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  1. Hey all, Anyone bought one of Vice's stand bags? The barrel of my bag is about to die, have been eyeing these off... But I hate buying something I haven't seen in the flesh (?) before. My favourite bag was from a gone bust company called Lind Golf, but can't find a bag with as many features. Unfortunately not heaps of pictures of the Vice bag that aren't dolled up and taken from a romantic angle.
  2. Couple of other variations that I managed with my SS28 Armlock if those trialling are fiddlers. Just like to acknowledge @CarlH first and his comment that a goal could be to trial these putters 'off the shelf'. 1) Imitated DeChambeau with getting a thicker 17" grip and rotating it so the flat is testing against your forearm. I found a nice cheap Superstroke 1.3 17" to play with, feels a lot more comfortable. 2) Counterweight. Ended up adding 40g of tungsten powder to the butt end. Felt had more control of the head when the CoG was about 1/4 of the way up. This was the #1 improvement for distance control. 3) Swapped the shaft for a UST Frequency putter shaft that was lying around the local pro shop discarded. Had to cut it to maintain the dynamic loft. Felt much softer.
  3. Thinking that along with the armlocks, reviewers need to be taught the armlock technique specifically. Taken me a while to find a good technique that works better than the Evnroll I had.
  4. Just found one of these, wondered about them!
  5. Tour players would struggle to break even on country tracks, partially because they are used to manicured courses, partially because the green are a fraction of the size of top tier courses.
  6. And... You lose 90% of your players. I agree somewhat, but... No.
  7. I love the idea (grab half my irons and Wedges, plus putter, easy to haul around in a carry bag, or jus PW and putter), but then look at personal history. Have a Par 3 course 20 mins away, never been. Another an hour way, been once. Everytime, I end up going to the range, or playing 4 and a half holes (15 mins away). Observationally, the 20min par 3 (At a seaside resort town, and is very good condition, one of our grounds gaff parents own it, and he learnt how to greens keep there) remains quiet at peak times, as the grandparents will take the kiddies to the range instead. So great ideas, but has to overcome a lot of the impetus of habit.
  8. Would have been four months old in that picture. A year more than that now. That was a Triumph, though I don't remember the specific line. Voyager perhaps? Great buggy. Just died on me.
  9. Enjoyed how straight the Vice is for me, but don't like the distance loss. Same with Snell for me.
  10. European tour produces all round better players than the PGA Tour. Play the Ryder's Cup on neutral territory, over the course of two weeks, shifting country each round. Maybe from NZ, AUS, up through Indonesia, Asia, to the Middle East and Africa.
  11. For something a bit different from the main brands, this is my co sponsor with PUMA: https://rjgolf.com.au/ Just nice extra thoughts, like an extra long shirt to tuck in and stay tucked in easier. I wear their pants as semi-formal wear also in lieu of chinos,
  12. Tex is a border collie. I've got him trained pretty well (With golf, not with sheep though. Annoys the kelpie no end). White balls he'll chase but not touch. Yellow balls he'll retrieve (And drop 2m short, gah!). Knows not to go on the greens or in bunkers. Do need to work on his waiting position - he prefers being in front. Always paranoid I'll butterknife it into his teeth.
  13. Yup. Lots of older people at the club can't follow the Bridgestone e12 red matte through the air. So began to switch to yellow for their sake.
  14. Clutch shot in pennant. All square up the last. Duck hooked by 4i off the tee, was two fairways across. Perfect drive from opponent straight down the middle, thinking he had it in the bag. PW 130m over a tree, plus a foot from the hole. Breaks Guy's heart, duffs his next shot. Win 1UP.
  15. From the most useless sheep dog I've ever owned. Banned from the farm now. The border collie learnt that the game of sheep herding is over once they're in their pen, so keep them away from it! Had a few issues with the livestock being banged about before Tex got banned from helping out.
  16. Loves to come golfing, but used to get tired and take a nap in the pouch at the bottom of my buggy.
  17. People on carts that play golf "for the exercise"! Imagine that if I get to the stage where I need a cart (Electric buggy, fine) every round, I'll take up lawn bowls.
  18. Thanks for that. I game Cobra one lengths, but as I can't hit a metalwood to save myself, I just carry irons, so I've got space in my bag. Was thinking of grabbing a 60-something degree at standard length just for chipping around the greens. Was looking at Maltby.
  19. I found the e12 to perform poorly compared to the 2017 e6. For me, far less spin meant far less height, therefore far less distance. So I've been gobbling up the 2-for-1 deals. I wonder if the matte coloured e12s perform worse than the white e12s? It probably shouldn't, but was super excited for the matte colours, so only bought them. In pennant, had been playing the e12, but swapped back to the e6 for the last two holes... Got the height back, got all my stopping power back and managed to win 1UP.
  20. I was very much looking forward to these e12s as an upgrade from the e6s which I've been gaming for quite a while, but ended up being quite disappointed. Lost a fair bit of distance due to a lower ball flight, with the ball feeling quite dull off the bat. Ended up playing one club higher and still wasn't convinced it was enough all of the time. Less spin off the face also, I was unsurprised to see on the launch monitor. Do love the bright colours though! Durability was a bit poor for me also. Cut my first ball up quite badly, found out that golf balls still haven't been designed to swim, cut upp my second quite badly also. This is without hitting trees, quite unusual for me.
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