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  1. That's some damn fine work there! Awesome!
  2. Maybe I should get some to give to my scramble "buddies"...
  3. Lovely! Even if that is Vegas..! I "did some time" there after the service, '89-95 right when the strip exploded. I'm sure traffic is still horrendous...
  4. I can see mitigating it to a point with the above recommendations, but it is indeed difficult at best to try and achieve... You can only get so naked before they take you away in a rubber truck..! I'd add that regardless, everyone should protect themselves with some form of sunscreen at least on their ears, nose & neck-even if wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Nasty business the sun, and I've had my share of friends and family diagnosed with all types of skin ailments attributed to over exposure to it. Welcome to the forums from Idaho, USA BTW! Enjoy them and stay active, we'd love to hear about more international golfing! Avoir un grand jour! (hope that translates...)
  5. and excommunication, especially is said golfer with loud music on the course was out on their first-ever round...with their "Bros"
  6. OK...why did I just watch all of this...?! Probably because every shoe I get, I re-lace (albeit simply and standard) with the left string over the right all the way up, Marine Corps-style just like I was taught.
  7. SO????! So what???!!! So let's dance!!!!!
  8. Cool little test & review here! I'll be busy with another review, so good luck to all the entrants! I'm looking forward to what you have to say-especially about the Tour Velvet's which would have been my want. Cheers all!
  9. Fine looking set right there...Have fun knocking the new off those irons & wedges!
  10. Yeah, he is not listed...bummer...see below link https://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/valspar-championship/field.html
  11. Sharp looking stick right there! Good start on the review too, well done. I'd like to know how is performs from 50 on in and if you can bump-n-run with it at all. Nice Job Shanks!
  12. Resting position of my approach shot taken from 135 out with an 8i to this par-4 hole #3 at Boise Ranch yesterday. Made the par.
  13. A true classic, that. I am partial to either the tractors at John Deere, or even the planes at the Emirates, but for some reason, I do like the paint cans here. Simple, colorful and solid.
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