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  1. Congratulations. Nothing more important than family.
  2. I look for a line that the ball can die at the hole on long putts and go past the hole 1-2’ on putts under 10’. I aim for a spot right or left of the cup as my start line. Speed is all subconscious feel. I have tried walking off putts to figure out speed or have set differences in length of stroke. Both of these methods just messes me up. I have always been a believer in gut instincts. Your eyes see and your brain processes more information than we can consciously handle. Let your subconscious do the work and trust it. How often do we second guess how we feel only for the worse? I also believe the more you analyze the results the better you can improve honing these gut instincts. This goes for all aspects of life not just putting.
  3. Just wondering what alignment aids people prefer. I prefer a single dot or line so I can narrow my focus. Multiple lines or other wider alignment aids distract me more. The cleaner the top of the putter the better I like it. Both of my kids seem to gravitate to putters with ball width alignment aids. Curious what people prefer and why. Also, does colour of markings on the top of the putter matter to you? I prefer white on a dark putter as it it easier for me to see.
  4. My first putter was a Ping Answer with the slot. At the time it was cheap and seemed to roll the ball pretty well. Over the years I would try other putters if they were free or I got them for good deal (Scotty Cameron Squareback, a couple from Odyssey, and a few others). None stayed in the bag for more than a few rounds until I picked up the Mizuno in my signiature. It seemed good but I always wondered if something else could be better so I went for a putter fitting. The numbers were better with tempo and strike position than the others I tried using the SAM system. It was recommended I not change the putter but I did change the grip to a round Edel I had tried out of their cart. Last year I did a full bag fitting which included a putter fitting. I ended up with an ER6 since it showed the ball skipped less. Used the putter last year and early this year. I found myself developing a pull with this putter. I don’t know what the cause was but it wouldn’t go away. While in the US on business I tried a TA3 and it rolled very well. The putter rolled straight but it took me a few weeks and a lot of hours to get distance control while practising from 10-12’. My issue is my proximity to the hole is not very good so 20’+ putts are the norm. I just couldn’t get consistent results with the speed of putts. This consistently caused my line to be off and I left putts too short or too long as they slipped past the hole. Last Saturday I 3 putted 10 times and new something had to too be done. Never had less than five 3 putts when using it. The following Monday I took the TA3 as well as my old Mizuno to the putting green before my round for about 45 minutes. I spent about 10 minutes with the TA3 hitting straight and breaking putts between 10-40’ from all over the green. Then I tried the Mizuno and I kicked myself for ever doubting it. Only left a couple of putts more than 6’ from the hole with the majority within 4’. Used the Mizuno during the round, made a 30’+ putt and 3 putted three times. Played Thursday with three 3 putts and Friday with only 2. Also making more one putts in the 6-10’ range while the TA3 produced only one made in the previous five rounds. A bit of a long ramble but I have learned my lesson. If a club works, stick with it. Chasing after something better worked out terrible for me. The bright side is I won’t make the same mistake again, hopefully.
  5. Sadly the TA3 is out of my bag. Long putts of 20’+ was the undoing of this putter. I’ll post a new topic to explain.
  6. I have an older Sunmountain Four5 carry bag with the 14 way divider. Using oversized grips with 2-4 extra wraps and no problems getting them in or out of their slots. Also easy to find clubs as I know where each one is.
  7. Great work with the ball testing and debunking. I don’t care if a company uses a Chinese manufacturer to produce a ball off an old patent. Be honest about it and sell at a lower price point. Why not purchase a good quality ball at a good price. I don’t want to see any type of medical products reviewed on this site. This is a golf forum and I think the CBD reviews could lead down a slippery slope. Let medical professionals deal with medical products. I might as well go to a gaming forum for baking tips.
  8. I have purchased a number of putters used over the years as long as they look new. My current set I was fit for and purchased new. Prior clubs were all purchased in heavily discounted sales or clearance on old models. I hate the thought of buying new at full price if I am not 100% sure they will work for me.
  9. Soak the heads in water and dish soap if really dirty. Clean with a nylon bristle brush or even an old toothbrush.
  10. I live near TXG in Toronto and got fit for my clubs last year. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks to make sure clubs are still in spec and get gapping distances. My most common irons hit are 5-7, might only hit P-8 a few times a round in total. I have just been guessing with the short irons.
  11. All water balls stay in the water. A decent quality ball that looks new I will give to my kids. If they are off one day they each can lose 6+ balls per round. If the balls are marked they get used for pitch shots into our backyard putting green. I live on a ravine that can be a magnet for errant balls.
