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  1. Yep yep :-) Ha! :-) I'm a household name already ;-) If the shaft won't perform well - it will find it's way to giveaways on here.
  2. So, another one of my quick reviews. The weather in Europe in Spring is usually quite funny. With it being 27 in the sun, to 11 in the shade, with a shower in between. Then there is my favourite clothing brand - Galvin Green. Their SpringSummer '18 collection is a hit with me, love the waterproofs and interface-1 jackets. "THE JACKET TO WEAR 95 OUT OF 100 ROUNDS" is a bold statement. Considering I clock in 250 rounds a year - it's a tall order. It's a good looking jacket. I put it in my bag weeks ago but it was either cold enough to wear an Insula + Larry Interface-1. Or if i
  3. Possibly the coolest looking shaft I own :-) https://www.instagram.com/p/BhpJYpuhm8n Need to get the tip on and then see what happens!!
  4. Thats the one. Hope that golf pride will make some grips too as I cant go back to normal after my MCC+4s
  5. So... 3rd place at our mini masters. Over 80 people started! First 2 were stolen by high handicappers (everyone was in the same category). I finished with a 4 under. The clubs definitely helped!!
  6. It can get your swing out of position and cause injury... So yeah... it can hurt It's very important to remember to stretch and warm up A LOT before using it. For me it works best as part of gym routine. I do a lot of work on opening hips, rotational cuffs, lower back etc... during gym session and then fit the superspeed training in.
  7. Yea it is. The problem with it is - they are different depths. And don't fit in properly. Your wedge then is longer than your 9iron etc..
  8. I mean it works great on a buggy... Not so much on an electric trolley And the carry bag doesnt go well on either ? so ... lol
  9. That's the CARRY bag. The stand one setup is different. And other way around basically
  10. Say what? How? The putter well is for a putter... I'm pretty sure of that... That's the setup:
  11. So, testing the new callaway superhot now and will be giving core a go.
  12. So, I have to put my cart bag 'the other way' (pockets facing down) on a push trolley... Anyone has the same issue and/or some solution? Cause if I put it in the 'normal way' then my driver is at the bottom, and wedges on top. And it's very annoying to take out etc...
  13. 1. Matt, London, UK ​2. 16, 108 SS 3. PXG 0811X 12 4. G400 SFT [10.0°] Alta CB55 Stiff
  14. I believe the 'shapability' is due to less offset in comparison to the 0311? I may be wrong but that's the only thing that comes to mind..
  15. I've been playing same shaft in the 0311 head for about 2 months now.
  16. So after playing 2 rounds with them today - they are quite a bit longer. I also find it much easier to shape shots. High (I mean they go a lot higher than then 0311), low, left, right. Which I guess will be a drawback for people that lack control of their path/face. You get less punished for missing the sweet spot on the face, that's also a fact. So - all in all - they're a great upgrade. I got around 12-20 yards extra club to club. Which is both good and bad. Some of it is due to more confidence, some of it the tech but I really wasnt looking for distance. Pushes/pulls are smaller
  17. Soooo wasn't expecting the delivery as it's 3 weeks before the official launch I believe it's first set that made it to retail, or one of the. First set in Europe for sure. I will be testing them starting in about 2 hours, and will just post a few pictures :-D https://www.instagram.com/p/Bg56jjwhDSp/?taken-by=puttingpirate
  18. The first set (the one in the pic) I used Project X LZ 5.5 tipped 115g. The set I'm playing now has kbs tour c-taper lite 110g in Stiff. The first ones have been re-gripped about 8/9 times.
  19. Well there was a massive hate train when PXG came out, mostly to do with the price. And the forged steel is soft AF so it's interesting to see they they actually hold up pretty well.
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