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  1. Looks like others have mentioned, it's probably your contact. Sounds like your scooping and not compressing. While new"er" clubs might be nice and may add a level of forgiveness that your current set isn't, it's important to have the understand of how hitting the ball into the ground (not really.. but kind of) will help get you better height, spin, and definitely distance with about what feels like half the effort. A well-compressed ball involves as much legs and hips as it does arms and shoulders. I'm probably not qualified to give this advice as I'm not an instructor.. and have plenty of
  2. In case you're unaware of how the DBM (diamondized black metal) finish works, it's actually not a coating like the cheap PVD that many major OEM's use. The coloring is implanted into the metal during the forging process. The clubs aren't actually pure black so much as a dark graphite. If you've ever seen the Cobra King MB/CB line or the hogan's, it's the same look. To give reference, take any set of chrome, steel, silver colored clubs. Play them for a couple years and the color really doesn't change, but the finish just gets dulled a little. I played my DBMs for almost 3 years before switchin
  3. You can read my review of the TSW's here https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/38309-maltby-tsw-wedge-5612/ Others have chimed in and given opinions of other wedges from Maltby. I still absolutely love the wedges! And for the price, I figure I'll just buy a new set of heads every year. I honestly can't see these going out of production for a long time. Also, if you just want to follow a thread about Maltby clubs, you can check that out here https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/38325-show-us-your-maltby/ the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  4. In the MotoreX thread, I was talking about how the adapter epoxy had failed.. so in my complaining to the Mrs about how I had to get my driver fixed, she just said "well how much is a new one?".. and then that turned into "just go buy one". . I nearly $#!t myself. I ended up with the SIM Max 9°. I also had the cobra tip removed and a TM adapter put on. Will be doing a comparison today with the stock Ventus (no Velocore) and the MotoreX. Pretty sure I know the verdict but it will be fun to do anyway.
  5. Oh I went and did something silly.. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  6. So I tried my best to find the specs of the 737v and couldn't come up with anything at all. Here are the specs for the TS-1's if this helps in any way. I will say this that the profile sits right in between the TM P760 and 770 if that gives you any better reference. I'll keep looking around
  7. There's a TS-1 thread here. Myself and a few others play these so hit us up if you have any questions! the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  8. It's funny, I actually found the same link in just poking around the interweb. From the article, the heads are identical in every way with possibly a slight difference in lie by about .5* but it was noted that it isn't really detectable. The only real noted difference was the length is about .25" longer on the US version and the butt end of the shaft is slightly smaller. Now it just boils down to shaft. It does appear that perhaps the shaft profile is just slightly softer than what is offered on the US version but shaft really isn't a concern for me as I'll more than likely be using the Motor
  9. Hey @dlow206 you mind if I pick your brain on the SIM topic? You've got a lot of good insight on how the industry works and with different shafts out there. Also, having fairly recently purchased the SIM Max I figured you might have some wisdom to impart. I've got my eye on a new Sim Max 9*. The one I've found is here locally from a trusted source. It's a little different however in the sense that it comes with a "made-for" Mits Tensei Blue TM50 shaft. It's an S Flex which I'm still not opposed to because if it doesn't work out I'll just plug in my MotoreX. The price that I'm picking thi
  10. Oh man you're in for a treat with these! What shafts you pairing them with? the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  11. So maybe this was a blessing in disguise. After all of my bellyaching and crying big baby man tears that I have to have my driver fixed, the Mrs. just said.. well why don't you just go buy a new driver? Well let me preface.. New as in something that I didn't have previously with a budget of around $400 +/-. As much as I'd love to go through a new fitting, I still can't stomach paying $600+.. I digress. Immediately after asking what drugs she was on and why she wasn't sharing, I took to the internet to do my research. Weighing out the pro's/cons with the Sim and Sim Max. As much a
  12. this is kind of how I see things.. and I might be wrong but to me it makes sense as to why we're not seeing Maltby attempting to make a run similar to Hogan or Sub70. TGW like @Popeye64 mentioned is world renowned for golf shop supplies from A-Z. Maltby golf clubs might just be a life-long passion project of Ralph Maltby that TGW is able to supplement and help keep running while the real money for the company is made on TGW side of the business. Additionally, he may not be calling any of the shots at TGW anymore due to business acquisitions, mergers, etc. Just a thought Ralph Maltby
  13. Man I'll fight to the death on this one.. Don't care how blasphemous it may sound.. but a flushed TS-1 feels and sounds better than ANY club on the market. Imagine if I started a thread that read something like "Mizuno has nothing on these clubs" what kind of hell I would unleash
  14. Maybe they built ours off the same batch of epoxy? Of course, we'd love to think that their glue just can't can't handle our swing speed right? Will be taking it in this week for the repair
  15. $#!T.. that's what I feared. I know the heads a few years old but I'm not trying to be donating it to someone's back yard. The crappy bit is that I don't have a shaft puller so I have to take it in. Otherwise I'd just torch it up and fix it myself. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  16. Hey man I'm 41.. with the body of a 70 yr old.. Aches and pains from lots and lots of teen through 30's dumbassery are beginning to show up to say "hey, remember me?"
