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    GolfSub70 reacted to JJBack in Sub 70 Pro V2 Fairway Wood - 2024 Forum Review   
    Hey forum! Just updated my introduction, so go give it a look. I got an update that my club will arrive tomorrow! I’m excited to get testing!

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    GolfSub70 reacted to J7Hawkins in Sub 70 Pro V2 Fairway Wood - 2024 Forum Review   
    My introduction for this test is up, go give it a read! 
    and guess what… UPS says my club will be delivered tomorrow! Quick turnaround from Sub 70!
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    GolfSub70 reacted to Erin B in DTC Club Rankings - Irons   
    I’ve had PXG and have New Level. New Levels are FIRE 🔥. I want to try others but can’t afford to and therefore can’t rank them. I’m specifically interested in Sub70.
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    GolfSub70 reacted to Shrek74 in DTC Club Rankings - Irons   
    Here's my list:
    Sub 70
    New Level
    Vice (might be higher, but too early in their life to know)
    Ben Hogan
    I don't know much or anything about the others you listed, but we all pretty much know these guys. I included PXG, although they have stores and such they are still a DTC in the "direct" sense of the term.
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    GolfSub70 reacted to Vegan_Golfer_PNW in DTC Club Rankings - Irons   
    If I ever get new irons it will be Haywood/hogan/sub70. Something with a little sole cut to get through the turf. Probably a would be sub70 because they could build them to my very picky specs. 
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    GolfSub70 reacted to Coulter in DTC Club Rankings - Irons   
    I’ve only tried sub70 but with the price, customization, customer service, speed that they get products out, and the quality of those products I’m a huge fan!
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    GolfSub70 reacted to GolfSpy_APH in DTC Club Rankings - Irons   
    Let's hear how you would rank the DTC brands for their irons and offerings. Let's keep wedges, putters and fairway/drivers out of it for now and just focus on irons. 
    There are a crazy amount of DTC brands out there so how would you rank them? I am going to use the term DTC somewhat loosely because I do think there are some brands that aren't quite DTC, but the fit that mold in the eyes of the consumer. 
    1. Sub 70
    2. New Level
    3. Takomo
    4. Haywood
    5. Vice
    6. Caley
    7. Edel
    8. Arias
    9. Stix
    10. BGD

    There are many more, so feel free to drop those in your rankings as well. 
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    GolfSub70 reacted to Bossfan in Sub70 golf   
    I have the 949 4h. It launches just fine. You could use their demo program and find out for sure how it works for you.
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    GolfSub70 reacted to Wolfstrum in Sub 70 699-U V2 Review •UPDATE•   
    @berkeleybob thanks for the initial review and the update. I have been researching utility iron options for LH golfers and finding very few options. I was extremely happy to find @GolfSub70 is taking care of us LH golfers with their product line.  Based upon your review, I have added their 2i & 3i 699 Pro V2 to my buy list. 
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    GolfSub70 reacted to BallsLeon in What Have You Bought Lately? (CHA - Club Ho's Anonymous)   
    Got my driving iron back from Sub 70 today, super fast turnaround on the repair/reshafting. @GolfSub70 customer service is top notch, they even accommodated a change in flex (5.5 > 6.0) and grip size (midsize > standard) for me.

    Hit a couple balls on my net just now, and I think it's time for our second honeymoon period lol.

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    GolfSub70 reacted to BallsLeon in What/How Did You Practice Today?   
    @barney_bogey @TJ Hall thanks fellas! @GolfSub70 was super quick to respond last night! 👍 
    Since it's within a year of purchase it's still covered under warranty. They are sending me a label this morning to send the head back for reshafting.
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    GolfSub70 reacted to GolfSpy_APH in Takomo 101 vs Sub 70 699   
    If it's me I'm going with the 699. Nothing against Takomo, but having used the 101 they are just too big with too much offset for my liking. 699 have just a slightly more appealing profile to me.
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    GolfSub70 reacted to Shrek74 in Takomo 101 vs Sub 70 699   
    I have the 101's and wish I had the 699 Pro.

