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  1. On 10/6/2020 at 9:28 AM, xOldBenKenobiX said:

    I just got the Tommy Armour 

    Tommy Armour Impact Series No. 3 Alignment Putter - Stainless Steel Shaft

    I realize I needed to get a newer putter, but did not want to spend a lot money on it, so I got this one for 40 bucks used, mainly due to the recommendations from MGS.

    I am awaiting delivery.

    Nice putter. Let us know how you like it once you have had a chance to roll some putts with it.

  2. When I got my new irons I went 7 iron to 49° G and kept my 52° and 56°. But I found that I didn’t need both the 49° and the 52°, so I benched the 52° and put my 7 wood back in the bag. So far it is working out great.

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  3. So while I don't currently have the KE4 Tour H in my bag, I did play it for a couple of seasons and it was as good as they come. I'm always going back and forth from Hybrids, to UDI's, to just butter knife punishing 3 irons. Currently my game's the strongest that it's been so I'm currently brandishing the set 3i from the TS-1. Well last season I let my dad "borrow" my KE4 Tour 3h while I was in a UDI phase. He loves the thing so much that I just don't have the heart to ask for it back.  
    All that aside though, if hybrids are your jam, the KE4 should check all the boxes. Now let me preface, that mine is from a couple of years ago so they've made some subtle changes but I don't think they should be drastically different. I'd say it's on the smaller side of hybrid profiles but not too small. The actual shape is probably my favorite of any hybrid that I've picked up. Profile and face height is just right in that sweet spot of what a hybrid should be. I got mine with the Maltby hybrid shaft and quite honestly, if I ordered another, I wouldn't do it any differently. The Maltby shaft is extremely smooth and just effortless to launch the ball into the air. The sounds is more of a higher pitch crack. Nothing tinny or metallic. The face seemed to be super juicy.. as in "on the juice", or "Hot". The ball just rockets off the face with lots of good feedback. 
    I know [mention=76027]tehuti[/mention] is gaming the newer hybrid. Hopefully he'll chime in if I left anything out. 

    All I can say is I have tried several other hybrids and couldn’t hit them at all. The KE4 Tour TC is now one of my workhorse clubs. Prior to picking up it and the KE4 Tour+ 4 wood allI had was a Tour Edge 4 ironwood after my driver. That was a huge gap.

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  4. PXG Gen1 0811X 12° driver w/Project X Evenflow Blue 55g shaft
    Maltby KE4 TC 16° 4 wood w/Kuro Kage Black 60g shaft
    Maltby KE4 TC 19° 3 hybrid w/UST Proforce V2 Black shaft
    Tour Edge Bazooka Platinum 4 Ironwood w/UST for TE graphite shaft
    Tour Edge HL4 5-6 Ironwood w/UST for TE graphite shafts
    Maltby KE4 Tour+ irons 7-GW w/UST Competition Series graphite shafts
    Maltby M-Series+ 56° wedge w/UST Recoil 660 graphite shaft
    Tommy Armour Impact #3 putter

    I got on a Maltby kick this year. I just like their clubs, and their prices.

  5. Some time within the last month or two our local Golf Galaxy disappeared without a trace! My wife wanted to go to the Sprouts next door to them over the weekend and when we rolled into the parking lot the store was gone, no signage, or other evidence that it had ever been there. They didn't have a ton of stuff I was interested in, but I did like to go in there and occasionally kick tires. 

  6. Y’know that’s the main thing that’s kept me from the HBs and other irons like that - the hybrid look. I just don’t get along with ‘em so I worry a hybrid type iron would get in my head. My game definitely needs a club like that, though.
    Enjoy the new sticks!
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    I have some of the Tour Edge Hot Launch ironwoods - 4, 5 and 6 iron. They are similar to the Launchers. Then traditional irons after that. It took a while to get used to the look.

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  7. Has anyone tried the TA 845 Max irons with graphite shafts?  I'm looking at SGI irons with graphite shafts that won't break the bank. 

    I would recommend checking out The Golfworks if you are willing to try something that is not from one of the major OEMs. Their Maltby clubs are great.

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  8. So I just pulled the trigger on an M-Series+ Mid 56° wedge. It was recommended as the best choice for my situation. I wasn’t planning to buy today, but Golfworks has their 20% off custom shop orders going right now. Had to go for it.



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  9. 1 hour ago, azstu324 said:

    Unfortunately I don't have any advice to give on which Maltby wedge best fits your criteria but it looks like @Popeye64 made a good suggestion based on Maltby's write up on the M Series Wedge. That said, I actually feel like the TSW is more forgiving than it may appear. I've had quite a few approach shots that I hit off the toe and was amazed at how little distance was lost. 

    I'm with you though on the 56* only theory though. I've been playing the TSW 56* exclusively for a couple of months now and my short-game's actually improved! In my case, more options meant more clutter in my head. I will throw in the caveat though, to be sure and choose a club with good versatility. The grind on the 56* TSW allows for so many options so I'm really able to use it as a 52, 56, and 60*. The nice thing though is instead of trying to decide which club to use for the shot, it's which shot to use with the club. 🙂 

    Keep us all posted on what you decide! 



    Thanks for the advice. I currently have a set 49* plus the 52* and 56* previously mentioned. For my chip shots around the green and short pitches I have more confidence in the 52* than the other two. But I feel like the 49" can fill that spot just fine and free up a spot in my bag. The 52* is kind of a crutch. 

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  10. I am seeking advice from the Maltby veterans. Which 56* wedge is best suited for high handicappers? I am thinking about ditching my current 52* and 56* for just a 56* and I think I want a Maltby. I hear the TSW is not as forgiving and is best for better players. What say you?


    My current Maltby lineup consists of all KE4 Tour+ irons, 4W and 3h.




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  11. My newest clubs are my 4w and 3h. Up to now I had no luck with fairways or hybrids and pulled them from my bag for a while. But that left me with nothing I could hit longer than 150 from the fairway. So I gave it another shot.

    It’s still early but so far results have been positive. Today I hit both clubs more than anything else in my bag, and stayed out of trouble. Unheard of for me!

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  12. Last year I decided to try a variety of different balls to see which ones I like. As a result, I have a pretty big stash of different balls that I am working through still, and I probably won't run out this year. So from round to round I switch up which ball I will use.

    My current favorite is the OnCore Avant55 followed by the Srixon Soft Feel, generally in yellow or green. Once I run out of the current supply I will probably stick to those two and maybe the Srixon Q Star if I can get a deal on those.

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  13. Even on my good days I have 3 or 4 melt down holes that usually sink me. I feel like I am on the verge of breaking through to lower scores. Unfortunately I don’t play frequently enough to really get there.

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  14. My current setup is 45 pw, 49 gw then 52 and 56. The 52 and 56 are my old wedges that I will probably need to replace within a year. The pw and 49 are in my new set and are staying. I am trying to decide if I should go 52-56 again, which is okay, but is it necessary? My other consideration is 54-58 or else just replace the 56 with another one and drop the 4th wedge.

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