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  1. Nothing very specific, but I usually blow up early - in the first 3 or 4 holes. Then it's usually down hill. When I get through the first 3 or 4 holes at no worse than bogey I tend to have a decent round. At least until I begin to get fatigued a bit late on the back 9.



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  2. I just got back to playing after nearly 20 years away, and I can't believe I stayed away so long. I love it as much or more than I did back in the 80s and 90s, when I was much younger and stronger. But I appreciate the game more now.


    This last year has been great and I believe I am back for good now. In spite of some of the more frustrating rounds or periods when my swing goes sideways.



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  3. Who on here completely revamped their golf swing and destroyed their golf game. Either from recommendations of a teaching pro. Or over tinkering on ones own.

    That's me right now. I am working with a coach who changed my swing and I am still struggling after several months.


    I want to believe it's just a matter of time before it will turn around. But it's difficult.



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  4. I just retired my 4 hybrid and replaced it with a 4 iron. I just had no consistency with it. Hopefully it was just that club, and maybe I'll find one that better suits my game. But for now I'll stick with the iron.



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  5. Do you hit your 3 wood or 5 wood okay? If so,

    Have you checked into a 7 wood which would have 21 or 22 degrees of loft.

    Many people struggle with hybrids and long irons.

    I don't have a 5 wood, and I can only hit my 3 wood off the tee. Yes I have considered maybe trying a 7 wood, but I am trying to not buy any more clubs this year.



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  6. Is anyone else gaming the HL3 Ironwood? And if so how do you like it? I bought the 3iw hoping it would replace my 3h, which I just can't hit. Problem is the iw is not much better. I suspect it's just operator error, but right now it is just taking up space in my bag.





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  7. I had such a struggle with my 4 hybrid that I got a 4 iron, which I hit slightly better. If I can figure out my hybrid though I'll probably drop the 4i from my bag.



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  8. I stick with the $20.00/dz and under balls that are considered decent. This year my goal was to play a variety to figure out which will be my regular gamer. So I have a mix of K-Sig 3 and 4 piece, OnCore Avant and Caliber, Cut, Snell, Srixon SoftFeel and the Top Flite The Bomb. The Snell Get Sum is a really nice budget ball.


    By the time I use up my current stock it'll be 2019 and I'll probably choose one brand to stick with at that time.



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  9. I bought a few single Volvik Vivid balls to try them out because I liked the matte finish. But I didn't like them. Aside from losing them in less than 3 holes they never felt right off my clubs.



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