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  1. I played OKAY today. Nothing to brag about. Played 9 after work, no warmup. I did hit some decent shots, but could have played better. My putter is still solid, so I feel good about that.

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  2. My Dad joined the Navy as soon as he was 18, in 1943 .. and found himself waaaay out in the Pacific .. quite a change for a Bronx boy! He was just a ship's mate / mechanic but did spend some time on a carrier - one funny story i remember is they got called away from working on something on deck to go fix the Admiral's freezer before his ice cream melted..!

    Sounds like me, except I was a bit older and it was in the 1980s. Left the Bronx and ended up in the Pacific.

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  3. I was on the webiste of (our big box store up here in Canada ) Golftown  and looking at the  Titleist TS driver.
    Are you sitting down for this --- $660 CAD.   
    Are you friggin kidding me???
    is there going to be a point where we as consumers say  " Enough is Enough". These prices arre getting out of hand.

    If I ever buy one of these I guarantee it will be new, about 3 years from now when it’s on closeout and going for $199.00 or less.

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  4. I shot 35/40 - 75 on a par 59 executive course. My personal best. Birdied hole #1 and the rest of the day was almost as good. Many solid putts and tee shots. The new swing is finally coming around.

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  5. I am playing an entirely different game than most folks here. There’s no way I am spending anywhere near the coin that the major OEMs are charging. My no name clubs were bought brand new and I got a static fitting at no additional charge. Good enough for me. Maybe in the future I’ll buy a 2 or 3 year old name brand driver on closeout, but that’s about it.

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  6. I'm a high handicapper as well. I use my long irons and hybrids interchangeably depending on the situation or the day. For instance if the ball in in the first cut or sitting high in the rough - I'll always take out my hybrid. With my 26 I generally get about 155, with the 22 about 165-170.

    What's interesting is that some days I hit my long irons better than the hybrids and vice versa. Next year's project is working on hybrid consistency

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    For the reason you stated above I am keeping the 4 iron and 4 hybrid in my bag. The 3 hybrid is still really problematic though.

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  7. I still have yet to own/play a hybrid.  I've hit a few now and then, but they don't seem to offer me much - at least from what I observe at the range.  I look at these much like "switch rods" in fly fishing.  They attempt to get the best of both ends of the performance/application scale, but IMO, seem only to find something not far from the middle.  I do play a couple of guys who really like them, but they are pretty high handicap players who really struggle with long irons.

    You make a good point. I am a high handicapper, and I’ve spent this year struggling with my various hybrids more than I ever did with a 3 iron. At some point it may be necessary to just get another 3 iron and bench the hybrids for good.

    That may be my project for 2019.

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  8. I just received a 7 wood yesterday, and if it works out the 3h is getting benched again. Stubbornly I want to keep working with the hybrid until I figure it out. But solidifying that spot in the bag takes priority.




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  9. I played okay today on the local exec course - 3,120 yds.

    The putter was on fire! I also hit the driver okay on the few holes it was needed. The one hole that I hit the 3 wood off the tee didn’t go so well. But I was able to finally hit my 4 hybrid off the tee.

    The 3 hybrid is still a work in progress. At the range I nail it now, which wasn’t true a month ago. But hitting from dead center of the fairway today on a perfect lie I managed to shank it right into the rough - twice. So back in the bag for a while.

    I hit several good approach shots with various irons, so that is encouraging. And I got out of trouble fairly well today too. Only 2 blowup holes in 18 is an improvement.

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  10. Having just gotten back into the game I was not about to drop $500 on ONE club. And since I prefer not to go used I went the clone route.



    I don’t need the latest and greatest.



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  11. I see golf and skiing as similar "sports" .... not to say both are 'rich' sports but you typically find more people in higher income brackets than lower ones doing both.
    There are a few requirements to play.
    1. you need clubs, a bag and golf balls and some tees. (the rest is supplementary - rangefinder/gps/glove/ballmarker/training aids..etc.)
    2. you need a tee time
    3. you need a golf/collared shirt
    Those are the bare minimum.  that's it.  Pull cart, golf cart, golf shoes, hat, all of that other crap is extra; sure it makes the game easier/more enjoyable but they aren't required.
    You can find a set of clubs at garage sales/ebay/craigslist/goodwill for cheap.  I mean less than 100 bucks; hell, my bro-in-law found a complete set in a dumpster that he played with...including the bag.
    You can get a golf shirt online for 10 or 15 bucks.
    You can get a tee time for 18 holes, walking on golfnow for 35 or less.
    You can play in a pair of old tennis shoes.
    You can wear ratty cargo shorts with tube socks.
    It's relatively cheap to get started playing golf....the problem is you start falling in love with the game and then it gets expensive.... [emoji16]

    Agreed. The longer you play the more expensive it can get. If you love the game you’ll eventually want to upgrade your gear. If you start playing really well on your local muni you may want to see how you’ll do on a really nice course. Etc., it can start to get pricey. But once you at least have the minimum in gear it doesn’t have to be too expensive.

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  12. More I’m delving into golf. The more I sense this is a Richer man’s game. The lessons   Equipment membership yearly  is really tallying up. And I rarely read on about public bare bones golfers . All about the biggest and best .  On average I’ve been spending  little over a grand a month on golf this season . 
    No one can convince me that anyone making under 40$ thousand a year can make golf a hobby. One needs almost a six figure income to take golf seriously 

    That seems to be true, for the most part. But it also depends on where you live. If you are fortunate to live in an area with a lot of muni courses it can be fairly affordable. You don’t have to play with the most expensive gear either. That being said, the areas with plenty of courses are probably also more expensive to live in. So it can be tough, but not impossible. Just don’t expect to be joining a private club.

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