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  1. Hey guys. I've been lucky to be able to afford a lot of golf stuff, and as an addict I constantly add new things to the collection I'd like to do a giveaway of some stuff like rain suits, tees etc... as I don't use them, and not really feeling like selling them on the bay. Are there any rules I should follow? Is it ok to post it in the contest section? Thx
  2. Well, the Bionics don't really lose softness / tackiness. I also play 3/4 times a week, so changing gloves that often would mean what, an extra $1000 a year on gloves? :-)
  3. They came through and said their new distributor is: https://www.zeit4golf.com:-) And they have lefty XL's !
  4. Love it. Not focusing on the ball - I was aware of that. But lets see how it will work when I'll make a conscious effort to think like that Lets hope it wont be all tops!
  5. Thanks! I have not been playing for long, but I've struggled so much trying to find equipment and clothing I like... Most reviews are useless (for me at least). So I hope mine will help someone even a little There is A LOT more coming lol so stay tuned! Especially clothing! Hah! Unfortunately not USGA approved, and I play with huge sticklers And yes, they do last forever. Mine lasted me ~3 months or so (40 rounds?).
  6. I've reached out to them, maybe they can point you in the right direction!
  7. Hey Tony, thanks! I'd suggest ebay. I dont think anyone would bother counterfeiting them to be honest. Had a quick look for you and there is an abundance of them on your side of the pond
  8. So - as in the topic - I went through A LOT of golf gloves. So here is my subjective opinion. https://www.instagram.com/p/BO0nf0-BA-y Most OEM's like Ping, Callaway, FJ - I've never been a massive fan. They never fit me very well. I'll focus on the 4 that stick out for me. HIRZL - ( http://www.hirzl.com/index.php/en/golf-en) not sure if you know the brand; but I used them before in other sports so thought I'll give them a chance. They run a little big to their size, so my usual M/L was rather big - so I went for an M. Fit was good, they're rather on the 'thicker' side than
  9. So, lessons, lessons, lessons, swing gets tight and tidy; then a few months down the line the over-swing comes back :-) Do you do anything special to keep it tight? Heres the current one: https://www.instagram.com/p/BdNzMkphWAd And here is how tight I'd like it again: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQirCOcBZKG
  10. As in subject, I have the AW2, may get the AW3 if there are some good gps apps that will allow me not to carry phone. Ideally ones that automatically change holes too. I have arccos 360 but stopped using it.
  11. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/21788-mini-shoe-review-adidas-tour-360-boost/ Hopefully this helps!!
  12. Hey, so I'm rocking the Dash at the moment. I also have a looot of Nike Hyperadapt, which im not a huge fan of. I love their flexknit stuff but im looking for some warm-ish tops that i will be able to use till the summer comes. I went through Nike, Adidas, Ralph Lauren Golf and UA and so far Galvin Green has been the best overall. Any suggestions?
  13. Thanks! My review of their stuff is actually one of the first if you google for it Started doing it cause it was very annoying not being able to find the info in the review that i was looking for. Most of them read like a press release from the company
  14. It's an old review i've done, that has been updated :-) I've had 4 of the Silencer bags (all since they came out) and will focus on the new Stand and Cart bags. Hope you enjoy! So for the last few weeks I've been looking at reducing chatter and overall 'look and feel' of my golf bag. I have started with a Callaway HL3 which is with me here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vph77b3nnv7yn2q/IMG_1290.jpg?dl=0 It's super light but a few things were annoying me. * 1) the 4 way divider, even tho it's to the bottom of the bag - it gets very very busy very easily (and i wasnt even carrying 14 c
  15. Thanks y'all ) We do have -some- winter conditions (last monday the course was closed due to snow!) but I've made a massive order of winter clothing; if it arrives tomorrow I'll be out playing by mid-day
  16. Hey! Actually no, that area is for some reason pretty OK. I was worried about it too, but it holds up well and doesn't collect dirt. The spikes tho love to get a ton of crap between them and the shoe if that makes sense. If you have a pressure washer or even an air compressor available at your club - it helps a lot and the mud/grass falls off in nice, big chunks.
  17. Hey, so I've spent last few weeks playing in those shoes - so thought I'll do a little review. https://www.adidas.co.uk/tour360-boost-2.0-shoes/Q44985.html https://www.instagram.com/p/BcpnbaUhn4m Those are the bad boys. I won't comment on the looks as they are so subjective. I like them, as they're a classic looking golf shoe. The good: Comfort - comparing to their old model they have a lot more room in the toe area, and I think are generally wider. They didn't feel like needed to be broken in, no pinching of any sort. Feels more stable and comfortable, and its enough space to fit in
  18. So, just saying hi. I'm addicted to gear and technology. I buy A LOT of golf stuff and hope to write some reviews to help fellow golfers make up their mind whenever to buy something or not
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