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  1. They look tremendous and looking forward to testing against my MP 20's. I've been told they feel more solid but unsure how to take that. Numbers don't lie. Would definitely combo the 223 6 & 7 and then 221 8-PW. HMB in a 5 iron but I'm still searching for that perfect feeling, flying easy to hit off the deck 5 iron so who knows. I'll play around with that and look at the numbers. The T22 wedges are drool material and ditching Vokey for good. I think Club Champion gets these in hand to test and perhaps order through fitting on 12/6 which isn't far away now. I absolutley love this.....
  2. in4par

    Club Ideas

    Anytime! These were all really great ideas, thank you all for replying. Quality. Have a good weekend. Cheers.
  3. in4par

    Club Ideas

    These are all great ideas thank you. The craft beer tournament I love that one. Thanks
  4. in4par

    Club Ideas

    Nice. We don't have pool. Nice tennis, paddle and 18 hole course
  5. Not sure if this is the correct section to post, forgive me if not. I recently became member at a club and am newly on the "activities committee." They've asked me to come up with new ideas to start new family events, children events and adult oriented events. Looking for some input if anyone has them as to things that have worked well at their clubs if possible. One idea thats been circulating has been a parent/child putting contest. Thanks for your time.
  6. Sorry, so no new irons slated for release in near future? If so, this is fine by me. I seriously don't want to be banging my head against a wall after making this type of investment.
  7. That video is tremendous. With all the money he's made he obviously does something right. Tremendous.
  8. But the other club manufacturers don't appear to be making money. Look at their numbers specifically golf Club sales. The other issue is performance. All the new technology is no different from the old. Just like parsons mentions. All I'm pointing out is everyone puts down pxg due to their cost but yet people who have pxg swear by them. Never mind. I never should have thrown my hat into this ring. There's an old saying, “you can't teach stupid”.
  9. I'm in the middle of being fit for pxg 0311 irons. I've played ap2 for many many years. I was really looking forward to the new 718 ap2 I demod them for 1 1/2 hrs on trackman. Zero difference in numbers from my old to new. Zero. Feel and look at address exactly the same as old ap2. I then pivoted to pxg 0311. I didn't see a significant difference in distance but I did have more distance overall 6 iron to 6 iron. The feel for me was softer and me personally better. I decided pxg was direction I wanted to go in. I did this back in September. I also set up a pxg piggy bank and saved enough now to buy them which is what I'm doing. If you read about the company on LinkedIn or Facebook I really love the vibe and direction of the company. Lots of ex ping employees and u Arizona, asu and duke graduates. Company is supposedly going to post it made little over $100 million last year 2017. They have roughly 100 employees now. Everything being pumped out of the Scottsdale area of az. Is parsons arrogant? I don't think so. I think he's honest. How is it possible that every other club manufacturer prices all the same. How is that possible. You can walk into golf galaxy right now and compare every other players iron and they're literally all the same price. How is that possible. How is it possible that at these price points every other manufacturer is really coming out with something better and different every 2 years? Case in point, me w the new ap2. Parsons is totally right.
  10. Has this been confirmed because I too am on the cusp of pulling trigger on new 0311's.
  11. I will. Oh and you couldn't pay me to play Taylormade. Thanks
  12. Does anyone know when or if pxg might release new irons that replaces the 0311's? Thanks.
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