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  1. I had such a struggle with my 4 hybrid that I got a 4 iron, which I hit slightly better. If I can figure out my hybrid though I'll probably drop the 4i from my bag.



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  2. I stick with the $20.00/dz and under balls that are considered decent. This year my goal was to play a variety to figure out which will be my regular gamer. So I have a mix of K-Sig 3 and 4 piece, OnCore Avant and Caliber, Cut, Snell, Srixon SoftFeel and the Top Flite The Bomb. The Snell Get Sum is a really nice budget ball.


    By the time I use up my current stock it'll be 2019 and I'll probably choose one brand to stick with at that time.



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  3. I bought a few single Volvik Vivid balls to try them out because I liked the matte finish. But I didn't like them. Aside from losing them in less than 3 holes they never felt right off my clubs.



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  4. Below is a Press Release from Big Max Golf regarding the launch of it's new Golf Bag line



    attachicon.gifBIG MAX USA 2018 Bags v2.jpg



    #1 European golf bag brand, BIG MAX, launches AQUA and DRI LITE technology in U.S. market.

    BIG MAX, Europe's most owned Push Cart brand and #1 European Golf Bag brand, is launching its award winning technology to the U.S. market. With five great looking designs across two award winning technologies – AQUA and DRI LITE - BIG MAX golf bags are set to make a huge impact when they arrive at retail this June.


    The technology underpinning the AQUA line is the new DROP STOP system that guarantees the bags are 100% waterproof. Using waterproof fabric with unprecedented waterproof rating of over 10.000mm*, sealed seams and specially designed Japanese waterproof zippers, the AQUA range delivers an unrivalled level of design and waterproofing using ultra-lightweight, tear resistant and washable materials.


    DRI LITE technology delivers a washable, water resistant golf bag that is the equal of what most brands in the market call ‘Waterproof'. Most other brands would call DRI LITE waterproof, but with the time and expertise taken to ensure the AQUA range is 100% waterproof, BIG MAX are happy to call DRI LITE water resistant, knowing it will keep all but the wettest, winter days at bay.


    With two award winning technologies at the heart of the construction, each bag in the series is strong, stylish, waterproof and washable. And with a range of excellent features combined with a unique, cool Euro look and feel the new BIG MAX line is the complete package.


    The AQUA Sport 2 is the second generation of BIG MAX's most successful cart bag. With a 14-way, 9.5-inch organizer top, full length dividers, 7 spacious pockets, oversize putter well for large grips and weighing in at just over 5 lbs, the Sport 2 is a leader in the field of practicality. To further enhance its waterproof capability the Sport 2 also has a clear rain hood with dual zips giving easy access from either side. A host of neat features like dual strap and umbrella positions, holders and accessory storage options finish off the practical features on this stylish new addition to the BIG MAX AQUA line.

    The AQUA Wave is a stylish, lightweight, and 100% waterproof stand bag. The Wave's 8 ½” top extends into 4 full length dividers, while its 6 waterproof pockets, air channel straps and ultra-light weight of just over 4lbs make the bag a hugely practical and colorful addition to any golfer's gear.

    The AQUA Ocean is a 100% waterproof, compact stand bag that has space to spare and weighs just 3 ¾ lbs. With an oversize top the Ocean is designed for ease of use and with 5 waterproof pockets has plenty of storage options. Practical features such as glove, towel and umbrella holder, combined with space for a full set of clubs mean this stylish bag allows golfers to travel and play without compromise.


    DRI LITE Active offers practical solutions to all a golfers storage needs in a stylish, water resistant package. A 9 ½“, 14 way top and an oversize putter well to fit the largest grips will keep all a golfers clubs in order, while 9 pockets, including fully waterproof valuables pocket, glove, dual umbrella positions and towel holder will pack away even the most well equipped golfers' gear with ease. Ultra-lightweight at well under 5 lbs and available in a range of stylish colour combinations, the DRI LITE Active looks great and delivers on the course.

    DRI LITE G is a full-size stand bag that belies its capacity with a weight of less than 4 ½ lbs. A 14-way divider separates the 9” top giving plenty of room for a full set of clubs. An air channel strap for breathability across the back enhances comfort for the carrier while leg lock enables the ‘G' to be perfectly stable on a cart. 7 pockets along with DRI LITE technology finish off the practical features and a fantastic price make it a great buy for those carrying with a full set of gear.


    *Hydrostatic testing of waterproof fabric gives a mm per 24 hours rating. This refers to the amount of rainfall a fabric can withstand in a single day. Thus, a 10,000mm waterproof rating means the garment can withstand 10,000mm of rainfall in a single day without letting moisture in.

