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  1. Read this article a little bit ago and thought it interesting enough to share here... https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/golf/tiger-vs-phil-when-it-comes-to-dinner-woods-wins-going-away/ar-BBShpfw?li=BBnba9I Nearly 80% of those asked (and apparently is was asked of European Tour players) would enjoy a meal with Tiger while only 9% would do so with Phil which was beat out by 12% saying "neither" So for those in this community, who would be your choice? Mine? Phillip purely on his personality alone. Though Tiger seems to have made some strides to be more open and less of a social introvert, I think I'd like Mickelson's company better. EDIT: Now which pro player would I really like to have dinner with? Surprisingly, not one on the PING staff if you believe that.... No, my real choice would be none other than Steve Elkington. His interviews on the Jim Rome show are legendary and I'd be assured of an epic experience with one of the most fun personalities I've ever seen in golf.
  2. PING Apologist #9

    Dinner with Tiger or Phil? Who would you choose?

    Certainly! I like him a lot too.
  3. PING Apologist #9

    Puma Introduces Play Loose Collection

    That is actually some damn fine looking gear there! Thanks for sharing Rob!
  4. Definitely don't want to deal with any "faff"..! It may be that I simply go to one of our local stores and just play with some-Cheers!
  5. PING Apologist #9

    Do you shape your shots?

    I am simply not equipped with the skill set to produce a "purposeful" shot shape as yet. My goal is to hit has straight as possible in most situations, but my "natural" shot tends to be a fade. When a good iron strike is made, I've actually had better golfers describe it as a "nice little cut". A rare occasion, but one I'm working on...
  6. PING Apologist #9

    Weather in your neck of the woods?

    Just got 1-2" of fresh snow here in the Boise area. First snow for about 2-months and it looks like it will be coming & going with a rain mix throughout the weekend. Bummer because I have the Monday off and was looking to doing some playing somewhere...dammit!
  7. PING Apologist #9

    Pics from the course

    Yup. Ours look like that today too...Looks like the long weekend ahead for us here will not involve golf...sigh
  8. PING Apologist #9

    Club length measuring

    That's pretty much how I've done it in the past. Tried to do it with the club laying down on the floor or table, but it just never seemed to be as accurate as the club head on the floor position.
  9. PING Apologist #9

    New from SC

    Greetings from Idaho! Welcome aboard!
  10. PING Apologist #9

    Got Problems?

    I know, I know...dammit! The W&D we got brand new when we moved in. High-end Maytags. 2-months after the warranty expired, so did the bushing for the washer tub. $300 later....so much for the Maytag man... Those other three things I don't even wanna get thinking on...
  11. PING Apologist #9

    Random Thread

    The same thing happened to me, er, only with a used pair of cleats I had on eBay. I'm pretty sure the War Dept. sold them at a garage sale, and a week later they "sold" on the bay. Couldn't find them and had to issue a damn refund...
  12. PING Apologist #9

    Grips... get a grip

    I had MCC +4 Aligns on my original set for the very reason you started this thread. Initially I liked them, but after fitting for driver where I found I liked a more standard diameter, I've since gone back to standard. No issues with the arthritis in my left hand, and I think I have better control with the smaller grips. I really did like the ridge and all, but alas they were just too big for me. FYI, I'm 5'10" and have fairly large hands. Now I do see that they have more options with the align than they did when I got mine, so they may be worth another look... Anyhow, let us know how you get along with them!
  13. Ooo, these are some things a newbe to push carts wouldn't have even thought about-good call!
  14. I'm ll about the organization, and am not too hung up on the weight of what I got. I'm simply starting to look for the best cart to haul it around on and one that will survive.
  15. PING Apologist #9

    Riding vs. Walking

    Yup, she's a beast alright!
  16. I've read everyone's responses here, and it looks like the Clicgear 3.5 and the Caddy TeK are the two I'll start looking at. I have no plans on getting a different bag at this time, so anyone else using a big cart bag like my PING DLX? Seems the consensus here for bags like mine leans toward the 3.5...
  17. PING Apologist #9

