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  1. Man that's awesome! And very confidence inspiring for me in my next adventure with the Nippon 850 NEO's. You might have mentioned earlier but what do you have your SW's at?
  2. So on the topic of OP irons. Some of you may know that I was selected for the MGS Nippon 850 Neo testing. This is a tough one for me to decide as the last thing I want to do is choose a flex that won't allow me maximize every angle of the shafts potential and prevent me from doing a thorough legitimate review. I also have to remember that I'm doing this test primarily for MGS and Nippon and not for the OP thread.. BUT it would be really sweet to kind of dona double test for both threads if possible. Well tonight I was able to get a little sneak peak of how the Neo performs. I'll admit that the shaft that I tested tonight wasn't an exact match but it was a 950 NEO as there were no 850s available. After tonight's test, I feel pretty confident in saying that I think the R flex will actually work. I realize that steel R flex 95g might not be a true OP but I'm hoping that the 85g version playing + 1/2" will put me closer to acceptable OP specs. The two clubs compared are my current Maltby TS-1 7i @ 32° with 115g FCM Precision Rifle 6.5 shaft and a Srixon ZX7 @ 32° with the Nippon 950 NEO. These 2 clubs should be fairly comparable to each other as far as performance and intended market. Maltby TS-1 ZX7 The interesting bits are the ball speed, carry, launch, height, and spin are all higher on the Srixon. Disbursement is identical. I didn't change anything from one to the other as far as how hard I was swinging the club. Each club got the 75% treatment but yielded pretty significantly different results. Now.. here's a question for anyone who's carried the experiment over to their irons. Did you treat the SW the same? Did you keep it relatively low @ D0-D1 as you would the driver? Or did you go a little higher? OR did you do anything progressive? Now I'm just faced with the dilemma of how I'm going to have my clubs built. I'm thinking progressive SW but within a fairly tight range. I.e. D0 in 4 - 5, D1 in 6 - 7, D2 in 8-9, and D3 in P-GW. Thoughts? Input?
  3. FWIW, I've always heard that the cut will spin more and land with much better stopping power. If you can control it then your $
  4. Smaller grip will make the head play heavier so it will increase your SW. If you go with a smaller grip, you'll want to find a counter weight for the grip end. Usually a strip of lead tape making up the difference in weight, or if you do your own grips, I like to use aluminum duct tape in place of build up tape. It weighs 2x more than standard masking tape. You can also opt for a butt plug ()..
  5. Nice update! So in essence, we're all fitting ourselves into these shaft and head combos because regular fitting pro's aren't likely to ever recommend or even know about this path. #trailblazingsob's!
  6. This is awesome feedback! I'm on the fence about going to Reg flex with this MGS Nippon shaft test but I think this might just nudge me in that direction. I've been playing S++ in a pretty mid flight "flighted" set i.e. lower flying short irons, higher long irons, etc. I'm going to go to PGATSS this weekend and do a "mock" setup with both the R and S to see which one plays better. I'm really hoping the R flex does well soni can cross-pollinate the Nippon testing thread with the OttoPhlex thread.
  7. Man that's a full plate. Take care of that fam! Golf.. and MGS will always be here.
  8. This is me NOT disagreeing It's gotta be a matter of time before an article or video goes up on what we're doing here. It's all too compelling and interesting not to. Good find BTW!
  9. Man I wouldn't even know where to start with this one. I haven't owned a bike in 15 years.
  10. Very interesting.. You try turning the PLB down all the way? Efficiency is higher with the Garafalloy . I bet there's a secret code in there somewhere to unlock the distance. Just gotta keep playing the game.
  11. I've tried a heavier and stiffer more standard version at D0 and it's not for me. I always needed to play at least D4 in my conventional setup or else I just couldn't maintain a playable tempo and the feeling just wasn't enjoyable. D0-D1 in OP really doesn't play or feel the same as D1 in standard. It feels more like D4+ but requires much less effort to load and release. I think this is a multi-part equation. Shaft and total weight + SW + flex = results
  12. I'm sure others have mentioned that this looks like another Warrior Golf scam. Their objective isn't to sell you good golf clubs so much as to get your credit card, address, email, and phone # on file making you their retail slave. Their scam usually goes something like this.. "free set of wedges, or driver, or wood.. all you have to do is call ###, you call in and then they tell you in order to get the free wedges, you just have to pre pay $$$ for a set of irons or other clubs that you can return any time for a full refund and you can keep the wedges" in the end you end up with a crap set of wedges that you wouldn't give your worst enemy as a gag gift, a bunch more really crappy clubs, and a snake oil salesmen that is paid to do anything they can to get you to NOT return that set of clubs that you paid 5X the price for. The only free good clubs out there are ones you inherit or get as a gift. Stolen clubs aren't free.. if you know what I mean..
  13. YES!! Finally! You're the guy that I was hoping this proverbial bat signal would make its way to. Someone who's had experience with a real life Autoflex and could let us know how close or far off we are. Honestly even if it's nothing like the Autoflex it wouldn't really change my opinion of the PLB but it would be fun to know if we're even in the same ballpark. Can't wait to hear about your experience!
  14. One thing that a lot of us have noticed is how this setup really promotes a tempo check . Not to say that's your issue but I really need to stay mindful not to swing too aggressively. This shaft set-up will definitely call me to repentance if I start to get too impatient but that's a good reminder that I can quickly adjust for during a round. The shaft is doing a lot more of the work so just don't get over zealous or the face could hold open a tad longer. That said, with the correct sequencing, I've gotten my club head speed up to 116 and kept complete control of my shot. I felt like I was putting a full bore swing on the club BUT was much better sequenced and connected in my swing if that makes sense. So it's not that the shaft can't handle it is what I'm getting at
  15. Soo.. where can I find these experiments?..
  16. Sweetness! Remind us which 2 you ended up with and what they're being compared against.
  17. I've seen Matt put out similar or better #'s with other shafts that probably cost half of what this one will sell for.. and actually act like he liked them. All I got from his reaction is that the shaft plays really stiff.
  18. Clearly somebody at Dumina has found their way to the OttoPhlex thread here.. went back to HQ and said.. "dammit! The Golfspys figured us out! We knew it would only be a matter of time.. initiate plan B "regular old golf shaft" this rides officially over!"
  19. Love the thought process! If you're lacing fairways and not giving up ANY distance from your previous setup, and gaining distance isn't a major necessity, I see that as a total win! Now you have my wheels spinning again...
  20. Hmm... Although they're steel, I wonder if a L or A flex build with these would work? And.. if a tester were picked who also happens to be doing the OP experiment, if they'd allow them to use an OP version as their choice?
  21. For anybody's information, when I started this thread almost 2 months ago, I thought It'd at least get a few good pages of fun banter and maybe get a few guys to follow along.. Thinking maybe I'll give it till the end of the month and then do a separate survey and post the results here.
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