that needs work!
  12. Merry Christmas. Just some idle web browsing on Christmas AM while I wait for everyone to wake up. How do I get the small logos beside the club listing on my own WITB? Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!
  13. Well, my opinion on YouTube golf instructions is it is not all bad but there is a lot of garbage on there like everything on the internet. I enjoy Me and My Golf for example. Haven't seen the "swing in progress". I'll check it out. Since the topic is over thinking, I just think some of that YouTube content causes just that. Note: was Birdiecock. Now Six Million Dollar Man
  14. First Name and Location. William, Columbia, SC Swing Speed. 95-98 Current Ball.ProV1 Preference: Tour or Tour X--X, please.
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