  17. Hey guys! So I know that I could probably get an answer from other areas of the forum but thought I'd try here first. I was at the range this morning while my daughter Kaylen was having her lessons. Was hitting some nice drives but noticed a slight wobble feeling coming from the head. For a second I thought that maybe the poly fill I've got packed in it was bouncing around. I've had it in there for 2 yrs though and never had this issue. Took a few more hits and then looked down to see this.. Thinking maybe ferrule creep.. this isn't really a ferrule so much as an ins
  18. While I have absolutely NO intentions of moving away from my TS-1's anytime soon, it would be cool to see them do just a straight player's blade and/or CB. Possibly something with a split set possibility in mind. Something like the set version of the TSW.. or just a completely new design. All of that might just be wishful thinking though.. time will tell the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  19. I've always been a firm believer that the backswing makes the golf shot. Whenever my backswing is right, little seems to go wrong with the execution of the shot. My backswing is pretty deliberate. I try not to lose the connection between my hands and the club so I keep my grip light and really try to work with my hips and lower body. Not too steep, nor too flat. I try to make a fluid transition to with a good solid compression and follow through. Tonight while practicing I was hitting more thin shots than I like. When I'm hitting thin, I know I'm getting into a sway that just puts me sli
  20. So we are obviously all familiar with various Maltby Offerings right? I'm familiar with the TS-1 and DBM's. I know they're not all visual successes but no OEM has a 100% aesthetic success rate. Take the clubs that visually look the part and also are just home runs as far as playability go, i.e. PTM, DBM, TS-1, TS-2, TSW, KE4 woods, etc. are fit and finish really a problem when comparing each of these to OEM's? I did a comparison of the TS-1 in the "show us your Maltby" thread to the TM P770. IMO, I'm not seeing any missed steps in product quality. I actually like the look and profile of
  21. Pretty sure it's the "made for" Ventus. Although I'm sure the Velecore version is much nicer, I don't dare send my dad down the rabbit hole of aftermarket shafts. [emoji12] Everything he plays is by my recommendation and he really has no clue why I built his set the way I did. But it's very custom for him and works great. I've got the head for the tech and details. He just wants to swing a club and make the ball go toward the hole. If I do end up getting a new driver, I'm definitely interested in the aftermarket Ventus, either blue or black. The made for version already plays great so I'm su
  22. @dlow206 I'm especially interested in your review here. My pops recently got the SIM Max with the Ventus Blue shaft (jealous much?!). I've hit it a few times and I'll have to admit that it's probably the best looking, feeling, sounding, and performing driver out. For me anyway. Even with the wrong flex (for me) it just sends bombs. My pops doesn't have a very consistent swing but I've seen him hit the best drives he's ever had with it. I'm thinking that 2021 might be the year of the new driver for me and I'm dead set on the SIM.. but I'll be anxious to see how the Tsi compares. the more
  23. Oh man that's so going on the Christmas list! the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  24. So I have these 2 shafts tipped up and ready for some comparison. I bought a nice used Titleist 917 F2 15* 3 wood that came with a P-X Evenflow Blue 6.0-S 75g. At a C2 neck setting, the shaft seems to perform just fine BUT, I couldn't help but wonder if my Pro Force V2 (Ol Faithful) would be able to do any better. So I ordered the tip, removed it from my current 3 wood, glued it up and I'm ready to compare. For starters, is anybody even remotely interested in seeing how these 2 compare? They're both considered mid-flight with some similar characteristics but other differing profile trait
  25. Not sure if this helps or hinders your request, but I'm currently playing the 917 F2 with the same Evenflow Blue 6.5 75g. To me it feels good and performs well BUT I just got the adaptor in the mail and want to compare it with my long-time fave UST Pro Force V2 Black 6F4 (I know.. not answering your question :P). This was my driver shaft for about a year and when I got picked for the Fuji Motore X testing, I tip trimmed it to 3 wood length and put it in my previous 3 wood and what a fantastic 3 wood shaft! IMO this is probably one of the most underrated aftermarket shafts you will find. I real
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