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  1. PING Apologist #9

    MGS Store

    I actually have 2 towels hanging on my bag. The MGS one and a BSU Broncos tri-fold that I soak with water before the round. I use it to clean the "big chunks" off with and then dry with the MGS towel. Also LOVE my MGS head covers too! Have had the blade putter one for quite a while now and The War Department hooked me up with the "1, 3 & 5" wood set for Christmas. Top all that off with a bag tag and MGS hat and I've become quite the MGS ambassador..
  2. PING Apologist #9

    2019 Ping Golf Bags

    LOVE my DLX! I'm sure you will too!
  3. PING Apologist #9

    MGS Store

    Don't fret on dirtying-up the towel. I did initially too, but it cleans up beautifully and a little grime just adds some flair
  4. PING Apologist #9

    Ping's new adjustable length putter

    I'm a little luke-warm on it. Just like @tony@CIC stated, it seems a little gimmicky and not like PING at all. I haven't seen one of these in person yet, but it looks like a similar feature I've seen on demo putters that retailers have so they can do length fitting-but on a putter you would use..? I wonder how much extra weight it adds..? I think this kind of goes against PING's core philosophy of getting fitted at a retailer. Now you can just grab one and self-adjust apparently...hmmmm
  5. Seems pretty clear to me. I like the odds and need all the help I can get...
  6. PING Apologist #9

    Dinner with Tiger or Phil? Who would you choose?

    Me??? Accepted. I'll do the cooking, you bring the Scotch!
  7. PING Apologist #9

    Dinner with Tiger or Phil? Who would you choose?

    Certainly! I like him a lot too.
  8. Read this article a little bit ago and thought it interesting enough to share here... https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/golf/tiger-vs-phil-when-it-comes-to-dinner-woods-wins-going-away/ar-BBShpfw?li=BBnba9I Nearly 80% of those asked (and apparently is was asked of European Tour players) would enjoy a meal with Tiger while only 9% would do so with Phil which was beat out by 12% saying "neither" So for those in this community, who would be your choice? Mine? Phillip purely on his personality alone. Though Tiger seems to have made some strides to be more open and less of a social introvert, I think I'd like Mickelson's company better. EDIT: Now which pro player would I really like to have dinner with? Surprisingly, not one on the PING staff if you believe that.... No, my real choice would be none other than Steve Elkington. His interviews on the Jim Rome show are legendary and I'd be assured of an epic experience with one of the most fun personalities I've ever seen in golf.
  9. PING Apologist #9

    Puma Introduces Play Loose Collection

    That is actually some damn fine looking gear there! Thanks for sharing Rob!
  10. Definitely don't want to deal with any "faff"..! It may be that I simply go to one of our local stores and just play with some-Cheers!
  11. PING Apologist #9

    Do you shape your shots?

    I am simply not equipped with the skill set to produce a "purposeful" shot shape as yet. My goal is to hit has straight as possible in most situations, but my "natural" shot tends to be a fade. When a good iron strike is made, I've actually had better golfers describe it as a "nice little cut". A rare occasion, but one I'm working on...
  12. PING Apologist #9

    Weather in your neck of the woods?

    Just got 1-2" of fresh snow here in the Boise area. First snow for about 2-months and it looks like it will be coming & going with a rain mix throughout the weekend. Bummer because I have the Monday off and was looking to doing some playing somewhere...dammit!
  13. PING Apologist #9

    Pics from the course

    Yup. Ours look like that today too...Looks like the long weekend ahead for us here will not involve golf...sigh
  14. PING Apologist #9

    Club length measuring

    That's pretty much how I've done it in the past. Tried to do it with the club laying down on the floor or table, but it just never seemed to be as accurate as the club head on the floor position.