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  1. Thanks Bud! I'm stoked to get out there and for sure will report in on my experiences. You're the best and please keep them coming!
  2. Man, y'all sure have yer stuff wired tight. It's been fun watching everything you guys are up to with your reviews. I am supremely confident that your conclusions will be fair and honest and really tell a tale of whether or not these Epics deserve all the run they are getting. Buy all accounts, they certainly are and I tremble in fear for the day I meet up with one of you guys who no doubt will take my PING-loving butt to school. Keep up the good fight @sirchunksalot! You got game and I love everything you have brought us with your review so far as well as your positive contributions to the forums. Cheers my friend!
  3. WOW...Just WOW!!!! Keep at it young man!!! Thanks for sharing this Bud!
  4. Man you guys are killing it with your Stage-I's. What a great journey you have put us all through! Keep at it and I certainly am looking forward to your Stage-II submissions! Kick some butt out there!!!
  5. Dude, I thank-you from the bottom of my heart. THIS really means a lot my friend-in fact I'm a bit misty to be honest... CHEERRS!! Now go keep kicking A** with that Epic!!! I'm-a-watchin'!!!
  6. Thanks Man...really...heart-felt thank-you. A little misty...
  7. Posted earlier in the PING G410 thread on this, but I was finally able to hobble out to the range in-between thunderstorms. Generally a little weak with irons to start, but after the rust shook off, I grabbed my G410 driver and went to town. 10 best shots averaged 245 and most were manageable being either straight or with a slight fade. Cool thing was I brought my 8-year old Son along for the first time and let him go to town. He had a heck of a time with mechanics (he plays baseball and it shows) and kept following through with only his left hand on the club. Once he even lost the grip completely and sent it up and over toward the fellas behind me..! Luckily I saw it go and shouted "HEADS!!!" as it landed without hitting any one...whew! Like a chip off the 'ole block, he is... He has a "small" journey to undertake before he's anywhere near my friend @GolfSpy MPR's young Mr. Kirke for sure..! But he's so fired up, he's willing to go with me early tomorrow while I play and watch from the cart. I maybe will let him putt a few (he practices with me all the time in the living room) so long as the group I'm with is OK with that. Nice to have a new "Pard" ridding along...
  8. With my foot feeling way better, I decided to hit the range before the t-storms get here. After a quick warm-up and some instruction to my Son on his first whack at golf, I pulled driver and simply tried to relax.... First one out of the gate was a duff with a divot... and I thought to myself, "I can't suck that bad...Can I!?" No chance. Second hit... 267 with a slight fade! Now we're talkin'! LET'S GO! 239, 250, 227, 230, 242, 248, 261, 256 & 230! Average: 245! I won't lie and indeed did have the occasional duff/divot mixed in that I deleted (2 really bad ones like the first), but this little performance for me was just AWESOME. I felt that with relaxed, but strong grip (not strongly gripped..!) I was getting supreme results over and over again. Had one of these (the 242 or 248 shot) that was a swipe job that "power-faded" way right, but all in all, most flights were either pretty damn straight, or with slight fades. I can deal with those. Just gotta think: Strong (but relaxed) "natural" grip coupled with a smooth, shallow take-away, left arm stiff, good wrist hinge and throw the club at the ball...wrap the follow-thru around the neck...Magic. Now can I please hit a friggin' fairway with the darn thing?! We'll see. Playing 18 starting at 08:00 tomorrow at the Ranch. Giddy-up!
  9. I was absolutely enamored with dinosaurs. Travelling around the NW from logging camp to logging camp with my Dad, I'd look out to the hills and see what I thought were huge buried legs of T-Rexes, necks of giant Brontosauruses and sculls outlined under the dirt... I had every idea that they all were just gigantic bits with the flesh still attached, and just under all the dirt and sand waiting to be uncovered... I also thought every jet I heard overhead was actually a rocket heading to the moon...We lived out in the Mojave way back during the time of a lot of testing being done out there and the Apollo missions were still big on TV...