    AQUA Sport 2 - $299.99, available in Black/silver, Charcoal/Black/Red, Silver/Black/Cobalt, Red/Black/Silver, Navy/Black/Silver

    AQUA Wave – $249.99 available in Black, Red, Yellow, White/Orange, Petrol

    AQUA Ocean – $179.99, available in Black/Red, Red/Black

    DRI LITE Active - $229.99, available in White/Red, Charcoal/Fuchsia, Navy/Black/Silver, Black/Red

    DRI LITE G - $199.99, available in White/Orange, Navy/Silver, Silver/Black/lime, Charcoal/Black/Orange, Black/Red

    For more information on the BIG MAX bag line visit www.us.bigmaxgolf.com or follow socially:


    Twitter: @BIGMAXGOLF

    Insta@ @BIGMAX.GOLF


    About BIG MAX

    BIG MAX has been Europe's #1 push cart brand for over 15 years following the unprecedented success of the world's first 3 wheel push cart the Ti1000. Available in virtually every country that plays golf, BIG MAX is a name that has become associated with quality and innovation. It's most recent advancement, Fold Flat technology, has seen BIG MAX pioneer push carts that fold down completely flat, in some cases to less than 5” deep. BIG MAX has furthered its reputation for innovation with its AQUA and DRI LITE technology that in the last quarter of 2017 matched BIG MAX push carts by becoming #1 waterproof golf bag brand in continental Europe.

    The url for their site doesn't work.



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  5. Hi All,


    I bought the Snell Black based on reviews. I haven't had a chance to play with them yet, but I've also read good things about the OnCore Elixar. They are similarly priced. Do you think it makes sense for me to pick up a dozen of the Elixar before I try the Snell? Or see if I like the Snell, and if I do, just buy more of those. I am really liking the idea of using only a direct to consumer ball now, or something not from the big companies, like an OnCore ball. Thanks!

    I have been trying out the low end balls from both companies and they both work for me. The Snell Get Sum and On Core Avant.


    It may be worth your while to try them both just to see which you prefer.



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  6. I currently have up through a 4i. I gamed a hybrid for a while, but I recently got a driving iron. It goes dead straight every time and it is super predictable. So... hybrid is out. Seems like a lot of people are making the switch to DIs now.


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    I have no 5w and I replaced my 3 hybrid with an ironwood, which actually works much better for me. If the new 4 iron works out the hybrids will go away.





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  7. Funny that you would bring this up. My irons came with no 3 or 4 iron so I just used my 3 and 4 hybrids. Unfortunately I just can't hit the 4 hybrid with any consistency. So I just got the 4 iron that matches my set. First time hitting it on the range was yesterday. But I'm confident I'll have better luck with it than I do with the hybrid.



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  8. The Top Flite “The Bomb” is actually a decent ball. But I also have 2 boxes of Top Flite XLs I need to get rid of. So I'm in.



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    I plan to play 9 tomorrow with Top Flite XL yellow rocks.



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  9. I bought their sampler pack a while back. One sleeve each of their Red, Whit Grey and Blue balls.


    I have heard good things about the Blue and Grey, so I decided to start at their low end and work my way up. The 2-piece surlyn Red was garbage. A rock I couldn't hit. The White ball is playable and I have yet to try the Blue and Grey.



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  10. I'm not opposed to any other brands besides the two I mentioned. I'm just looking for a ball that performs well in all aspects. I just don't want to pay $50 for a dozen balls. I refuse!



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    I play the OnCore Avant and they work well for me.



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  11. ... Let me say I appreciate marketing and think most of us are adult enough to read between the lines and interpret most marketing claims. For instance the F8 driver says "Our first fully machined driver face is CNC MILLED to create our thinnest, hottest and most precise face ever. Innovative technologies deliver our highest level of performance with precision milling". Is it better than previous faces? No doubt but how much better and will it effect your performance or scores? Maybe and maybe not but it sure got me interested enough to demo one. I think most of us fall into the category of "that sounds interesting and I am gonna have to hit one". I will never understand the complaining about marketing, and if you read the above again with a critical eye, Cobra promises you absolutely nothing with this new face. Here is what some would evidently rather see judging by their complaints about OEM marketing:



    Hypeless Golf Company's new golf clubs are no better or worse than the clubs you are currently playing. Spin is more or less depending on your skill and ball striking ability. Trajectory is what it is, meaning too high for some and too low for others. If you hit Hypeless in the dead center it will perform as good as your swing path, face angle and swing speed allows. If you mishit a Hypelessclub toward the toe or heel it will be better than a MB, worse than a SGI and about the same as your current players or GI club. All Hypeless clubs are made form metal or maybe some other material that in the end is like all other metal or other material for performance. Hypeless understands the need for a quality shaft and we have done exhaustive research and testing to find the shaft that fits the widest range of golfers which mean it has a very good chance of not fitting our swing at all. Hypeless is not Hipless and understands many want sexy clubs (which we actually find quite humorous) and even though there is certainly no such thing as "sexy golf clubs" we have left no stone unturned to bring you colors for the heads, shafts and grips that get you off Porn.com and out on the course.


    All of this comes at a price that is higher than some and lower than others and we feel that combining everything Hypeless offers, this is a deal you will probably pay very little attention to and most likely not buy our club We don't blame you. Please see our Demo Day schedule to get custom fit for clubs you may or may not like.

    And your point is?



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