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  1. I was at a Sub 70 event on Sunday. I overheard some guys talking about your course. They pretty much described River Heights like you did
  2. I play most of my rounds at a club called Redtail in Lakewood Illinois. It’s about 20/25 minutes from my house. It’s more of links style course.The course conditions are very nice. Some nice elevation changes. Distances are fair if you play from the right tees. Greens roll true and are on the quicker side. Quite a few interesting holes. They switch tee boxes around quite a bit. Not just forward or back but also left or right. So you don’t get the same look and have to play holes a little differently depending where they have you teeing up from. A couple of par 4s with island games which makes for some fun decisions depending how confident you are in your swing that day. Staff has always been great. They have a nice driving range with grass and very nice mats when they are needed. Putting green usually matches the greens on the course. Clubhouse is nothing to write home about but hopefully they are breaking ground on a new one soon. Rates are on the lower side for our area. Our group get’s senior memberships for little over $200 and the rate is $36 weekdays and discounted weekend rates.
  3. I have a Tour Edge EXS 220. The ball really jumps off it. I’ve heard some good things about the Sub 70 driver. If it’s anything like the fairway wood I have the ball really comes off that well.
  4. I carry both and a 4w. I’ll use all 3 during the course of a round off the tee. It also helped when I got a properly fitted driver. I went from hitting just under 50 percent of fairways to 63 percent.
  5. Adams made some good irons. I played the Super S fairway woods and they were great. I actually still use the 5w on occasion. I played Adams XTD irons for a while and they were very good. I would be more concerned about what shaft is in the irons. If your swing speed isn’t the fastest and the shafts are stiff they probably won’t perform very well for you. If the shafts are regular I’d probably take a chance on them if the price is right. I’m not as big a club expert as some others but that’s my two cents.
  6. Check out Sub 70. They have very affordable high quality irons. They have sets for all skill levels. They are great people to work with.
  7. If you’re ever in Rochester for a clinic visit or some other reason I found a nice course. It’s called Maple Valley. One of the more scenic courses I’ve been to. Some nice elevation changes. Holes that run along the river. Bluffs all a long the course. Very nice greens. The fairways were a little wet but not too bad. Here’s a couple of photos.
  8. I was interested. Because of my space limitation and needing to hit foam balls so I don’t any damage it’s a no. I checked and was told Orbit will need to be used with a real ball.
  9. Anyone know anything about courses in Rochester. I’ll be there next week and have a day between appointments. The wife is planning on working remotely so I might as well golf.
  10. I have an Optishot. Why. I was planning on a Skytrack but when the basement was finished the space I had for it was tighter than I envisioned. I was a worried about water pipes in the ceiling were too close and furnace and water heater might come into to play. Foam balls seemed necessary. Skytrack seemed kind of expensive to not get very accurate readings with foam balls. Like, information it does give has been helpful. With some work it can simulate your game. Comes with 15 course and driving range. Reads irons really well. Helps me get some golf in during the winter. Dislike, fat shots seem to be penalized but probably not as much as the should be. You get away with thin shots. No launch angle. Having to tape up drivers and woods. Taping works but it’s a pain to tape and untape during the season to get in some at home practice with your gamers. Overall pretty happy with it. I did my research so I knew the strengths and weaknesses. If something comes along that is really works well with foam balls I will definitely look into it. For now I’m good with my Optishot.
  11. I was 3 for 4 but lost Prescott which caused the loss. Kills me he is not going on IR now I’ll have to drop him instead of put him on IR. Slim pickings looking between Winston or Ryan.
  12. Maui Golf Shop is also a good choice for club rentals. They took great care of our group.
  13. That will get me looking at airfares for this winter.
  14. Order a demo of the Sub 70 949X and try that. I just got on a few weeks ago and love it. Not hooky like some hybrids are for me and it has some adjustability which is nice. I think it won best hybrid on this site. They should be able to send you a demo with the weight you want and I know they can build it for you.
  15. It’s only inconvenient for the day. I like knowing that they are taking care of the course. Played at a course with a friend at his course last year. The greens were awful and he said he played there every week and he didn’t ever see the greens punched.
  16. I picked up one of each last week. I have a 4W and a 4H. I played 2 rounds and I’ve had one range session with them. My initial impression is both will be great clubs. The 4W I cannot seem to hit a bad shot with it. I get a nice tight draw with it every time with plenty of distance. The ball just jumps off the face. The distance has been a little more than I hoped for. It works very well even out of the rough with no problem elevating the ball. The hybrid I’m still adjusting too. I was hooking my old one quite a bit so I was swinging the old hybrid a little different to keep it from hooking. I just need to remember to use my normal swing. Again the ball just jumps off the face and it has been mostly straight to slight draws. It is also easy to hit out of the rough with no problem elevating the ball. Distance is also a bit longer than I hoped with the hybrid also. Looks like two more great additions to my bag from Sub 70.
  17. Princeville will be a drive to get to depending on the time off day. The Ocean course has the most ocean views in Hawaii if I remember right. Princeville also has nice views. I think Princeville is the nicer course but not by a lot. Don’t skip Wailua it is a really a nice course with some great holes.
  18. Here’s pictures of my 4w and 4h I just got this week if you need a picture fix. I have one round and range session and the results have been postitive so far.
  19. I have a set of my dad’s old irons. Nothing big name. they’re Cleveland Quad Pros. Not the longest but they sure do get the ball up in the air easily. I try to play them once or twice a year.
  20. I got the call this afternoon and drove to Sycamore and picked them up. Only a 25 minute drive so why wait for shipping. One day before the old 60th. My wife finagled me a round at the local country club tomorrow for my birthday so they’ll get workout.
  21. I’m jealous. Still waiting for my email.
  22. I was in between and they hard stepped my irons. This makes the shaft just a little bit stiffer. They basically take a PW shaft and put it in a 9 iron and work down from there. It works well for me. It gives me that extra little stiffness with a lighter shaft. This has helped my accuracy quite a bit.
  23. The 949x 4 wood with the Sub 70 Project x shaft and the 949x 4 hybrid with the same shaft. I’m hoping to have them by my birthday next week.
  24. Going through the same thing. Went in and got fitted for a hybrid and fairway wood last week. I live close to them so as soon as I get the email I’m on my way. I check my email maybe twice a day but it’s a little more now even though it’s just over a week. I’m hopeful too.
  25. It depends what you want to spend. Some very nice but pricey options are Kapalua and Wailea courses They are very nice but will cost you. A couple of more affordable options that are pretty nice are Maui Nui and Pukalani. Pukalani used to offer pretty low rates on Thursdays. The Maui Golf shop is a good place to rent clubs and they can get you deals on tee times. I don’t have any experience with some of the other courses on the island. Oh and try to play in the morning. Afternoons can get pretty windy.
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