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  1. OK folks...I got one last range session to tackle tomorrow evening and then my stage-II will be ready for submission Friday night. Keep pumping us with any and all questions and I will work throughout the season to continue to contribute to this thread as I further my experience with this club. Your patience will be rewarded. Cheers all!
  2. GREAT write-up @jlukes! I enjoyed every word of it. You did a fantastic job! Keep pounding them out there!!!
  3. Glad to hear that Bud! Holy Smokes! 94..?!! Way too early for that nonsense!
  4. Question for all testers, and I apologize if it's been asked and answered earlier... Have you gotten used to setting up with your grips or has it been a struggle to remember how to set-up each time. In other words, have you found you need to "think" about setting the armlock or has become more natural the more you use it?
  5. This model in this series is going to be BIG! The G410 line is legit. So glad PING to hear that continued to test and make sure this particular head was "better" than the G400 LST it intends to replace. I'm sure that wait will have been worth it.
  6. Glad you are able to finally trek out. Sore today?
  7. Yeah, I think we'll be hearing an awful lot about the LST 410's here in the next several months. Like you, I was impressed with how much "pub" it (the G400 LST) got last year, and if my personal findings between the 400 series and 410 line hold true for LST hitters, I bet we'll see many more converts out there. Good luck with the F9! That club sounds like a winner too. Let us know how it flies.
  8. I bet you can. They'd most likely match-up your desired swing weight with the appropriately sized counter-weight on the head. For instance, I requested my G410 be cut down by 1/2" which they did. The weight that came in my head is 13-grams and they listed my driver with a SW of D0 (std SW is D1) most likely because of the small mass removed from the shaft and 13 comes standard I'd guess. The weights I see offered on the after-market range from 10 to 16-grams and increment by 2, but it seems the PING factory has all options & sizes available. I'm sure they have the means to build you exactly what you want given all the available options. I see that today PING lists the newly released LST version of the 410 and it's standard SW is D3 to start like the "Plus" model is as well. Glad you unlocked a "secret" with your G400 by gripping down. Perhaps even with my shorter shaft, I should try that myself and see if I can get back some control. Have you tried hitting a 410 yet?
  9. Great review Bud! Very well done and most informative! High standards for the rest of this lot!
  10. Great question. My answer is: YES. For me, without question, the G410 outperformed my G400 driver mainly in the distance category. I had two range sessions on consecutive days where I was actually swinging well enough to observe a pretty dramatic and consistent difference between the two. I would clobber a 400 drive and only see my standard-issued 225-230 and then grab the 410 immediately and pound one 250..! No lie. The 410 is legit. I simply(?) have to re-find my earlier mojo & confidence with it. More to come on that and the increased adjustability in my stage-2.
  11. Have a great day out there fellas!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  12. My move from the "standard" wedges that came with my irons to the Glides was one of my better golf decisions. I've kept the PW for gapping but carry 3 Glides at all times. Though I will use my 50* & 54* for mostly full swing approach shots, they do indeed offer some versatility for other shots too and allow me to be creative when the need arises. The 58* or the 60* (depending on what mood I'm in to carry) is still one of the more used clubs in my bag. I love all of those wedges and once you learn to "trust" the bounce they really do (IMHO) out-perform the standard wide-sole wedge offerings of a standard set of PING irons. Try some different ones if you can. There are a lot of great wedges out there and I'm sure you'll find some you like that'll be better than what comes "standard".
  13. Damn...I've been so busy lately I completely forgot to enter this one. Good luck everyone!!!
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