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  1. I’m 54 and replaced my traditional 5 iron with PXG X 18 degree driving iron. It’s been very good for me. It’s fun.
  2. Dont think I could not be part of a club. Ability to play whenever I want even if after work I just want to carry for 9 holes and practice my game. Nice driving range, chipping area, bunkers. It’s nice. Meeting new friends. Networking for work. Playing rounds with my club pro, on course learning,, trying new things. Have a nice place after round to shower, have a nice meal, relax. Fun tournaments. I love many of the muni courses near my home and still occasionally get out to play. I think the biggest reason I joined a club was time. My time. I got tired of trying to book tee times at various courses, Driving here, driving there. It became an all day affair for me. My club is literally in my backyard so for me personally its time. Being able to take clients, family, friends who are not members for rounds. It’s good.
  3. Looking forward to seeing and testing the new release.
  4. Staying with Gen 4 for now, let the dust settle with this release. Not spending that kind of money PXG will list them at first. I like the look though and curious about the tech going into them. More in the details to follow I'm sure coming.
  5. Thanks. My #'s with Gen 4 were so good I hate to say against Srixon (and all others) that I think I'll stick with them for now and let Gen 5 run its course and hopefully come down in price when time is right. With gas being $6 gallon now I don't need the extra expense. Thank you!
  6. When do Gen 5 release anyone know? I’m on fence with these or srixon zx 5 & 7 and need to decide. Thanks.
  7. Looking forward to the release!
  8. I personally preferred the Gen 4 over the 790’s because it has a thinner top line but that’s just me.
  9. MGS typo. Reading 4/1 release.
  10. Saw the PXG Gen 5 Irons on USGA Conforming List! They look nice. Reading 4/1 release? Looking forward to MGC review sooner than later.
  11. Depends on how many rounds. I play over 100 year so every year for me. Check your spin #’s at club champion or pga store.
  12. look very nice and looking forward to testing against SM9 and Mizuno
  13. Testing these along w PXG and others next week. Looking forward to results.
  14. I posted in another thread here on putters and putter fittings. I went through the Club Champion putter fitting few years ago. I play a Scotty Mallet which I've customized nicely for me and after going through the routine i was told I should be playing a Blade style putter based on my swing, head angle, etc. I kept my Scotty, didn't change over to a Blade however, I will say, every time I miss a putt it plays games with my mind every time now thinking I should change to a Blade style. I also have recently tried Bettinardi Blade style putters and have to say I love the feel a lot better than my current Scotty. The problem is, now, if I make the investment and change over, I have no idea if it will make a difference on the course to help me drain more putts. Its torture especially now in the offseason here. Brutal.
  15. I too went through a CC putter fitting few years ago. Was told I should be playing a Blade putter over my current Mallet based on my stroke, angle, etc. I havent changed over (yet) because I spent some money years ago customizing my Scotty which I do like but the problem now is every time I miss a putt I start playing mind games with myself thinking I should change over to the a Blade style putter. I would tell anyone out there, if you go through this putter fitting process wherever you go, be warned.....lol. I recently tried some Bettinardi putters and have already fallen in love with many of them for the feel over Scotty. This is terrible..... Has anyone here gone through a CC putter fitting or any other fitting, changed over to a different style putter than what you've played because of it and has it made a drastic improvement in your putting? I'm curious.
  16. Many wedges out there better than Vokey...
  17. Looking forward to comparing feel and distance of these irons against my MP 20's.
  18. I've been playing Mizuno MP20's for about 2 years now and absolutely love the feel/look of the clubs. My only complaint having gone through a pretty good season of tournaments with them, I'm tired of getting punished by distance lost if I don't hit the club pure every time. That being said, having tested a wide range of brands side by side I've come to conclusion that most of the latest and greatest out there, they all feel really good. I could use a little more forgiveness now and then along with benefiting from a slightly hotter face/club. I recently tried the new P790, a club I never ever thought I'd remotely be interested in whatsoever. Even my pro said forget it. After hitting them I could not believe the distance gains, forgiveness and feel of them. I even went so far to try PXG Gen 4 0311, a club/brand I just couldn't see moving to coming off of Mizuno. I was shocked at how well, far I was hitting them and loved the feel as well. I'm now contemplating a step down move. Perhaps P790 in 5-7 irons, P7 MC's in 8-PW as a combo if doable. Lots of options to consider and tinker with during my "offseason" here in Northeast. I've come to accept the fact as I'm getting older (yet still maintaining my single digit hcp) going with more forgiveness and hotter faces is not a bad thing. Its all about getting ball in hole with less strokes. I think the hardest most challenging thing is going to be the rest of my bag now. Already some manufacturers are starting to throw out teasers on the 2022 releases and the tech coming out looks sick across the board. Utility woods like Callaway has are throwing a wrench in things on how to now use them and properly gap the bag. Fairway woods as well. Callaway about to release new Rogue line which been told is super hot. Isn't it nice we have the tech available to us to use. I will certainly try the new 221's to compare look, feel, gains if any. Its going to be really hard to pass my MP20's to someone else but the tech thats out there now is just so good, its hard to ignore how one's game could improve with a little added help.
  19. Maybe I'm missing something, has anyone seen an online review from either Shields/Crossfield or TXG on PXG Gen 4 irons? If none out there curious as to why.
  20. in4par

    Callaway 2022

    Pics of the new Rogue already up. Looks nice. Matte heads which I like. I'm more curious on their 2022 irons specifically the X Forged CB line or even the Apex TCB line. I hit the TCB and felt they could go in the bag but don't want to pull trigger on anything yet if new release are coming. I believe the TCB was released back in 2020. PGA show I know, always interesting however I find they don't usually start dropping new products until late March for the 2022 season depending on where you live.
  21. Curious to know if any rumblings if possible new iron releases for 2022 coming from callaway
  22. We certainly shall see. When is the embargo lifted so we can see some reviews in english? Gotta be soon.
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