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  1. I'm in the same boat, I have an old R9 driver. I'd love to get a new one, especially an M2 (winning would be the best LOL), but my old one seems to go the straightest and no real difference in distance when I tested them. If I don't win a new driver by the new year, I will go back to PGASS and retest in Jan.
  2. Haha, thank you Stu, Mr. East Coast dude!!! Glad I could help you learn a new word today! And I agree with your sentiment about play, and being such a low handicap, your opinion goes a long way!
  3. Thanks Kenny B, I'm not sure how to reply to comments so I will just enter it here. I love playing in the desert, and have lots of recommendations depending on your price point. I will be there in January until the 22!
  4. I have a passion for life, I have a passion for quality and I have a passion for golf! I've been playing just over 10 years now. I was never exposed to the game as a kid and not really sure why I decided to try it, but I do know that I was hooked within months. I am blessed to get to spend a lot of time in California, which is where I do most of my golfing now a days....I'm not a fan of schlogging around in the muddy courses in Vancouver during the winter. Yes, I've become a fair weather golfer! I LOVE early morning golf, and I often dewsweep by myself. I find the desert courses and people much more amenable to single lady golfers playing through than in Vancouver. I play between 80-90 rounds per year. I was down to a 9 handicap several years ago, but partly due to a business venture, I didn't spend the time needed practicing to keep it there, so I'm now up to a 14. My business venture began because I have always had problems finding high quality ladies golf gear, that would fit my statuesque physique, so I took matters into my own "hands" and I recently launched a new line of luxury ladies tip-free golf gloves. Now that I've launched, I'm committed to spending more time doing whatever it takes to get more consistent and gain some distance, and lower my scores! I play with TM M2's in Vancouver and TM Burners in the desert. My drivers & woods are a mish mash of TM's from over the past 6 or so years and need updating. I don't put massive emphasis on clubs to lower my scores, as I scored my best round EVER several years ago using my old off the rack set of ill-fitting Nickents LOL. Perhaps when I figure out the consistency & distance part I will :-) I'm always open to new tips to try to improve (not coaching though please), especially the mental aspect. So please say hi and feel free to share! Shelley
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