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  1. So weird. I have some bonus money burning a hole in my pocket. But when I started thinking about what new shiny toys I want I can't think of anything. My bag is practically new top to bottom. And the items that are not new I don't want to replace yet. Besides, I am usually the guy who procrastinates on a purchase and then I pull the trigger about a week before the next model is announced. So I don't want to do that again.

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  2. Though I probably wouldn't buy one myself, if given an option to get one for free I'd probably look at the Sim2 based upon all of the hype. Shaft would be either a Project X (not sure which) or UST Mamiya since those are the ones I know and have in my bag already.

  3. On 2/18/2021 at 12:03 AM, Buffly said:

    I agree. The Warrior stuff I have tried is on par with Walmart store clubs. Anything from the big 3 and little 3 is way better. 


    I played with a guy once who had a whole bag of Warrior clubs, and a Warrior bag! For his sake I hope he worked for them. 😆

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  4. Warrior was and or is scam, can't return and get money back, many have stated that. Sounds to good to be true, it usually is.

    I got a “free” 60° wedge from Warrior several years ago that was a piece of crap. I avoided them after that.

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  5. Looks nice! Let us all know what you think after it does get a chance to get out.
    I see you have an HL4 iron-wood .. I'd tried, and sorta liked but them sorta dumped, two I'd tested. Was taking a look at the new E521 i-w...
    ("club ho"? what is a "club ho"? }

    Today I finally got to swing the E521 hybrid for the first time. I only used it on 3 holes and I went out cold, no warmup. I am a naturally short hitter and my first two attempts came up short, but the 3rd was pin high. The good news is, it seems really easy to hit and I hit the ball straight with it. It is very light though, and shorter than I thought it would be.

    Beautiful club. Even with the weird white shaft. The sock headcover is nice.

    As for the HL4 ironwoods, I only had those because I could not hit hybrids. Now that I have hybrids I can hit, the 5 has been replaced.

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  6. I received my first Mullybox since I renewed. Not too impressed this time around. A money clip (?), and a scorecard holder that I won't use. I don't usually carry cash and I use my app to keep score. A pretty decent Mullybox cap, their usual bag of tees that I also don't use and two sleeves of Vice Drive which I kind of like. 

    I have gotten some really cool items from them in the past which I use regularly, so I'll give it another month or two to see if the swag gets better.

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