  12. I like the look of a mid mallet at address. A middle ground of the Ping Anser I started with and a full mallet. If I keep 3 putting this year I may switch back to my old Mizuno black carbon made by Bettinardi. Always had good distance control with that putter.
  13. Toylormade was at our club yesterday and were giving away a 2 pack of balls. I got the TP5x and played one for the last 12 holes. Had good height and distance with the driver and OK with other clubs as well. Will consider this ball when my current stock of Callaway runs out.
  14. Maybe Odyssey will release the same putter with a new name and graphics and sell for top dollar.
  15. I make sure I stretch properly before I begin. Then use a 7 iron with half shots to add speed (10 - 15 shots). Hit full shots using course routine. Will stay with the 7 iron until I am confident with consistency and ball flight then move to the 5 iron, 5 wood and driver. Usually end with hitting random clubs to targets. For short game I have a putting green in my yard that I can hit up to 50 yard pitch shots. I try to have a quick practice at least twice a week.
  16. I have always been attracted to the things I am not good at. I love to read, listen to music and look at paintings and sculpture. My writing style is like a textbook. I have a good ear and can tell whenever something is off key, I always am. A picture in my head can not be translated to any type of medium. When my kids were young I used music lessons as an excuse to buy a grand piano. They no longer take lessons but the piano is still there. When I can start working less I will learn how to play. A bit like golf, you don’t have to be very good to still enjoy it. Congratulations to all those with talent. It makes the world a better place.
  17. I stopped playing for 10 years when I started a business and then had kids. No time and didn’ t want to spend the money. A few years ago my father was playing at least 5 times a week. Now he is down to 1 or 2 rounds a week (often only 9 holes instead of 18) at most. Old sports injuries are catching up on him limiting both walking and swinging the club. He bought a boat instead, easier on the body.
  18. I don’t know anywhere in the city the putter is for sale. I purchased mine while in the US at Dick’s Sporting Goods.
  19. You could also try magnetic paint instead of tape.
  20. How many men want to be told they should play further up? Egos can be easily bruised.
  21. Tiger is probably the overall better golfer but I still say no. Both Jack and Tiger exuded confidence that some may have seen as cocky similar to the label put on Koepka now. Tiger was always different than the other two. Never state an opinion as it could cost his earning potential. Never stand up for something that could help others. Disdain and a surly demeanour towards reporters unless it was in his best interests. Even without the later revelations Tiger was never as good a human being as Jack. Give him credit for trying more now but he doesn’t hold a candle to Jack. I’ll root for the better person.
  22. I have two things, my Sun Mountain four5 bag with the 14 way divider and my neoprene iron head covers. I can be very anal about some things and bag organization is one of them. I use extra wrapped oversized grips and this bag works great for them. Also hate the sound of the irons clanging while I walk. The neoprene head covers solve the problem while being easy to use. I know almost all golfers hate iron head covers but it saves my sanity.
  23. Am I the only one who hates all the new performance fabrics? I have tried numerous shirts over the years touting all the benefits of polyester and fancier named man made products. Some do wick more moisture but they still don’t keep up with the extra sweating they cause. I have also found even the so called best quality examples don’ hold up as well as a good knit cotton shirt will. Most last only a couple of rounds before they start to pill when I carry my bag. Performance pants and shorts I find no better. I have been wearing some of the same shirts, shorts and pants made of a good quality 100% cotton for over ten years for everyday wear and golf on a regular rotation. Performance fabrics have never lasted anywhere close to as long for amount of times they are worn. Linen and linen/cotton blends can be extremely hard wearing and are great for hot humid climates. I won’t even get into the idea of wearing golf performance apparel to the office. You know who you are and you would probably be surprised how many others do as well. Good quality cotton will cost a little more up front but has benefits. It will last longer, look better and be a better value over time. Only problem I have is it takes a bit more time searching as 100% items are more rare than they used to be. A bit of a long rant. I don’t think I am the only one who thinks this way. Just curious of others opinions.
  24. I don’t know if their head weights are different for different length putters but I have a 35” model and would say it is in the middle for mallet putters. My ER6 that it replaced had a heavier head (ordered that way) but the TA has still produced better results.
  25. I have bagged the TA the last couple of weeks. Was using an ER6 I was fit for. Truer roll with the TA, misses are now due to reading greens. It took a few rounds to get used to the difference in distance since the face is a bit hotter than the ER6. Will keep it in the bag this season.
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