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  1. Problem is, I can only go via the pro shop, and them returning the shoes to Ecco. Cant catch other CS rep.
  2. So, last year we’ve had a really wet winter so I’ve purchased Ecco Biom spiked shoes. At ~230GBP they were quite expensive but I’ve head and read amazing things about Ecco I decided to give them a go. As they were GoreTex they were meant to be waterproof, to my surprise, they weren’t. I went back to my pro shop, they’ve sent them back, they were faulty apparently so I got a new pair. Great. 5/6 months down the line the spikes fall out. I replace them, they fall out again. And again. As I have moved out of the area where my pro shop was - I contacted them and they suggested I contact Ecco directly. Did that, the Customer Service replied that they can’t help and have to deal with point of sale. They have a 2 year warranty so I wasn’t super bothered as I’d be back in my club before it expires. For the meantime I bought another pair of Ecco Biom G3, as they didnt look as chunky as the older version, and overall I was happy with the comfort of the shoe (On top of the 10+ pairs of golf shoes I own already). In May of this year - spikes started to fall out. Replaced, they fall out again. I contacted the store I got them from, sent back, got a new pair. Fast forward to last month, I visit my pro shop and leave them the broken Eccos. They sent them back and Ecco replies that they won’t change them under warranty as ’the spikes have fallen out and been work thus causing the problem with the threads and can’t be replaced under warranty’. Really? Was I meant to take them off as soon as I noticed they’ve fallen out? Do I need to carry spare golf shoes? Not to mention I clean my shoes after every round, and replace the spikes every 10-15 rounds. Anyway, as it’s an expensive pair I went back to their customer services email - havent had a reply yet in over a week. And commented on their instagram politely about shoes breaking, and unfortunately they deleted the comment and not replied to any messages. So yeah, if you buy Ecco shoes - they’re pretty good, but don’t expect them to last.
  3. Yeah didnt see all of those. Thx!
  4. I mean... Ryan and Charl requested them from what I’ve been told so far @PMookie
  5. 4 of their pros have them at the moment. Whenever or not they’ve requested them - I do not know but I’d assume so. Bobs attention to ‘perfect golf club’ is insane. Last year when I was there one of the guys didn’t get great numbers At the driver fitting (think it was actually Tony C from here) and Bob called him and pretty sure re-fitted him before his flight the next morning. So I wouldnt be surprised if someone wanted an iron made like their wedges.
  6. So, Bob Parsons just announced a ‘true blade’ 0311 ST (super tour) fully milled club. Don’t know the price point yet but I’d expect it to be $650+ per head. As far as I’m aware there is no cor2 technology in it, just the signature weighting.
  7. Sorry for late reply! They’re OK. I’ve been spoiled by forged irons. Pxg, gen2, cncpt ... So the 0211 are not the same. Having said that - they are softer / nicer than AP2s ^-^ Gapping was an issue, and the graphite shafts in stock are an issue for me.
  8. Oh yeah. Thanks. I take lessons every week and play with my coach so literally didn't think of it as it's so embedded in my routine bad on me
  9. Wrote a little article about what I think of this years Driver releases. What do you guys think? I am NOT a writer lol https://worldwide.golf/equipment/which-big-stick-to-buy-by-the-puttingpirate/
  10. So being on my second set of PXGs in bag full time (5 sets of them total but thats a longer story) I don’t think there are any durability issues like my review said. Im going to start playing the 0211 for a few rounds starting Monday and will let you know my thoughts. Initial thoughts - I really don’t like progressive sets. I play 3i up in the 0311T and I’ve tried putting P, X and XF on the longer end which didn’t work for me due to my swing, attack angle and all that bullshit. I do like how they look, however I am a bigger fan of the unique ‘weight system’ look of PXG. They do feel harder off the face than the 0311T/P. For me they needed adjusting lofts to make sense of the grouping in the longer irons.
  11. Hmmm never heard about the durability issue and I've played 500 rounds with my gen1s and just over 300 with gen2s and they're pretty good condition still. I even made a post about it
  12. So, PXG released 0211 irons. A progressive size head set (4i XF -> then P size head) with the same foam inside but the whole club is cast. At half the price of the current lineup ($200/head). What do you guys think? Pic:
  13. Is there 14 full lenght ones in that or also only the horizontal ones?
  14. Copy / paste from another topic about him: "I've had the unpleasantness of meeting Shiels. He was an absolute *******. Got paid ~$5k for a corporate golf day (clinic, 3 holes with each of the groups we've had and produce a video from the event). Clinic was ok. Then during the round he didn't want to play - just wanted to hit drivers as he was 'going through swing changes' in his short game and it was 'off brand' for him to play badly. Never released the video to his audience as it wasn't good enough. Him and his agent ghosted the company after that. What a disgrace."
