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  1. On 1/22/2020 at 5:35 AM, GolfSpy Barbajo said:


    Yeah, price is certainly an issue. ECCO, adidas, other higher end shoe companies can do that - significantly tougher for a newbie. The shoes do scream quality and detail though - even the laces have silicone nuns on them so they don’t loosen during the round - hadn’t seen that before. The toe box is nice and wide, but I still found it quite stable and comfortable.

    From a shoe value standpoint, $250’certainly doesn’t seem out of line, but it’s always a risk with a company you’ve never heard of. It’ll be interesting to see how they perform and hold up

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    If I was willing to spend like that for one pair of shoes I’d buy a pair of Ecco spikeless and pocket the difference.

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  2. yes Why I’m looking for tips or what other guys do who can’t hit the range before anymore. 

    For me going to the range before playing actually screws up my swing for several holes. What I do is just loosen up with my Sklz swing trainer. Take a few swings with it to get my timing down and then tee off.

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