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  1. So far so good with the GOST. I have worked it out at the range a few times already and on the course fo just a couple of rounds. Today I used it exclusively off the tee on several holes and hit the ball decently each time. Prior to the shaft swap I had no confidence hitting the same 3h head off the tee, or anywhere else. The stiffer shaft seems to suit me better with a hybrid.

    Still need more opportunities to use it from the deck to really get a good gauge of how I am doing.


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  2. I am a fan of Bender Gloves for their light weight synthetic gloves with the leather palm and fingers. My hand tends to get hot so usually all leather gloves are too uncomfortable. However, for the last 6 months or so I have only used the Costco K-Sig leather gloves and they are not only a great value but very comfortable and durable.


    2018-06-15 15.18.43.jpg

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  3. On 5/6/2020 at 4:25 PM, birdiehole said:

    Great info. Appreicate the feedback. In more normal set I use a regular flex, but I got fitted for my clubs in late 2018 just as I was getting into the game. I was between regular and stiff and my fitter recommended sticking with regular. I'm going to look at the options at that golfworks site. Thanks!

    My main concern with the box set is durability. I don't want anything snapping on me mid swing and potentially injuring someone. Or breaking if I somehow hit the ground with the driver lol. I've seen a couple of videos of clubheads coming off at impact from a shank, but I don't know if those were box set clubs or custom-built or off the rack. I'm really looking at this as just a last resort option to get some golf in while I'm in Canada.

    +1 on Golfworks. I would also recommend taking a look at Gigagolf for a custom set on a budget. For a package set give Tour Edge a look, however you probably won't be able to customize them.

  4. The Compact 3 is nice, but I don't have any experience with the Clicgear. I especially like the Bagboy when paired with a Bagboy or Datrek bag because of their Top Lok feature. When I recently bought a bag that's what sold me on Bagboy, because I already had the cart.


  5. Hey [mention=604]Jmikecpa[/mention], [mention=76027]tehuti[/mention], and [mention=71159]Dr Strangelove[/mention]; what's everyone hoping to get out of these shafts?  Did you just want a reason to post a ton of Pac-Man ghost pictures? [emoji137]‍♂️
    Right now I think my order would be:
    1. improved dispersion
    2. ghost pictures
    3. eliminate hooks
    4. hold more greens
    5. distance

    I am hoping for more forgiveness and distance.

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  6. If not for the PXG for Heroes program I never would have considered PXG, solely on the basis of price. Instead I found the best driver I have ever owned, and at a fraction of what the major OEM’s charge. If you are willing to buy older generation clubs, and you are a veteran, first responder or active duty service member you need to check them out.

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  7. Generally I struggle with anything longer than about 160. I am a short hitter so I need good fairway and hybrid play in the 4 hybrid and longer range. But I am woefully inconsistent with those. It also doesn't help that I mostly play executive and short 9 hole courses mostly. So I don't get to hit longer fairway shots that often. Long par 4s and par 5 holes are my nemesis. On the range I seem to hit my fairways and hybrids just fine but then shank them everywhere when in live play. So I am not that concerned with my short game. I know I can get back to at least where I have been. 

    Oddly driver is also not a big problem. I only hit it about 200-215 but no major dispersion problems. Just the occasional slice/fade, but mostly I stay out of trouble. 

    Post corona virus I plan to play longer courses where I am forced to face my issues with longer holes.

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  8. The Review – June 18, 2020

     Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 Hybrid Shaft – Official MGS Forum Review by Larry C. Brown


    Describe your game as much as necessary to help readers compare your needs to their own. 

          I am a high handicapper – 24.4 at present. I occasionally break 100

          I would say I have a moderate to slow swing tempo

          Orange County, California we have no off season. January – March is the worst weather and that

    consists of low temperatures in the 40s to 50s at worst.

          Typical ball flight? My ball flight is generally low to mid height. In spite of my best efforts to hit the ball higher.

          Typical miss? Typical miss is right.

          Strengths/Weaknesses of your game? I am a short hitter, and my biggest issues are with anything between 5 iron and driver – basically longer than 150 yards. I am just not consistent at longer distances from the fairway. Off the tee it is not as much of an issue. Strengths are probably my chipping game. I feel most confident from inside 100 yards

          Current gamer and how did you choose it? Were you fit?

    I currently game a PXG Gen 1 0811X, 12* with a Project X Evenflow Blue regular flex shaft. I chose it because PXG has a killer deal on legacy clubs for veterans, active military and first responders, and I couldn’t pass it up. Just right place, right time. Nearly all of my clubs were custom made to my static specs. Not a proper fitting with a club pro. I bought them all online from PXG, Tour Edge, Gigagolf and Golfworks, except my putter. Prior to this review I had a Tour Edge HL3 #3 ironwood in the hybrid slot. I like the ironwoods because I hit them more consistently than a traditional hybrid, but I sacrifice some distance with them.

          What is your #1 priority with the club in hand? Make solid contact to advance the ball.

          Do you like taking chances with aggressive lines? I do and it usually ends badly for me.

          How often can you reach par 5’s in 2? Rarely. Not long enough or accurate enough.