  10. After several days of nauseating pain and discomfort hobbling around on a bruised left foot, the last 2-days of working on my ass-groove in the couch with ice, on it and the occasional Aleve & Bourbon/rocks have paid off. I can actually walk with only a slight limp and the throbbing pain has subsided. Now if the weather will cooperate, I need to get my sorry butt to the range...
  11. IH8U!Seriously, nice looking environment there!
  12. Got around to swapping out my every-day flag with the one I use for special occasions like tomorrow's remembrance. This particular example is very special to me. It is number 1138 and was flown over the USS Arizona on July 4, 2016. I remember the minute I walked onto the grounds of that facility and first looked across the water to the memorial...I was blubbering like a baby and even writing about that experience right now still brings back seriously misty eyes. I never wish anyone a "happy" Memorial Day-nothing "happy" about it in my mind. While the majority of folks simply use this day as extra time off, I know better, and tomorrow is a whole lot bigger day for the most solemn of reasons. I think of my Great Uncle who was killed while landing in Normandy June 1944. Another Great Uncle who was killed by a Kamikaze attack off of Okinawa in 1945. My Grandfathers who served and survived WWII, and all my family who served in Vietnam. All long gone now. Then I think of all those boys on the Arizona who remain entombed with her... I raise a toast to all of our fallen and lost Service Men & women. If not for your service, dedication and sacrifice to our country, we would not enjoy the freedoms that many have come to take for granted. I for one, will never forget and will never take what we have for granted. Like you, I will continue to fight for it. RIP fellow warriors.
  13. What's weird for me is that I can hit fairway woods nice-n-crisp and my irons have all come alive the minute I went to the stronger grip. All go straight with consistent flight paths and I am very comfortable with them all. Perhaps my biggest flaw with driver is my take-away...if that's "effed" from the start, the whole blinking swing goes to He**! Gotta get me a lesson or 12 I know, but that takes extra cash that I simply do not have at this time. The self-diagnosis will just have to suffice for now unfortunately...
  14. My G400 was the SFT model, so I was literally comparing apples against apples. PING's claim for the 410 SFT was that it has "50% more heel-side CG than G400" which is supposed to ensure straighter ball flights (see pic) You can see the weight on the 410 on it's extreme backside near the shaft while the weight for the G400 looks more centered and is set in the bottom, so from a physical view, the 50% claim is valid. But generally for my crappy, swiping-swing, I have had troubles keeping the ball flight straight and certainly never see a draw of any kind despite the SFT built in to these. When I was fitted for the 410, Dick's didn't have a SFT head at the time, so I hit the G410 Plus head with the weight in the "draw-bias" position with similar results on the LM; fades & slices. Disclaimer: there I was still in weak-grip mode... I think my biggest issue is NOT the club, but finding a good and repeatable strong grip and to stop coming in over the top or in too steeply. The times I have this set, this club shines and does its job very well. I simply have to focus more on doing my job with it properly. I will however continue to tinker with it to find my mental happy place with it. I have a different shaft (Aldila Tour Blue) I want to try and I also want to grab up some different weights. This story is not over yet. Thanks for the questions!!
  15. Thanks OG! That really means a lot and I appreciate you! Cheers my friend!
  16. Congrats to all the testers! Good looking group here and I look forward to reading up on your thoughts on these new orbs! Please feel free to reach out to me at any time if you think my experience and guidance is may assist any of you in your reviews. Good luck all, and most of all, HAVE FUN!!!
  17. Great news Shanks! I know this has been a long time in the works. Congrats and here's to a smooth moving experience-Cheers!
  18. OK folks...I got one last range session to tackle tomorrow evening and then my stage-II will be ready for submission Friday night. Keep pumping us with any and all questions and I will work throughout the season to continue to contribute to this thread as I further my experience with this club. Your patience will be rewarded. Cheers all!
  19. GREAT write-up @jlukes! I enjoyed every word of it. You did a fantastic job! Keep pounding them out there!!!
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