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  1. haha well the whole channel is just for jokes but here it is
  2. Not at all So my adventure with PXG started literally from the day they announced the clubs. As a massive gear-head I've bought most of the products they released. I'm also quite vocal and opinionated, so every time I'd be happy (or unhappy) with something I'd let them know, they gave me a few points of contact at the company and we've been communicating for a few years now. When the gen 2 irons were coming out - they offered me a fitting literally on the day they were announced and I was able to buy them before they were actually released (they were revealed I think March 15, I
  3. Hey guys, So - the brand is quite controversial so please do keep it as civil as possible :-)) I'm lucky enough to be going to Scottsdale tomorrow to hang out with PXG at Scottsdale National, go through their fitting experience and swing clinics (one is with Suzy Whaley!!) and play with some pros there. I will also have a one-on-one meeting with Bob Parsons - pretty sure you all know who he is So I thought as the brand is spoken a lot about - I can relay some questions to Bob about PXG. Ideally ones that have not been asked yet!! If you have any questions - shoot!
  4. Yeah tho most new offerings with upgraded shafts is running north of $1000 nowadays.
  5. So, new PXG driver spotted.PIC credit to golfWRX. Shape / from the top looks pretty epic IMHO. Thoughts?
  6. So the super car place fixed it. Kind of. They've covered it in carbon for £30 but the rest of it (sanding etc...) has to be done by myself
  7. The only one wasting time seems to be you replying here? The new hybrid was in the bag 2 days after this one cracked. Which was about a month ago. Which doesn't mean that I can't have a go at repairing this one. Or does it in your world? I didn't 'take it apart'. I was checking if its maybe only the paint cracked, and it wasnt. So I removed the plate. Anyway, not sure what the purpose of your reply is. There is a very good quote from Gandhi "speak only when it improves upon the silence". Sometimes when all you want to say is negative, maybe you should say it as a mantra a few ti
  8. But I did think twice about it. Just after thinking about it I guessed it was a good idea :-) I spoke to a company that repairs super cars and they said they can fix it without a problem as they repair carbon on a daily basis :-)
  9. Well, it's a PXG but it's fine; i was very much aware of what I was doing I was wondering if I can have a hybrid with a 'window' ;-) But can't find a material that would fit the requirement
  10. I mean there is a carbon plate on top of new hybrids/woods It should be in where the hole is now
  11. Not sure how it happened, but it did. So as any normal person I took my dremel to it I wonder if someone can replace the carbon plate? Has it been done? Should I hit a few hits without the plate? Or just bin the hybrid?
  12. Yep, been playing the FJ rain glove for a while now... Works quite good. Also got this - https://www.dryhands.comworks quite well too
  13. As the MGS Rangefinder 2018 review came out I thought I will add my 5 cents to it as the one I'm using was not in the comparison. Based solely on looks it's in my opinion the best looking rangefinder out there. Its got 7X magnification, lifetime warranty, its waterproof up to 1M and it's super light. I can only compare it to the Bushnell Tour V4 I was using, and its different. The Pinseeker and Jolt technology on the bushy is amazing, and it took me some time to get used to the pinmaster. But the optics are so much clearer, and the zoom makes it just a little easier to get the dis
  14. Hmmm, on hands or inside the glove? I have used talcum powder before, but it just ruined the glove
  15. So - my hands are super sweaty. Kinda legendary amongst people that know me I'm looking for the best glove for it. Apparently the wet footjoy wetgrip are pretty good but I hate the way the ridge feels on my hand. So I got the ProFLX, titleist Player and those: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjnyXC_hNsY/ Will be posting a long review here, so it's a placeholder for now. If anyone has any more suggestions what I should try, let me know!
  16. I have 500+ rounds with arccos. Usually within a point/two between my arccos and my hcp. As not all my rounds are hcp rounds.
  17. So a few pics from the 'build'. Seems that the sensor was made to be 'taken out' by design, without being cut. But at some point they applied glue to the hinges.
  18. I just actually took one sensor apart, and fitted it under the grip Will update on how / if it works
  19. Hey! Welcome! I also have been playing for a very short time, and let me tell you - if you only have enough time for the correct practice - you will be breaking 80 in no time. Good luck!
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