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  1. Lol a bag with no dividers sounds like a plan... I mean, not a single bag technically It’s 3 sets that are just completed and will be living at different places. 1 is a ‘at home set’, Driver, 17.5 degree hybrid, 3-PW, 50, 55, 60 and Bloodline putter. Second is the one I keep at my home club - Dr, 3 wood, 19 degree, 4-pw, 50, 55, 60. Third now lives at my second house (hate travelling with anything more than hand luggage) and it’s the same apart from wood there is a 1iron and 22 degree hybrid
  2. I go by two ancient proverbs when it comes to my golf equipement - “More expensive more better” and “New is always better”. Think the first one is Plato and the latter Socrates ;-D Lol, what happened?
  3. Well, the smartest purchase of 2018 for me was a 1iron. Now I carry 15 clubs as the 1i is just a joke club we do some ‘longest drive’ things for a beer
  4. I dont always hit my driver. But when I do it’s 2 villages over on the right ;-D
  5. I have the AV blue but didn’t really get along with it. I am however IN LOVE with the new Diamana DF!
  6. It’s the other way around. On a soft green the ball -bites- more into the green and spins a lot more. On a firm one it bounces and while in the air it looses spin and usually bites on the second jump.
  7. Thanks. The ryder cup captain may have had a curry the night before
  8. Most people call me 'that *******' so PP is a bit of an upgrade ;-))
  9. It's soft greens. I played yesterday and the greens were so soft that my balls would move 15-20ft back. When usually they stop within a foot from the pitch mark. I wouldn't worry about it.
  10. It's their giveaways We've met last year and they asked if I'd want a feature - I said hell yeah! During the process we actually decided to do quite a few things together; new driver testing, some ball testing etc... Lol, not sure if you should be getting credit for me saying 'Oh well, that's a tenner gone' every time I hit it OB ;-D
  11. And its here too: https://worldwide.golf/feature/putting-pirate-rules-the-instagram-waves/
  12. So yeah, just wanted to do a little bragging Had a nice interview in a golf mag, some enjoy the read Any comments welcome! http://www.worldwidegolfme.com/magazine/FEB19/index.html?page=42
  13. You can UNPIN btw ;-) as it's long gone! :D
  14. No, the prov/chrome soft etc... practice balls are same as the normal ones, some just have graphics issues. Those are X-Outs not practice. You can see the folks from Titleist confirm that: https://www.titleist.com/teamtitleist/team-titleist/f/golf-balls/11095/what-is-the-true-difference-between-a-pro-v1-and-pro-v1-practice
  15. Definatelly took a few rounds to get used to the new shafts. The first thing you notice is the vibration dampening. Just wow. Try the OTi series, feels and looks the bomb so far.
  16. I ordered practice grade pro v1 at some silly cost like £6/dozen as one of the practice ranges I use you need to hit your own balls and then go pick them up. Apart from the fact that they came not cleaned like normal balls, and have PRACTICE on them they were in MINT condition. To the point that I actually play them when conditions are crap and I don’t have to worry about losing a new ball cause the ground is frozen and you’ll bounce 50 feet in a random direction It’s quite liberating!
  17. Second giveaway out of many more to come!
  18. The pricing will be comparable within few years. And with graphite already outperforming steel but being simply too expensive I would think that the king is dead, and long live the king.
  19. I would think there would be AT LEAST one fitter within 50 miles from any of us, no?
  20. That’s not true. The biggest cost is materials rnd, and most of them are cross use. Tooling and machinery is another one, but as there is a lot more seamless irons shafts than driver ones I think the former would be more expensive. And with graphite iron shafts reaching the $200 mark, and you buying 10 of them at a time and not just one (not to mention seven dreamers at $1200/shaft for entry level) again I think from the manufacturers point of view its not an area they neglect.
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