  15. Forgetting the fact that I dislike Shiels a lot after meeting him in person - I can barely watch Masters or Ryder Cup without wanting to go out and play so it's a "no" from me Tho if you're into reality TV there may be drama as the "golf influencers" scene in the UK is like watching Jersey Shore or some OC Housewives with the amount of bitching and backstabbing About $200 if they get over 15M from ads. Youtube changed how their monetization works as back few years ago it would have brought ~15-17k.
  16. So yeah, the fact that there are 3 not 6 dividers pissed me off a little, and they're 3/4 length not full. Also carrying stuff that has some 'edges' in the pockets shows really quickly and deforms the material. Think it could pierce it quite easily. I carry 14 clubs in it too, and I'm not suuuper happy about how they fit, but it's ok. Zipper pocket on top of the water bottle pocket is for ice But yeah, I've waited for over a month to get the bag as I ordered it with embroidery. Then 3 weeks in (after being told that it will ship on Wednesday, Monday, this week, next week) it was still not dispatched and I ordered it to be delivered when I was visiting the US so that I could have brought it back with me. It wasn't ready so I asked them to ship it ASAP without the customisation. That shipping took over a week to get to Florida and by that time I was already in the UK so with extra shipping on top it cost me over $550. Needless to say I'm a little salty about it as I wouldn't have ordered it if I expected such long shipping and mediocre customer service. For $300 it's an OK bag. For $550 I wouldn't have bought it.
  17. I've been told by them that they have full length dividers. Them being 3/4 I'd be a little pissy but not massively. Let's see when the 6 way comes (been waiting for it nearly a month now...)
  18. I've had the unpleasantness of meeting Shiels. He was an absolute *******. Got paid ~$5k for a corporate golf day (clinic, 3 holes with each of the groups we've had and produce a video from the event). Clinic was ok. Then during the round he didn't want to play - just wanted to hit drivers as he was 'going through swing changes' in his short game and it was 'off brand' for him to play badly. Never released the video to his audience as it wasn't good enough. Him and his agent ghosted the company after that. What a disgrace. Crossfield is fun/funny to watch. I have a funny story about him too Well, one of his students. I used to be friends with a guy that went onto his 'journey' and puttling lessons with Lockey. 6 months of lessons and all. From a Mizuno fanboy he went on full titleist as 'Mark said theyre the most consistent for me'. He claimed in those 6 months he went from 9 to 4hpc. Last round I played with him he 'didnt feel like a 4' on the day and asked for 8 shots After laughing at him for a bit that that's now how handicap system works I gave him 6 shots (being the generous guy that I am :)). Then he complained that we're playing from the back tees (as he said now he can hit as hard as he wants and not reach the bunkers so he doesn't need precision). Landed in 4/5 bunkers on the fairway and TOOK HIS BALL OUT and placed it before the bunker without saying anything to anyone when asked for a score until my playing partner called him out on it Also when he missed a putt he would pick up straight away if it passed the hole, even tho it would end up further than it started and called it a 2 putt He lost the match on the 11th hole and walked off without saying goodbye and we're not friends anymore So I think maybe a coach that would teach rules and etiquette on the course would be also very popular on YT ;-D Oh how fun life is.
  19. Yeah I like those bags... Pretty sure it's what a Mackenzie bag feels like too.
  20. If you're ever in the UK let me know and I'll take that bet any time
  21. The 14 way Player stand bag has full lenght dividers.
  22. Check out Vessel bags. They're pretty good!
  23. https://vesselbags.com/collections/golf-stand-bags/products/sunday-bag?variant=7967674925116 Thats my pick
  24. I have a Vessel Lite (actually a gfore killer carry but its just branded Vessel) and the quality is top notch. The 4 way not-full lenght divider is a bit of a bummer so I ordered the player 2.0 that I’ll have as my ‘full set bag’ and the killer carry as a sunday bag. I was quite surprised that Vessel didnt make it into mygolfspy list to be fair. Pockets are bigger than they seem. I also have a titleist StayDry 5 players and due to poor pocket placement I can’t fit there full waterproof set with leg thermals and gloves. On the vessel lite bag ( https://vesselbags.com/collections/golf-stand-bags/products/lite-stand?variant=9326212743228 ) the right full lenght pocket is huge. I assume the player 2.0 will be too. Only thing I struggled with was 14 or 6 dividers, but went for 6 in the end. And after customisation it only takes a week longer to deliver. EDIT: One problem i found is feet on the legs are falling off if not glued Very annoying!
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