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  1. I went from Callaway Big Bertha to Mizuno MP5-h to PXG. Can actually do a write up of that! Thx!
  2. Hmm, can't do that, never owned either I'm afraid But I could do an Aventador vs 599GTB vs F12 ?
  3. For me going to play golf in an indoor facility is more about having a laugh and getting drunk rather than playing golf.
  4. Golf season... So I was at this private members club on Thursday. We had wind up to 70mph, a little drizzle and about 35oF. I thought the course will be empty. We showed up at 11, had 5 groups starting ahead of us. When I said 'I was expecting it to be empty, its so cold, wet and windy!' one of the older lads said "Its Thursday. You can be at the office, at home with your wife, or playing golf. We play golf all year" Words to live by
  5. As you can see I enjoy buying and reviewing stuff. If you would like to see something in particular - feel free to reply here or send me a PM and I'll do my best to buy it, test it and let you know all the pros and cons
  6. Galvin Green Dash Insula - RRP is £120 but you can find it at anything from £85 to £120. If you read my other GG reviews - there is nothing new for you here. The quality, cut and fit (for me) are again very impressive. I have it in XL, with a 44 size chest it's a great looking pullover. Comparing to let's say Under Armour ColdGear Reactor Hybrid - the L is uncomfortably snug showing off my beer muscle, and the XL looks like a potato sack on me. It's comfortable to swing in. I usually pair it nowadays with a thermal long sleeve underneath and a Oscar Jacobson Caleb vest on top. And it
  7. Nope, if you want it reviewed by a member - someone has to like it enough to want to understand it, and then review it. To give you some feedback from my end - start a new thread, with the app name in the title, quick explanation what it does and who should use it. Your video is 6 mins long. And I understand it's a setup/faq/howto video but good god, who's got 6 minutes nowadays? Best of luck
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/BdgewSxhlKi If you use it for a specific purpose, it can be pretty good.
  9. It's actually not bad. Went today to test it out, and don't know how to set up AW as a sensor... I've reached out to Zepp and will see what they come back with.
  10. Razer ones? https://www.logitechg.com/en-gb/product/powerplay-wireless-charging- changed to this now! Really love the never charging-your-mouse idea.
  11. It's a mac pro being replaced by the new imac. The left screen is for a gaming PC. Rest are 5k connected to the grey imac pro.
  12. Nice, never met a chick named Asus before tho.
  13. Pretty sure evenroll got massive support cause of MGS. Before i buy anything I do a ton of research tho.
  14. Volvik, snell, vice, kirkland. Just choose a ball that is available for people. I think readers may be complaining if you use a no-namer and no one can buy it.
  15. Best golf gear I've had on. Did a review for their waterproofs, will be covering rest of their stuff + the new hybrid collection as soon as it gets delivered.
  16. LOL. the name is unfortunate. And the BENDER on it. As in UK it's slang for gay
  17. You are being sarcastic, right? 'longest, lowest spinning, best sounding, best feeling driver... we've ever made. And it's our second one' Don't get me wrong, I do like the clubs, and if they release new ones I'll most likely go for them too. But like with Apple, they talk of themselves like they are the messiah. Which they are not EDIT: And also - Paige and her last comment... I like the girl, she does great stuff for anti-bullying campaigns. She's an attached pro at my GC, and I'm happy for her that she's good looking enough and brave to flaunt her figure to make a living out of
  18. Don't think you will get much of a confirmation BUT! I've been to their HQ and made some friends. When the new drivers/hybrids were coming out - I've been told. When the new wedges were coming out I also have been told. I'm picking up a set of 0311xf for my Mrs and have spoken to the guys about it on the 30/12, with a fitting on the 08/01. And they have not mentioned anything about new releases. And I'm the kind of guy that jumps on new releases and wants them the day they are released. To the point that they gave me demo heads on release day of the 0811x and 0317x so that I didn't have t
  19. No, there are apps that try to do it for you like VPAR. And it gives you a vpar index. But the UK / CONGU hcp is flawed as it doesn't get adjusted.
  20. There won't be a replacement for the 0311 this year. Their product cycle is 3 years+
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