    Riding vs. Walking

    Yup, time for me to start researching a push cart that'll be best for my big DLX cart bag and saving up for it. As much as I golf-and always in a cart, the $ savings along with the health benefits got to both be positive.
  18. PING Apologist #9

    Pics from the course

  19. PING Apologist #9

    2019 Sony Open thread

    How about it Spies? Anyone going to be watching (after football of course...)? This is one of my favorite tournaments since it reminds me of our two trips to vacation on Oahu including just last year the week after this same event. Love Hawaii and dream daily of visiting there more in the future. Ahhhh, the sun, the surf, the drinks....sigh... I know we have a few spies who live there (@yungkory for one), and @SteddyGolf used to be stationed there also. Curious if anyone has ever gone to watch or even are planning to attend this year. If so, please share some pics, videos and anything related. Also, please share your picks and anything related to this tourney here. Me? I going with Bryson. He just looks to be in some sort of weird zone lately. Second for me is JT. MAHALO!
  20. PING Apologist #9

    2019 Sony Open thread

    Indeed! Just like the old bull & the young bull story...
  21. PING Apologist #9

    Got Problems?

    Just another $5,800 weekend... Over the years, I've been forced to replace broken and bad parts and pieces in the house just like any other red-blooded mortgage holder (i.e.: "American Dream"), and like many I'm sure, many of those revolve around kitchen appliances. Our house is only about 7-years old at most and we've been in it for 6-1/2 of those. It was basically brand new when we moved in and it came with all, mid-tier appliances you'd expect to find in a decent middle-class house. First, the garbage disposal died. I purchased a bigger, badder one and got it replaced, no prob. $300 The very next week, the dishwasher started to leak. New Bosch high-end in its place. $1,000 Just before Christmas of 2016, our microwave (a drawer-style one that fits below the counter) smoked. Direct replacement was $1,200 Now the gas oven is on the fritz...most likely a bad igniter that will be fixed later this week. But I want a better one, so I decided to see if I'd be allowed to upgrade it with a bad-a** 6-burner model (I cook a lot). The answer was "yes", but I could only do so if I allowed the War Department to get a replacement fridge also.... Even though we aren't getting a Wolf range and a Sub-Zero fridge, we still got worked for $5,800 (includes tax, delivery & set-up), and they will be swapped out Saturday. Our original fridge is already sold, so that's good, but damn... Home ownership is great, isn't it???!!
  22. PING Apologist #9

    MyGolfSpy Tournament

    @deejaid& I had a PM chat about the possibility of a NorCal golf date in his area near wine country. I have family all over that area and we try to visit at least once a year. If someone wants to organize something down there, I may be able to attend...Heck, he may even be interested himself I bet.
  23. PING Apologist #9

    2019 Sony Open thread

    It was a great win for him. He was really nails down the stretch. You just got the sense that it was his after that bird on 9. Just so relaxed and calm.
  24. PING Apologist #9

    Hello from Upstate SC

    Greetings from Idaho! Happy to welcome you aboard! Cheers!
  25. PING Apologist #9


    Right up my alley! I upgraded my original reg-flex, stock shafts on both of my fairway woods late last year with these in stiff, and that shaft just woke both of them up. In fact I like that shaft so well, I got one for my driver just the other day, though I still haven't hit it yet-perhaps tomorrow. You can find these on eBay occasionally for decent pricing, but wherever you do go get them, yeah, there a great shaft...at least for me. I have a fairly fast sing tempo and swing speed is right around 100-mph. Regular flex was just too whippy for me and I did a plie of on-line research that pointed these to me, but in stiff (see signature below). "Mid-launch and low-spin" was what I was after, and though I don't have any launch monitor data to back it up, these just delivered. Originally just did my 3w after the original shaft broke. It was so good, I immediately upgraded my 5w. Now the driver is in the queue, and I'm hoping to get similar results. My vote: GO FOR IT! At least try one out. Cheers!