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  1. I've got a bunch of different brand balls in my stash. Last year I was on a quest to see what I really like, and I am still working through them. However, I tend to favor the OnCore Avant55 and Srixon Soft Feel equally.


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  2. I currently have a Srixon X355 7 wood on the bench. I was never particularly consistent with it. But it occasionally gets dropped back in the bag.

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  3. Most courses in my area are not really set up for walkers....too far between greens and tee boxes not to mention the 105+ heat index during the summer months.

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    It definitely depends on the course and the weather. I wouldn’t try to walk a really hilly course.

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  4. If it wasn’t for my local par 3 9 hole course ( they actually have 2 par 4 holes) I wouldn’t play nearly as much golf as I do now. Not because I prefer them, but because of the time commitment. 1.5 to 2 hours I can do a couple of times a week easily. 5 hours plus from the time I leave home until I return is just not an option every week. Maybe twice a month most of the time.

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  5. Back n the late 80s I played Cougar golf balls from Roger Dunn. I was just starting out and didn’t know any better. You know it’s bad when Top Flite XL is a step UP from your gamer.

    Fast forward to 2018, and the worst ball I played recently was the Cut Red. Totally un- playable. I replaced one after two holes and never looked back. The rest of the Cut balls that I have tried are decent though.

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  6. Range day today. It’s been difficult getting the hybrid in play on my weekly one or two rounds since the pandemic hit. So I get the most work with it on the range. Most rounds I may have one or two chances to use it. And at least one will be a grounder to short.


    The good news is that in spite of that I am still seeing much better results than I did with my original shaft. My shots are pretty straight. No severe hooks or slices. But still a fairly low trajectory. Still, when I hit it flush, and sometimes even when I do not, I am getting 165-175 yards distance. That is exactly what I need this club for. Liking the feel of the stiffer shaft.







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