          What’s your typical club into par 4s? Driver and 5 iron - 7 iron.


    First Impressions


    Not my favorite hybrid head, but good enough to give me a feel for this shaft.

    • This shaft claims to be the perfect merger of steel and graphite – providing the advantages of both. Since I have been playing with graphite shafts for a long time I can only speak from that perspective. There is a definite difference between this shaft and my typical games.
    •  I did not come into this review with any preconceived notions about Nippon shafts. My clubs mostly have UST Mamiya graphite shafts in regular flex. Either directly branded from UST or “Manufactured for” the club maker. That is mostly my experience, at least as of the last couple of years. I did recently buy a Maltby 4 wood with a Kuro Kage Black shaft in stiff. Since they tend to be softer than my typical regular flex shafts it was recommended that I go with stiff. It is an excellent shaft for me.
    • If I did have any earlier notions it was that I did not think in general that the shaft made that big a difference from brand to brand given they had similar flex. However that changed when I got my PXG driver. I immediately noticed I had much better control and the club felt better than my prior drivers with UST shafts. The other exception is with Mitsubishi Kuro Kage shafts. They seem to be more whippy in Regular flex than what I am accustomed to and the one club I have with a KK shaft in S flex feels right. So if anything I am looking forward to see how this premium shaft performs. The idea that a shaft can cost more than what I would pay for any one club is foreign to me. And as a high handicapper I don’t see the return on investment. It will be interesting to read the perspectives of lower handicappers or scratch golfers who are looking for incremental improvements.

     My goal is not only to evaluate a new shaft but to hopefully solidify my hybrid game. I have been avoiding carrying a hybrid only because of how wildly inconsistent I am with them. If I can regain confidence in my ability to swing it this club will remain in my bag, no question. Most important first is just how confident I am with it in my hand. Then dispersion – am I firing balls all over the place or will I have a consistent miss? Can I use it off the tee and off the deck? And last, distance. Am I getting the distance I expect from this club?

    •  I do not own or have access to a launch monitor so unfortunately I won’t be able to provide stats. My review will be primarily an objective comparison of how this shaft compares to the UST shaft it replaced.
    • Over several range sessions (5-6) I am able to tell this shaft provides me with much more confidence and better dispersion. It is quite a bit heavier than what I am used to, and that is a good thing with this smaller head.
    • Unfortunately, due to the Covid limitations and time constraints I have mostly been playing my usual 9 hole course and executive 18. Neither is a good candidate for me to use the hybrid for more than a couple of shots per round at best. I try to use it in situations that I would even when I am not reviewing it. However, I can report that I definitely have more success off the tee and the deck with the GOST shaft than I did with the original shaft. Again I believe the weight and flex actually work better for me, in spite of the fact that I have a slower, more moderate swing speed than the intended user.



    Looks (8 out of 10 points)

    Describe the following:

          Coloring / Graphics

    The matte black is a nice touch. Typically graphite shafts are glossy, which I prefer, but in this case I appreciate the contrast. Only 8 of 10 because nothing in the graphics really stands out to me.

          How does the overall look come together? What does it remind you of?

    In general I think it looks really good. Again, I do prefer the glossy graphite shafts with a bit of color for accent, but this is not a bad look.

          Is the coloring likely to match a variety of clubs?

    The matte is not likely to match a lot of other graphite clubs, unless that becomes a thing. But I don’t think it matters that much for a hybrid.

          Other unique details:  N/A


    Feel (9 out of 10 points)

    Describe how the club sounds and feels

          How is the weight? Balance? Can you feel the clubhead in your swing?

    The weight is a bit heavier than I am used to for my typical graphite shafts, but that does not detract from the feel or performance for me. I can feel the clubhead and I actually prefer this shaft to the one it replaced.

          How does it load? What is the kick like when swinging?

    It’s a bit hard to articulate because it’s all based upon feel. But I seem to feel where the clubhead is at all times with the stiffer shaft. Maybe the original shaft was whippier than I realized, But I feel like I can deliver the clubhead to the ball more accurately now. That alone gives me more confidence, which helps me to strike the ball better.

          Talk about stiffness, flexibility, and stability.

    I always play regular flex shafts, since I have a moderate to slow swing speed. A flex is a bit too whippy for me. This shaft is considered stiff but I don’t notice a huge difference between it and my typical R flex shaft. The biggest difference is the weight. As for stability, I think this probably has more than I am accustomed to. The torque appears to be less than with my usual shafts.


    Basic Characteristics (16 out of 20 points)

    Describe the following compared to your current gamer:

            Trajectory – High, low, or somewhere in between? Is it the height you want?

    My trajectory is still low, but not necessarily in a bad way. I would prefer a slightly higher ball flight with this club.

            Accuracy – Are you able to consistently hit your target?

    So far I am considerably more accurate than with my original shaft. My ball flight is straight to a slight draw, whereas I never was able to draw the ball with anything else. So that is a nice benefit. Occasionally I will just block it right, but it doesn’t slice, just straight right.

