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  1. Well it's been a month. I took off a few weeks fighting some foot ailments (brought on by golfing too much lol) Anyways, I played a local 9 hole par 35 last weekend here in Austin and aced hole 4!! Shot even par!! (granted it's a short course but it's not that short) Today I played a course I hate more than anything. It's an open Links style course called Roy Kizer. Put up a respectable 83! My confidence since that round last week has been through the roof. So to all you grinders out there looking to better your game by hitting the range 5x a week and sneaking in rounds as ma
  2. If they went back to Sergio, they could offer $5000 dollar shopping sprees to anyone who signed up if he wins a Major this year.
  3. Golf Galaxy, Amazon.com and Golfsmith all have these at 39.99 I was going to buy some but I found the Cally Tour i/iX at Golf Galaxy for 29.99 a box. Good deal.
  4. Too add to this, I didn't like the fact that it's a utility/hybrid with a FW wood headshape (although smaller than most FW woods) I prefer my hybrids in the teardrop or smaller headshape. I for some reason had a hard time hitting it clean off the mat. It worked out great off the tee. It's pretty interesting though, for it being a newer TM club with unique technology, it hasn't gotten much fanboy press.
  5. He really plays a TM wood?
  6. I hit it at the outdoor Golfsmith range when I was shopping 3 woods and hybrids. They had a used one for a great price at Gsmith compared to the new price. However, I opted for the newer Cobra Baffler and the Nike Dymo 3w. I was much more consistent and confident with those two clubs.
  7. @TWShoot67 I think you're kind of missing the point of my question. I believe at least 2 different people here have provided you numerous examples of companies who are doing this. That's not to say I care in the least why they're delofting clubs. My question was why they're delofting their iron sets and not offering standard "strong" gap and sand wedges. Seriously dude, it doesn't matter if they're doing this to blades or super game improvement Big Berthas. If you could get past the fact that this is only being done for game improvement irons, you might actually realize that game i
  8. So, after looking at a number of iron sets, and seeing the PW in the last 3 years or so work it's way down to a 45*, why haven't the big name wedge companies like Cleveland, Vokey, etc started stocking stores with 50 degree Gap wedges and 55 degree sandwedges to keep the distance gap in line? For instance, if I wanted a 55 degree Vokey, I'd most surely have to order it, even if I walked into a big name golf shop. Back when PW's were 48, it was (and still is) much easier to find a 52, 56 and 60. (that say a 50, 55, and 60) I know a lot of boutique wedge companies make them (hell, almo
  9. Yah, I suppose it could be viewed that way. I just really love the game. The good shots that bring me back to it. The rounds where I feel like I'm playing well purely on confidence. Maybe it is time for a break.
  10. So, to try and keep this short and sweet. I learned how to swing a club on my own, on a soccer field by my house about 2 years ago this month. I started with a sand wedge and PW and slowly grooved a swing by watching videos and reading about the grip, setup, plane, etc. I gradually worked my way into my scoring irons and then mid and long irons. (ie. learning the game from green to tee) One thing I never took any time with was my driver/3 wood. As of this month, I play to about a 15 handicap. Now, the problem is, in the last 3 or so months, I've been playing golf 3 times a week.
  11. I never "trade-in" clubs. Ever. 99% of the time you're being taken to the cleaners and in this day and age, it's just as easy to offload them to people who will actually use them and appreciate getting a good deal. I resell clubs on BST forums or Craigslist. Sometimes eBay. I've always at least made an attempt to get every dollar back on my stuff that I can, which I then apply towards the new stuff. I had a mint condition (see: unplayed) Titleist 905 driver with a brand new GS YS6+ shaft in it with headcover and Golfsmith said they could give me 15 dollars for it. They hav
  12. I have a really hard time hitting fairway woods off the turf when the fairways aren't plush (dead, wilted, barren, etc) I usually pull my Cobra 2H and try to get a ball as close as possible to the green. I get about 220 out of the Cobra. Which is usually enough to get on or close to most of the par 5s I play from the blue (mid tees) If I'm playing a 500+ yd par 5, it puts me in the 50-85 yd range and the strength of my game is my wedges. So I pretty much always step on the gas on par 5s.
  13. When is Nike ever going to drop the two ugliest colors in golf clubs? Red and yellow? I mean seriously, I can't take it anymore. Can we just one golf club thats black, gray, silver?
  14. The Titty 755 forged CBs are most definitely a great budget players iron. I
  15. LOL This is huge news. Honestly though, I could care less. No matter who he goes with, he'll be able to roll out his "Fine Milled Putters" under another corporate conglomerate's name without any problems. And all the putters in the closet might give me more spending money. Win/win I suppose.
  16. I can't stand gigantic putters like that. Totally throw me off.
  17. To JD's credit, Feinstein or whatever that guys name was listed his phone number in the article he wrote initially. I read the article the day it came out and his phone number was at the bottom. As far his game goes, I think if he could just make his birdie and par putts he wouldn't be in the slump he's in.
  18. As of today, Ping and the USGA have reached an agreement to do away with the Eye2 grandfather clause. The start date is March 29th.
  19. I wouldn't call those Super GIs by any standard. Try some players irons if you get a chance.
  20. lol that's what TM does with every product in all of their lines. 1. Design something new. (we'll call it the R11) 2. Hype the R11 up for 6 months. 3. Spend 6 months developing upgrade for R11 which isn't even on shelves yet. (see: add 2 weights to it and call it R11 Limited) 4. Release R11 to market. 5. 2 weeks after the release, put the R11 Limited out. A month after that put the R11 400cc out. 3 months later, blow the masses minds with the R11 TriQuad. (300cc driver, with 4 weights)) 6. Continue to re-release unnecessary revisions of your the R11 until people couldn't te
  21. Yah, I guess, but maybe I'm just jaded. Who knows hah. Really though. Don't you agree that if you're going to be a putter (and accessories) collector, that you should at least be a decent putter or golfer in general. The guy with the thousand dollar custom fitted fine tuned Circle T who can't break into the 80s blows me away. I wonder if that guy ever asks himself "Wow. Why did I buy this? I still sally them 6 ft short whether I use a Walmart special or a Hand-folded Damascus steel that was superheated in lava and then quenched in angel tears."
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