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  1. My club also has fixed aluminum carts with larger wheels and the bag stands straight up. My kids use Sun Mountain speed carts and once they tried the clubs carts the SM carts are only used on other courses.
  2. Had a fitting this week for new irons and ordered Taylormade 790’s. Set another fitting for end of July for a hybrid. There has always been a large gap between 5i and 5w I need to fill. The plan is to play with the new irons for 2-3 weeks to get a better handle on possible new carry distances. Always had a hard time getting good ball flight with a hybrid but as my swing has been slowly getting better I was hoping one would work for me. Asked if I could try one, hit the new SIM which was easy to get in the air and hit straight. Looking forward to find a club that fits my gap.
  3. Had an iron fitting at TXG today. Ended up ordering Taylormade 790 irons with kbs $-taper lite shafts in black. The shaft shocked me with the consistency of strike position even on poor swings. Looking forward to getting them on the course and hitting more consistent iron shots.
  4. Without live or new content probably less people watching which would result in lower ad revenue. If I had to guess the networks are filling time with the cheapest shows they can get away with and still make a profit.
  5. I played cheap balata balls when I started playing golf. Covers scuffed and tore up quickly more from tree collisions than wedges with my game.
  6. Only carry 12 clubs, lob wedge to 5 iron, putter, 5w and driver. Large gap between 5w and driver but not filled until I find the right club I can hit consistantly.
  7. If the book is from the same era as the ball I would’t get your hopes up for 35 cents.
  8. I have a hard time finding gloves that fit. Either a poor fit for my thumb or most gloves are not long enough and pull up exposing part of my palm. Tried a Mizuno Pro last year and problem solved and last longer than other gloves for me (probably because they fit properly). Stocked up last year when they went on sale.
  9. Last year I started the season almost always using my 60 degree wedge. Hit maybe three highlight shots and the rest sub par. Halfway through the season switched to my 56 degree wedge with slightly better results but still poor. This year I started using 7i down depending on the situation. Trying to let the ball roll to the cup instead of flying it there. Only using the 60 degree for flop shots when I have no other option. Been playing the last three weeks and every week my proximity to the hole seems to be getting better. Going to stick with this system the rest of the year.
  10. Being a high handicap player I warn people I am not very good and to expect to see some terrible shots. Pressure off and I play my own game.
  11. For a driver I doubt the stated loft is exactly accurate for most of the heads. Got fit for a Wishon driver years ago with a loft designation of nine degrees. Head had been measured at Wishon and was actually just over ten when purchased. Not much different than when you buy clothes, vanity sizing is not just in women’s clothing. My actual waist size is just over 35” but I wear 34” and in some models a 32”. Clothing companies are not being deceitful they just size to what their customer base expects. It is our job to try them on and make sure it works for us just like golf equipment.
  12. Decided to get an electric cart this year. Purchased a Sun Mountain C130 bag in black two months ago. Zip Navigator black cart arrived last week and picked up a couple of Dormie headcovers in black from my home course. Will be getting an iron fitting at TXG in a couple of weeks as they begin to reopen. Happy with my current set but nice to eliminate the doubt something else could be much better.
  13. Much prefer 18 holes as 9 seems incomplete. Last year I would play 9 with the kids after school but 18 on weekends.
  14. Even when my green fee includes a cart I still walk. Riding in a cart just seems like a more hectic round racing from ball to ball. Always enjoyed walking since I was a little kid and I find it relaxing.
  15. Driver for sure. Pulls and slices with at least one total flub each round. Best rounds are always when I can keep the driver reasonably close to the fairway.
  16. I got the all black bag, black Zip Navigator electric cart, black Dormie headcovers from my home course and a black and white MyGolfSpy putter headcover. Simple and looks good to me. Problem with pictures is I have not used a camera since I was 10 thirty-eight years ago. Keep thinking about learning how to download them but have not had the time yet. I would rather play golf and other activities I enjoy.
  17. I used a Sun Mountion four5 for years and still in great shape. A couple of years ago the set screw for the leg mechanism fell out. Called Sun Mountain to order a set screw and they sent me the whole leg mechanism for free. Just bought a C130 and both kids have Sun Mountain push carts. Happy to support them.
  18. Decided to stop carrying this year and was looking for an electric cart. Ordered a Zip Navigator through my home course’s pro shop and should have it later this week. I liked it for the light weight and ease of transport. Would have preferred a cart that followed automatically and was looking at Stewart but just to cumbersome to take back and forth to the course. Ended up being a good decision as my home course is not able to store carts and clubs this year due to coved-19.
  19. Ordered a C130 earlier this year. Always carried and had a good experience with my Four5 bag so stayed with sun mountain. Used a push cart with the bag for three rounds so far. Like the bag but find the push cart more work and hassle than carrying my clubs. Waiting for my new electric cart to arrive.
  20. I prefer a 14 way as long as it has full length dividers. With oversized grips It was a pain to get clubs in or out with anything but the 14. An added bonus is not having to worry about forgetting a club. A quick glance to ensure they are all there.
  21. I have a few straw fedoras that I prefer to wear. My home course is always windy so I have been forced to wear a ball cap (less likely to fly off). For this I have gone to runners caps. They are light weight, breathable, washable and made to stuff in a pocket as the brim is flexible. Leave one in my bag and pull out when needed.
  22. Buying products made in first world countries costs a premium. With the high unemployment rate and many businesses that will go under how many people will be able to afford the extra costs? Sentiment is good but not feasible for most industries.
  23. I had a putting green similar to yours installed. Did you use sand that is round like a marble? When installed the sand was compacted but the round sides of the sand allows drainage while still being able to shift slightly from golf ball impacts. If this is not the problem then it is most likely a drainage issue under the green. We have clay based soil in Toronto so there is 12” of compacted gravel from coarse to fine under the putting green. The green is also under full tree canopy which prevents direct sun. Wish I could hit shots from 150 yards. Only have the space for 30 yards off grass or 40 yards off deck using a mat.
  24. eBay and Amazon pretend to care about counterfeit and shoddy merchandise but only react when their backs are to the wall. They allow it because they make a lot of money allowing companies on their sites to sell these goods. Another reason to support your local brick and mortar stores as well as trusted online retailers.
  25. Shoes - Adidas Tour Boost - I have four pairs I rotate, fit well and I like the stability. Socks - Darn Tough - I look for the highest wool content, my feet might sweat but I don’t know until I take my shoes off. Wear these for golf as well as casual wear. Lifetime warranty against wear, put Smartwool to shame. Available in different sizes. Shirts - I have tried to stay with cotton but availability of quality cotton shirts with a slim fit has become almost impossible to find. I don’t want to pay $300+ for a golf shirt. I tried some performance fabrics from Travis Mathew, Puma (sized down and still baggy), Galvin Green and J Lindeberg. All other brands fit like a tent. Tried the new shirts over the winter when practicing and combination of best fit and most comfortable when sweating was J Lindeberg. Ordered some some through their website when they were blowing out 2019 models and average price shipped to my door was around $70 Canadian. We’ll see how they are on the course this summer.
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