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  1. Just saw that Costco has come out with the Kirkland Signature golf glove.  Full cabretta leather glove and a 4-pack for $20.  On paper that looks like a sweet deal and a great place to stock up on gloves.  I generally prefer something with a little flair of color but at $5 a glove it's going to be very hard to not try these.
    Has anyone seen them in stores yet?

    I hope they will stock them in the stores. If so I will pick some up, even though I don’t need any gloves right now.

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  2. If it wasn’t for the local 9 hole and 18 hole par 3 courses, I would play a lot less golf. Time is so short that I could possibly only play once or twice a month on a regular course. With these short courses I get to play almost every week.

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  3. ... I had several original Tour Ironwood's I loved and played for years. Tour Edge has brought back a very updated version in the CBX Ironwood. I have the 17* 2 iron in my bag and could not be happier with it's performance. 

    Reviving this old thread since I just received my 18* HL 3 #2 ironwood yesterday to go along with my #3, and I can’t wait to try it out.






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  4. Hello together, 
    a sunny hello from CA (Santa Ana). Have always been a passive and now it´s time to get an active forum user [emoji846]

    What courses do you play? I play in Brea, Fullerton and Santa Ana quite a bit.

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  5. (waves hand)
    Hi all,
    I've been lurking on MGS for about a year and just decided to sign up for a user account.
    Most of my golf has been in a simulator during the past 3-4 months as I live in New York but I'm looking forward to getting out soon. I *almost* managed to get out a week ago with a sudden warm weather but work got in the way... Simulators can be really good, though, and I warmly recommend trying one if you haven't. The one I go to has good enough equipment that I tend to believe the numbers (and outcomes) it gives for my swing to be accurate enough and thus it's actually fun to play 18. As a nice bonus it only takes an hour to play a full 18. The downside is that you can't blame a bad lie for that chunked shot...
    Anyway, nice to be here!

    I am curious what courses are in or near Brooklyn. I grew up there but never played golf in NY.

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  6. I picked up a Srixon 7 wood a few months ago after struggling with my hybrids all year. The distance gap may not be that great between my 3 ironwood and the 7, but I get more height with it and I am more consistent with it as well.

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  7. Like you say, "one is precieved to be inferior" but with the Ford, you aren't paying for the logo while you are with the Jaguar. If you took the logos off both cars, I think you might even say the Ford is better because a luxury logo is $10,000 and a Everyman logo is $5000 therefore the Ford is actually $5000 nicer. I understand that we are talking about perceptions, and in that case I agree with you. Titleist has a better reputation than Wilson Staff. 

    Regardless of how you feel about the issue, given Wilson’s current standing vs the top 4 or 5 driver brands I thought they would debut at $349 or $399. Top of the market seems like overreaching a bit. Unless they did it merely to set a precedent for their future models.

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