    Less offset, more R&D, more technology, and unbelievably unmatched service in the industry. And a ton more shaft and grip options with Sub70.

    101's are hollow with no "goo" or anything else in them.

    699/Pro are on my list to replace my 101's this Spring.

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    GolfSub70 reacted to Coulter in Takomo 101 vs Sub 70 699   
    I had planned on getting some takomo irons and after a bit of research and looking at the company I went with sub 70 and am extremely glad I did! Way more options and unmatched customer service for sure!
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    GolfSub70 reacted to FightingScot82 in Takomo 101 vs Sub 70 699   
    Also interested in hearing from anyone who has thoughts on 699 v1 vs 699 v2
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    GolfSub70 reacted to Coulter in Takomo 101 vs Sub 70 699   
    I have the 699 pro v1.. I wanted something I could grow with. They are plenty forgiving in my opinion just fyi. I went with the v1 due to the price and I liked the look of the v1 better.
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    GolfSub70 reacted to Shrek74 in Takomo 101 vs Sub 70 699   
    There are several differences if you look on the website. The v2 is more advanced due to it being new last year and has more advanced features. Here are some differences I noticed on their websites.
    Face Material: 455 Carpenter Steel (v1) vs S450 Steel (v2)
    Top Line is little bit thinner.
    Blade Length is little bit smaller.
    V2 has Variable Face Thickness on the face.
    V2 lofts are a bit stronger.
    V2 has more shaft options due to having both a Parallel Tip and Taper Tip option.
    V2 has more forgiveness due to overall design of the club.
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    GolfSub70 reacted to jbern in Takomo 101 vs Sub 70 699   
    The 699v2 are supposed to be more forgiving across the entire face and that seems to hold true according to YouTube reviews.
    A friend of mine bought the 699v1s last year after I told him about my great experience with the 659CBs and he loves them! I texted him about it this morning to help with my response and to quote him... "I've gotten new irons ever couple of years for the last 20 years. These are the best irons I've ever owned. They are the only clubs that have actually lowered my HDCP. Tell him not to hesitate to buy the v1s."
    I've hit his 699v1s before and I like the longer irons (4-5i), but in the more scoring irons, I personally prefer the look of the smaller 659CBs.
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    GolfSub70 reacted to FightingScot82 in Takomo 101 vs Sub 70 699   
    I'm definitely leaning Sub 70 right now just from the countless stories on here about their customer service and customization options. I'm using the PXG $25 fittings to my advantage and getting one of those next week to confirm what I found online and hopefully have some stats to share with Sub 70 ensure I'm getting what is best for me.
    This forum community and all the MGS content has been such a godsend for me discovering what is best for my game.
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    GolfSub70 reacted to FightingScot82 in Takomo 101 vs Sub 70 699   
    Sub 70 699 demos get delivered tomorrow. I'm excited to try these.
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    GolfSub70 reacted to BreakfastBall15 in GolfSpy_APH - A Toura Golf Wedge Build   
    Facts. Price is a major factor so I'm between these, the Sub 70 JB, and Takomo Skyforger. Don't get me wrong, I like the PXG wedge but considering I can get a set of either of those 3 for the price of one SG2 ... Yeah it's a no brainer
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    GolfSub70 reacted to golfgame in What is the most under appreciated brand in golf?   
    For me, it is Sub 70 golf...
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    GolfSub70 reacted to Shrek74 in Golf Deals - Forum Finds!   
    @GolfSub70 is having a few discounts/sales.
    1. Buy 2+ wedges, get a free polo.

    2. Tour Pant, 20% off.
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    GolfSub70 reacted to funkyjudge in jbern Intro and WITB   
    Hey, how about me? I currently have 20 Sub 70 golf clubs in my arsenal, and there always at least two or three Sub 70 clubs in my bag!
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    GolfSub70 got a reaction from Rob Person in jbern Intro and WITB   
    Thank you for the support @jbern! If you ever need anything let us know...and you should definitely come down to visit us in Sycamore whenever you get a chance. It's a great time and there's no cost for fittings.
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