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  1. Yeah we are running 7-9 days for assembly. Then add on shipping times which are inconsistent at best right now. Most customers should still be getting their clubs 10-14 days from the time they order. Just a crazy busy time of year for golf, there's been a massive resurgence of golf participation, and COVID is still throwing a wrench into things. We'll definitely get everything built and shipped out asap. Our assembly team is working like crazy to keep up.
  2. That would be great. We'll have some member testing going for our new 949X Pro hybrid soon. We'll see if we can get member testing or forum testing setup for the driver as well!
  3. Love hearing that. Thank you!
  4. We've got more coming in. Hopefully before the end of March. A quick thought on the golf industry and golf equipment in particular... We've had the 739 irons available for roughly two years now. In the first year they were selling well but they were probably one of the slower movers in our product line. COVID hit and golf participation ended up skyrocketing. Suddenly there were tons of guys playing golf who had never really played before or had 10+ year old irons. Those irons worked perfectly fine when they only played 4-5 times a year but the golfer wanted/needed an upgrade now tha
  5. Thanks for the message. The set shown is TAIII's personal set...so he did some additional porting to get everything exactly to his specs. The version we'll have available will have the ports on the 3, 4 and 5 irons. There is some additional toe weighting in the mid/short irons so that you can go at them a bit harder and prevent the left miss on scoring irons. The TAIII's will be $990 for a 4-W set and come with a full package of cool extras. The 649 MB Tour that we are releasing will be priced the same as our current CB/MB ($644 for 4-W with no upcharge shafts/grips). The general head de
  6. I believe the raw finish versions of both will be available in the next week or two. Not 100% sure beyond that but the others shouldn't be too far behind. Unfortunately shipments have been getting split up and delayed all over the place.
  7. They shouldn't with the satin or black finishes...unless they're left outside or in some other really wet/damp environment for a long time. Obviously the raw wedges/irons will but they're meant to do that.
  8. I think we'll have the winner today. I spoke with Chris over the weekend and he just needed to get the winner drawn. Somebody should have good news heading their way soon!
  9. Thanks for the messages. While we definitely pride ourselves on our customer service and communication, we won't deny that a few things have fallen through the cracks over the last 3-4 months. COVID shut us down completely and then it's been insanely busy since we reopened in May. Everyone has been doing their best to keep up, and 99% of things have gone great, but we certainly think it'll be even better going forward. It's not a great excuse but it's been a crazy year and a crazy few months for us. We are expanding our customer service and club building teams so that should help going fo
  10. Thanks for checking us out Don. I hope they got to you before the holiday weekend! If you have any questions please let us know. Thanks again!
  11. Working on that now
  12. We love hearing about these positive experiences from our customers. We truly appreciate the business and want every customer to be 100% happy with their purchase. Thank you for sharing KB! If you ever need anything or have any questions just let us know. Hopefully we'll be back to building golf clubs and you'll be back on the course soon!
  13. Great. Posting on these message boards is always tricky and especially difficult as a company. We're happy to have any conversation when it comes to golf clubs, Sub 70 or just golf in general
  14. I just wanted to follow up and make 100% sure that nobody takes my responses as being defensive/aggressive/angry, etc. We appreciate all of the conversation and thoughts on our business and the DTC model...and if I get some time I'll even put together a perfectly apples to apples cost analysis for a product or two. Sub 70 definitely isn't going to be for everyone. We know there will always be people who can build clubs themselves and prefer doing it that way...or that simply prefer playing name brand products and will never consider a smaller company...but we certainly think we provide a produ
  15. Thanks for the message and thoughts. While consumer pricing is a big part of the DTC business model we certainly think there is a lot more to it then just the cost savings. You get new clubs, custom built and with what we think is better customer service then you're going to get anywhere else. We embrace our customers and want them to be part of what we're doing. There is SO much good golf equipment out there and we respect what everyone else does...but we're definitely going to be more transparent, accessible and hopefully fun to work with. I'm not sure on the relevance of cost when
  16. Thanks for the message. We did have a shipment come in 2-3 weeks ago but that batch was sold out before they even hit the website. Our next shipment should be here in 3 weeks or so. Obviously the coronavirus stuff hasn't helped us any on the shipment delays. It sounds like these should be in the building before the end of the month though. Thanks for the interest and if you have any questions just let us know.
  17. We definitely have 50 and 58 degree lofts on the wedges...but it's possible we're temporarily out of stock on those lofts for a certain finish. We can bend them but I'd expect we'll be restocked on those lofts soon anyway. Thanks for the interest!
  18. Thanks for the message and sorry for the delay getting back to you. Please see below for some answers to your questions... What is the black finish made of? Is it the crappy PVD or some other type of "surface coating" that wears rather quickly, or something more durable like black nitride or DBM? The 639 black irons do have a tour PVD finish. In our testing we haven't observed any major wear or other issues with the finish. The 699 Pro will be using a DBM finish though. - Is it, or will it at some point be, possible to get the black finish on other models besides the
  19. Can't wait to follow your success again next year. Thanks Josh!
  20. Thanks for coming out and visiting!!! Jason is great to work with and is really passionate about getting people into the right setup. For anyone that's not in the area...we will always do everything we can to provide a great fitting by phone, email or through social media chats. The demo program is a great option to help narrow it down as well. Thanks for the feedback and support!
  21. Thanks for the comments, info and kind words guys. @dixonterp10, feel free to contact us any time. Email, call, social media...whatever is easiest. We'll certainly do everything we can to get you the best setup possible.
  22. We're very proud to be awarded the "best value hybrid"...but more importantly want to say thanks to all of the early adopters and supporters. We officially launched about 8 months ago. We will continue to improve as time goes on. The goal will always be to provide the best clubs, prices and customer service possible. Thank you all.
  23. Congratulations Josh!!! Super happy for you. Keep the momentum going and finish the season strong. Hopefully we can grab a beer when you're up here for the Mid-Am.
  24. That is awesome to hear and means that new MB players got at least two big wins over the weekend! (@jacustomgolf) I better order some of these for myself before they sell out These are great instant success stories considering how recently they became available and got into bags. Seriously though, congratulations. Happy to hear you are enjoying them and that they compare well with some other very high end equipment. As always, feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions or if there is anything that we can do to help.
  25. Honestly a good question. It could work...all depends what you're looking for and comfortable with. I'm sure most guys would combo the CB and regular MB. I would think most MB+ users will buy full sets of those. It could be a little strange since your 7 iron would have a smaller head than your W...but it could work. If you have any questions on that you can certainly reach out to our owner Jason. I'm sure he would have some thoughts on that.
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