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  1. So far I have had good luck playing custom made clubs from Gigagolf, and I am also considering Maltby for my next set of irons. At my skill level I think my clubs are just fine. They do a basic static fitting online that got me started. Most likely I will get a true fitting before I buy any more clubs, but I will still probably go the custom/online route.

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  2. I played my local par 59 course today with the MTBx. I have to admit it wasn’t the ball that was the problem, but the Baller (me). No more slices. A slight adjustment to my stance has me no longer slicing. Today I hit some of my longest driver shots on that course. All with the MTBx. Not a significant difference in distance off the tee with irons. But definitely with driver.

    At this rate I may be changing my mind about my regular gamer!

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  3. Ok my unreasonably long stage 1 is updated! Had a chance to play a round with the MTB-X and Chrome soft this weekend. Definite differences between the two with regards to feel. The Snell feels so solid that going from that the Chrome Soft makes the CS feel mushy almost. One notable shot was tight drive that I didn't feel I hit particularly well and still wound up at my usual 280 distance that the CS would get on a solid hit. Can't say I noticed a significant difference in spin characteristics between the two based on this round, but I think some work on the Trackman will help quantify that.  Also can't wait to see how quickly Snell turns around orders and shipping since I am DEFINITELY going to need another box in order to a thorough review without running out


    I was wondering if I would run out before the testing is over also. I should probably order another dz.



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  4. Paint was all fine but the seam varied on some. It’s more noticeable on a few, the dimples are oval shaped like they were stretched. I’ll try to grab a picture.

    Unfortunately I rinsed one, and lost one of the middle of the fairway. So I am short 2.

    I haven’t scrutinized them up close and personal like Shankster had. But I’ll do that for stage 2. They do seem to wear very well. A couple of balls lasted several 9 hole rounds until I sacrificed them to the creek. They had minimal scuffs even when I was in trees, sand and on cart paths.

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  5. Once again thanks to MGS for this opportunity. It was fun, enlightening and actually got me to work on my game. Below is my stage 2 analysis with my ratings.

    Looks & Durability (14 out of 15 points)
    Describe the following:
    Appearance/graphics/packaging - 2.5

    • I like the logo and the packaging is okay. straight forward, no frills

    Short term/long term durability - 3

    • I played several rounds with the same 1 or 2 balls. Except for a few slight scuffs they were pretty durable

    Other unique details (ie. dimple pattern, alignment aid, etc) - 3 

    • I use the alignment aid on the tee

    How does it compare to other balls, beyond being round and white? - 2.5

    • Same performance or slightly shorter off the tee from Srixon Soft Feel and K Sig 3. Not as much feel as the soft                               cover balls initially, but I warmed up to them over time

    Describe (and show) the condition after hitting cart path, hitting an obstruction (tree, etc), a full wedge/iron shots, and a full round. - 3

    • I found the covers of these to be just a bit less durable than expected. They seemed to pick up scuffs easier than with my other gamers as well as the surlyn Get Sum.
    • Performance wise they do not appear to suffer much from the scuffing, but that is just my unscientific opinion. I don’t have any launch monitor results to back up my impressions. 

    Sound & Feel (14 out of 15 points)
    Describe how the product sounds and feels
    Is it soft, crisp, dull, clunky (feel free to use your own imaginative phrases)? 2

    • I prefer the feel of the “soft” cover balls, like the Srixon Soft Feel and even the Snell Get Sum.

    Can you press a nail into the ball’s cover? Compare its feeling of hardness to other balls. 3

    • The cover is very durable but it did scuff easier than expected.


    This was a new ball that started scuffing by hole 3, under normal conditions - no tree, cart path or bunker damage.

    Do the sound and feel impact your performance in a noticeable way? 3

    • No, after a few rounds playing with them the feel was no longer noticeable

    How does the sound cause you to react?