            Distance – Raw distance regardless of direction

    I am getting the desired/expected distance with this club. As I gain more confidence and experience with it I hope to be able to increase my average distance with it. It gets me into that critical 160-175 range which I just didn’t have before.

            List these data points compared to your current setup: ball speed, distance (carry/total), launch angle, backspin, sidespin, dispersion

    (N/A unless I can gain access to a launch monitor)

            Pressure – When you step up to a difficult tee box with something on the line (money, best score, danger on all sides) can you execute the shot you need to put yourself in position?

    I would still consider it to be a pressure shot for me with this club off the tee. But at least now I would consider hitting it off the tee. Prior to swapping shafts I would have elected for a different club entirely merely because I would not trust myself to get a solid strike off the tee with it. In the few rounds where I was able to hit off the tee with it I struck the ball well.


    On-Course / LM Performance (25 out of 30 points)


    Final Performance Comments:

          Overall, how did it perform?

    There is no question that this is a superior shaft to what I am accustomed to. In spite of the erratic nature of my hybrid game I am hitting the ball more consistently, straighter and longer than with my original shaft.

          How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of Nippon?

    I didn’t really have an impression of Nippon prior to this test. For me the idea of buying an aftermarket shaft was not a consideration due to price and perceived value (for me). That being said, I can see how a professional or scratch golfer looking for an edge or a chance to shave another stroke or two off their average would consider a shaft upgrade like this.

          What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model?

    None. Just continue doing what you ae doing.

          What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?

    The matte finish is actually nice.

          Did it help improve your scores? By how much?

    I can’t say it helped improve my scores because I did not have enough opportunities to use it. I believe it could save me as many as one or two strokes in the future since it fills a critical gap for me.

    Miscellaneous (10 out of 10 points)

    The little things matter, and this section will capture them. You can make this section about whatever you please and talk about the things that don’t fall neatly into one of the other categories. Some examples are: packaging and protection, speed of shipment, customer service interactions, accessories, personal touches, or comments made by playing partners.


    • Overall I was pleased with everything related to the delivery of this shaft. I had Roger Dunn swap out my old shaft for this one and put a grip on. It took about a day to get it back in spite of the curbside only service. Painless under the circumstances. Initially I was concerned that I would not be able to get it built, since we began this right around the time that the pandemic started.

    Play it or Trade it? (16 out of 20 points)

    For this section, consider that all things are equal and you’re choosing whether or not you would put this shaft in play for a big tournament. Does it help you play your best? Or is it just another spoke in the revolving door? Do you think the asking price is fair for the product? If you could change some of your spec choices, would you? Finally, what type of golfer do you think this product would fit the best? If it’s not you, explain why.

    • For me personally this shaft is not a good fit. At my level of play, especially with hybrids it would not make sense to upgrade to such an expensive shaft. I definitely see an improvement in my shot making and distance with it, but it’s only a marginal gain at best. It would be the best shaft in my entire bag, but not necessarily the best “for me”.
    • It would appear to be geared toward scratch golfers and professionals who are seeking more control, less torque and possibly a few more yards. Points I took off for this are a reflection of the fact that the GOST would not be a fit for me, not based upon any perceived flaw in the product itself.



    Consider this your TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read). If a member reads nothing but this paragraph, they should be able to get an idea of your thoughts. Summarize your review in a storytelling way that captures the main points from each section.

    The Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 Hybrid Shaft combines steel and graphite shaft technologies to produce a true “hybrid”. If graphite is not your preferred material for shafts I would urge you to consider this shaft. It has the benefits of both steel and graphite and I don’t really perceive any downside. Your hybrid is a specialty club, so why not pair it with a specialty shaft?

    Final Score: (84 out of 100 points)

    This is a fantastic after-market shaft, no question. I will continue to carry it in my bag. My rating of 84 out of 100 is based purely on how it fits with my game. As a high handicap player I would not see myself trying to upgrade to a shaft like this. The cost is prohibitive and would not provide me with enough improvements to my game to justify it. That being said, I can see why a more skilled player would want to add the GOST to their bag. Especially if you prefer the feel of steel to graphite. It would appear to provide the benefits of both in one shaft. It not only provided me with better dispersion but also the distance I am seeking from my hybrid. But the one intangible it really offers me is confidence. I feel greater confidence using the same club off the tee or in the fairway than I did with the original shaft. I have played with regular flex graphite shafted irons for quite some time so the difference in feel of the GOST is very noticeable. I can see myself possibly experimenting with different shaft flexes and materials in the future base upon my experience during this review.

    I look forward to sharing some additional details of my experiences with it this summer.


    GOST next to the original shaft. Graphics are nice, but nothing special. However I do like the matte finish.


    Hole #2 Brea Creek 9. Par 3 hole. Most people get on in 2 (or worse). The Hole is diagonally across the creek, in the middle of the picture. Typically a hole that messes with people’s heads off the tee. I was able to hit a fairly accurate tee shot to the front fringe on the right side.



    More range Day pics


    I requested the graphics down.


    Closeups of the graphics right after I received it.



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  9. Crazy good right? Like almost worth all the hoopla and everything else that went along with it?

    I try to ignore the hoopla, but yeah it is outstanding.

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