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  1. Yeah tbh haven't thought of it that way. Very fair point. Thanks for it, now I don't feel bad.
  2. Yep! The quantity is more cause of the weather here and amount of leaves and playing into the sun. Your ball can vanish on the fairways
  3. Just ordered 3 dozens of prov1 and 2 of prov1x
  4. I carry 17,19,22 degree hybrids and then 27 degree iron. Seems to work well for me, as I can play the 22 high, low, left, right and it goes ~185 for me with my 27degree going 170 carry. It's very often my 'goto' club.
  5. Actually may ask my pro, see what he says. I bought drinks for my playing group, as they were nice and welcoming. By the time I got the winnings a lot of people have left, and they've not been the nicest group so I thought - sod it.
  6. Just updated my apps and whaaaat - Again - what what? Need to test it out soon and see how it compares to the sensor! May even take 2 phones with me to the range to check both lol!
  7. As far as I'm aware that only works for USGA hcps, not CONGU. Most courses in the UK are not rated for slope/score. And no. No adjustments.
  8. Hmm, thx. I'll buy a box of prov1s then and see. Tho I don't really suffer from not holding greens. Anything within the 170 range seems to stop well, and the 90/70/20yard lobs dance on the greens anyway. It's more missing the green than having too much roll. And not sure that any ball is going to help with that
  9. Hey there. So this happened about 3 months ago. I'm a member at a golf course in London, it's 6800y from the members tees and 7060 from championships. It's the first club ever I've joined, and thats where I've received / am holding my hcp. Been there for under a year now and it stands at a solid 18, which is what I can expect to play there on a 'oh its going well today' day. But I also enjoy playing a lot of different courses, especially during the week when I can enjoy them being fairly quiet. One Wednesday I show up to this club, ask for a pay for a green fee and they had a
  10. Don't get me wrong, I'm lazy so I love a buggy; BUT walking is apparently good for you... Hmmm, well - they're easy to find, thats one. Two - they're relatively cheap. And who doesn't like a pink/yellow/green ball I went to one of those 'going out of business' golf sales and picked up 30 dozens of them. I mean if there was a performance gain on any other ball, I'd go for it but ... Is there really a gain there?
  11. Hey - a lot of research showed that carrying your bag is very suboptimal. I've done a full review of their carry bag - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/21795-unofficial-review-ogio-silencer-system/ And it's as heavy/light as a lot of smaller bags (like a callaway HL3). Soooo, I'd say it's quite light? lol pretty sure if you have first editions of charrizards and pikatchu it would work Those wedges in the bag are now 50/12, 54/14 and 58/12. I play at a course with insane amount of fluffiness in the bunkers, so a lot of bounce helps. I have 56 and 60 with custom grinds fo
  12. So through my short golfing career I went through quite a bit of stuff. That's my latest stuff that made it into the bag :-) Bag: Ogio Silencer Stand and Cart. Driver: PXG 0811x, 12 degrees Hybrids: PXG 0317x 17, 19, 22 on Rogue Black S shafts. Irons: PXG 0311 6-58 on Project X LZ5.5 Grips: Winn Hybrid ones. All clubs are MOI matched. Putter - PXG Gunboat 34 Glove - HIRZL / G/Fore / MW Ball - Callaway Supersoft high-vis / Volvik Vivid Wet suit: Galvin Green C-Knit Golf Shoes - Adidas Tour 360 mk 2 After golf shoes - Timberlands - lightest anti-fatigue and waterproo
  13. As the other guys said - high frequency trading. Basically carry your laptop and mobile on course, book it in as an 'off site meeting' and unless there is a tech issue you can play golf 7 days a week.
  14. Thanks! My reviews are usually very short, and may not be super comprehensive, but there is a ton of reviews online. I'm trying to just cover the points that others have missed, or I was looking for and couldn't find. And yes, the quality is incredible. I'm in the process of basically changing my whole wardrobe to Galvin Green; and maybe some other brands if I find the quality amazing. That's coming from a guy that thought Nike DryFit tees were the bees knees and bought all of them in his size from a shop. https://www.instagram.com/p/BQA5Q6zlQJT Most of them are still in the plas
  15. Hah, a HFT firm buddy. As long as you have a phone on you, it's all fine
  16. Thanks so much! Nice to know people enjoy it. They are on sale atm at least in the UK. Around £250 so if you're in the market for a pair - it's a no brainer!
  17. Galvin Green C-KNIT Waterproofs. Style - it's super subjective so I'll leave it. I like it, you may or may not. I have the Argon jacket ( http://www.galvingreen.com/products/argon/argon-g761777) and Arn trousers ( http://www.galvingreen.com/products/arn/arn-g761971). I play all year round, 3/4 rounds a week at least so being in London I get caught in the rain a lot. https://www.instagram.com/p/BU4kAW3h9oy I have used Nike Hyperadapt waterproofs before, but I felt like it was affecting my game. So I decided to bite the bullet and fork out £700 for what my research was showing as
  18. Meh. I play PXG, and I enjoy them a lot. But watching ads like this, coupled with their poor after sale support makes me not like the brand that much comparing to Honma for instance.
  19. I've spent the whole year playing 4+ times + 2x2h lessons a week. And funnily enough I hardly ever play weekend :-) Planning on going deeper in 2018!!
  21. It's mostly great. The rain suit is the first thing I'm disappointed with to be honest.
  22. So, it's cold and wet here in England so I thought I may use this time to write up another review. This time of something that may be useful in this kind of weather - Nike Hyperadapt Waterproofs. https://www.instagram.com/p/BdSmC0HhEPt After doing some research online, it had good reviews and at half price of goretex alternatives I thought I'll give it a go. It's made of the Nike's own Storm-Fit material, which promises to be water resistant, and breathable. I've played it in some insane conditions like: https://www.instagram.com/p/BW-AygWBBVy/ Or real storms: https://www.instagram.
  23. Yeah, most of the clothes would be waaaay too big for youths But with other stuff - it may be an idea. I'm already sponsoring golf lessons and equipment for a few young people at my local course (never met them tho lol) so thought I may do a giveaway for the less fortunate adults.
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