    • N/A - not a factor, so no points off for sound. 3

    Describe the difference in sound and feel depending on the club used from driver down to putter. 3

    • More “clicky” than soft balls off irons. No difference off driver

    On-Course Performance (40 out of 40 points)
    Off the Tee – Does the ball provide adequate distance? Is it responsive? How does it compare to your gamer? Is it easier or harder to find fairways?

    • The MTBx was comparable to my gamers. I didn’t get any significant distance gain on average. Although I did have one of my longest drives with it.

    Approach – Does it adequately hold the green? Is it workable or difficult to control? 

    • Definitely holds the green. I can’t work the ball so I won’t comment on that.

    Ball Flight – Does the ball stay in the air forever and stop or do you hit low balls that roll forever? Which is better for your course? Is the ball flight consistent? Is it predictable and consistent while chipping and pitching? How does it handle in the wind?

    • I generally hit a ball that is a low liner. The ball flight is fairly consistent across the board for me. No significant wind conditions to try it out in. (SoCal)

    Around the Green – Describe your confidence level of playing the many shots required around the green (bump and run, hop and stop, flop, etc). 

    • This is tough to answer because I have one shot around the green - a bump and run. I am useless at trying a flop shot. That said I think I get the performance I expect. 

    Putting – Describe how it reacts off the putter. Did you have to make any adjustments to your distance control? Are the markings on the ball adequate to use for alignment (if you do)?

    • I don’t use the alignment marks for putting. Only for tee shots. For putts the alignment marks are more of a distraction. I did not have to make any special adjustments for the MTBx when putting.

    What factors were you pleased with? What factors did you find lacking?

    • The MTBx is a good ball. A little firmer off the club face than I prefer, but after a while I adjusted to the different feel.

    Bottom line: did it help improve your scores? 

    • Not really. It did not hinder my game at all, but I did not notice an improvement when using the MTBx either.

    Miscellaneous (10 out of 10 points)
    The little things matter. You can make this section about whatever you please. Talk about the things that don’t fall neatly into one of the other categories. Some examples are: packaging and protection, speed of shipment, customer service interactions, accessories, personal touches, or comments made by playing partners.

    • I won’t ding them for any miscellaneous issues. It performed well. I think the packaging could be a little more interesting, but that really doesn’t matter as it pertains to the quality of the product. I received my balls in a timely manner and they held up well, aside from the few scuffs that I mentioned earlier.

    Game Bag or Shag Bag? (15 out of 20 points)
    For this section, consider that all things are equal and you’re choosing whether you would put this product in play for a big tournament or money game. Does this product help you play your best? Or is it just nice to have? Is the price point appropriate? Finally, what type of golfer do you think this product would fit the best? If it’s not you, explain why and try to identify the type of golfer that can benefit the most from it. 

    • I have grown to like this ball, but at this price point, for my game I would probably stick with the Get Sum or Srixon Soft Feel. I did not see a noticeable improvement over my gamers, and I don’t shape my shots so I couldn’t test that out.
    • I would classify the MTBx as “nice to have” for me. I wouldn’t kick it out of my bag, but I probably wouldn’t pay a premium just to have them.
    • This golf ball is probably better suited for players who can shape their shots and are longer off the tee than a higher handicapper like myself.


    Coming from the perspective of a “budget” golfer, I like this ball a lot but would probably stick with the less expensive alternatives I already play. Solid all around. I really didn’t have any negatives other than it didn’t “Wow” me. If I could get a good deal on a few dozen I would probably go for it. I think Snell in general makes a fine product and the MTBx is no exception.

    Final note: With only one sleeve left of the dozen balls I had to test with I played an entire executive 18 today with one ball, and shot my best score ever. Was it me, the Snell MTBx, or both? Hard to say, but I certainly got really good results with the MTBx when I was playing my best golf. I would say to anyone who is curious it is worth it to buy a dozen and try them for yourself.


    The yellow ball in the foreground is my tee shot on #1 today (7/28/2019). 99 yd, par 3.

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