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  1. Just saw that Matt is back, on telecasts, Hope it lasts
  2. Great golfer, great career in the booth. Congrats Sir Nick, Continued success.
  3. Was so impressed with the feel and performance of the M Craft 3 , That I put the M Craft 5 in the southern bag. Very good putters, YMMV.
  4. Having putter weights allows for various set up changes that can be beneficial. Its all about choices, fits my needs
  5. Grew up playing blades, cause before CB's, that's all there were. So I have quite a resume on MB's. Today's golfer has lots of choices, but I believe in order to understand MB's, one should play at least one set, and have some experience with them. You will either get along with them, or you won't. They are not magical, nor are they difficult. It is certainly not an idiot purchase, maybe more of a natural progression of your game. Enjoy the journey, enjoy the clubs, At some point, you will probably make another decision, regarding your equipment, it is all about choices. Congratulations on your purchase
  6. Not certain if I consider these game improvement or players distance? That said, they are a good looking iron , Quite a change from the 585's.
  7. I have been playing 6* gapping in my wedges for a few years, Pw 46*, gw 52* ,and sw 58* Between partial swings and full swings, meets all my needs, very well
  8. My Cleveland 58 * is money for all sorts of greenside and bunker shots, its rare if I take a full swing with it, I will use the gap wedge.
  9. How a player fits for or sets up a driver is on the player. I hit some good drives with the rogue sub zero, but opted for the mavrik once it went on sale. I never liked the sound of the rogue. Traded in at Callaway Pre Owned, and purchased the mavrik sub zero. I feel it is a better driver for my needs. As always, YMMV.
  10. Just put the M Craft 3 in the bag, Its been a while since I have had a Mizuno putter. The feel is great. Last Mizuno putter I had was one of the TP Mills collaborations. Opted for the white satin finish, just a nice putter, period. And on the course today, the performance was just impressive. I like this putter better than the new generation Scotty's for 2021, they were in comparison before my purchase. Value and feel went to Mizuno.
  11. I play the RTX 4 in a gap and this does very well, but I have just put a ZipCore 58* full face wedge in the bag . I am impressed with the feel and ease of the Zipcore. Considering upgrading the southern bag with the ZipCore, Very satisfied with the Cleveland wedges.
  12. Have the 58* zipcore full face in play, These perform exceptionally well for greenside and bunker shots. The 9* bounce works surprisingly well from tight lies, very solid performer. Considering this for southern bag update. Great wedge. Its full face grooves, not to large hi toe, hence it is better looking at address, for me.
  13. I have put the 58* ZipCore full face in the bag. Very satisfied with this wedge. Easy to use, great around greenside shots. Very good performing wedge. Worthy of your consideration, if your in the market.
  14. Currently playing the TEE EXS Pro 3 and 5 woods. Extremely versatile woods from fairway and the tee. Compact and full of punch, best describes these woods. Always been a decent fairway player with woods. Tour Edge woods just flat out perform.
  15. I been down this road a decade ago Long drivers are not a new idea, also disagree with dispersion being better, straighter, longer. Whats better is the slices and hooks, lol's
  16. I have moved on, ditched the wristlock. Did not work , this needed more refinement. Its unfortunate, cause I like the idea, or at least the idea in theory.
  17. See many good looking clubs in this category, offering players decent choices. The issue I see, is club availability. Expect some wait time for custom orders.
  18. Never understood why anyone cares what equipment anyone chooses to play. Blades are no harder to play than anything else at a pro level, hence they are practicing, and playing alot. You will get competent with this game and equipment when your swinging day in, day out.
  19. I have had the EXS Pro in play for most of last season, its been a great club. Not certain why anyone would have issues with slices and hooks since it has plenty of adjustability for ball flight. Found this driver goes very straight. Excellent distance , great size at 450 cc's , solid performer , great price. All in all, good value for the money. One of my better buys for equipment
  20. The choice is completely yours, I use the ER2 and the ER5B in two separate bags in two different states. I can tell you that I am completely satisfied with both putters, both perform well for me. Putters are such a personal choice that you can only choose for yourself. Take your time, try them all. You should never make a choice hastily.
  21. The MP32's were ok, I personally preferred the MP29's , followed by the 33's, 37's, 67's , 68's, 4's and the MP5'S. All were great clubs,
  22. I use the evnroll ER2 and the ER5B putters. These work ,period. YMMV, play what works.
  23. I am more of a sweeper or picker, but sometimes when I move the ball back in my stance for wind or chipping, my swing can get a little steep, but the 785's with the v sole works very well. I look at the v sole design as an insurance policy.
  24. Attended on Sunday in 2005. Was everything that I expected. Fantastic venue, was a wet week, and you could still smell the fertilizer, lol's. Food and beverages were a bargain. Very well run tournament, and yes you are their patron and guest. It is what all venues should aspire to be.
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