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  1. I don’t like to mess with putters very often. My first putter was a Ping Anser slot. Later went to a used Mizuno Carbon Black mid mallet and an Evntoll ER6 last year after a putting fitting. I find I pull some putts with the ER6 which had not been a problem before. Have tried over the years an Odyssey White Hot I got for free, a heavily discounted Odyssey I can’t remember the model and a Scotty Cameron anser type with the much wider sole. All 3 rolled the ball well but I had problems with distance control. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a Tommy Armour #3 while in the US. Rolled true right from the first attempt. Been playing around with it on my Birdie Ball putting green, still rolls true and figuring out distance with putts up to 13’. Puts are hotter off the face than the ER6. This weekend I will try some putts up to 40’ on the outdoor putting green and if distance is good I will bag it for the season.
  2. I have been washing all clothes inside out with fasteners done up on the gentlest cycle the washing machine offers for over twenty years. Combine this with hanging all clothes to dry can add years to their lifespan. Purchase better quality clothes and take proper care of them will save money in the long run. This premise is true for most things in life.
  3. Bought one last week while I was in the US for business. Was hitting a Truvis ball and was surprised how true a roll I was getting. Will spend some time with it today. Maybe it will knock my Evnroll out of my bag.
  4. Had Scor wedges and Nike Covert Forged irons with v soles. Neither were very consistent for me. Last year I got Srixon Z565 irons and the v sole on these has been great. Turf interaction is best by far. I don’t know why they work better for me, just happy with the results.
  5. I would like to try one off the deck. Have not found a 3 wood that works for me, maybe this could be an option.
  6. Golf apparel companies trying to sell clothes that can be worn from the office to the course. Don't be that guy.
  7. There is always a lot of talk about the expense of playing golf. Two more clubs would just add to that expense. I know people don't have to carry the limit of clubs but when I began playing I felt that I had to have them in order to play well. The extra cost due to additional clubs may keep potential golfers away. The funny thing is most of my best rounds were played using 12 clubs or less. Last season I played a round where I used my driver off the tee of the front nine and a 5 iron for the back nine. My score was better for the second nine because I was able to play the back nine with the same ball.
  8. I have an old Mizuno Carbon Black mid mallet made by Bettinardi. Last year I used an Evnroll but not sure which one I will use this year.
  9. There is a short 12 hole par 47 course near my cabin I got my kids started at. Only around 3700 yards with short walks between green to next tee (most people still take carts). Shorter holes with some narrow fairways, doglegs and small greens to keep it challenging. I think this is a great place to get started or for practice, especially since it is easy to finish in less than 2 hours.
  10. Largest contract for North American sports. Trout has always kept a low profile so I think the contract fits with his demeanour. No hoopla of free agency and does not need to listen to the media speculate about where he will go for how much money. It is also nice to see a great player who wants to stay and try to win on the team that drafted him. I would love to see him in the World Series in the next few years.
  11. People like to say they want more kids and young people to play for the future of the sport but hate to see them in front of them on the course.
  12. Mixed bag, Callaway, Srixon, Ping and Evnroll. As mentioned earlier, no one paying me so absolutely no brand loyalty. My kids both have Maltby irons and one daughter has a Wishon driver (my old driver head). Price quality ratio is great so a good option to get the kids fitted.
  13. RF - 1 long tee, 1 short tee, ball marker and divot tool RR - scorecard LF - glove when not wearing I won't carry an extra ball in my pocket. Prefer to think positive. It often doesn't help.
  14. I tried a Mizuno Pro glove last summer and by far the best fitting glove I have ever worn. Most gloves are too short for my palm and ride up on the opposite side of my thumb. Mizuno glove is at least half inch longer than others I have tried. I purchased a few UA Spieth Tour gloves cheap on sale this winter but have not used yet. Nice leather and fit for fingers but same issue (better than most) with the short palm. I will try them but may end up as range gloves. I use the 3 pack Callaway gloves for winter practise because they are so cheap. Leather feels nice and fingers fit well. On the short side for my palm. Durability is less than half the time of the Mizuno glove at less than a third the price. This may be due to the length as the gloves either get holes in the same place and once in a while they split across the palm.
  15. I replaced my Scor wedges with 52, 56 and 60 Ping Glide 2.0 wedges. I find the turf interaction much better for my swing on pitch shots. Dispersion and distance control has improved greatly. My basic shots are 1/4 and 1/2 swings with all three. I never take full swings with wedges so I can't comment on this.
  16. On my last putter I used a round Edel grip and loved it. The one currently available has a soft feel which I don't like. If a regular iron grip was long enough for my grip I would be using it with extra wraps on the bottom hand on my new Evnroll putter. The standard fat Evnroll grip did not work for me at all so I had it switched for a ping style grip.
  17. I wonder what the results would be if repainted balls were used for the test. These balls look brand new but who knows what kind of shape they were in. I don't have the time or energy to research the quality of used balls and their source so I don't buy any to use on the course. For my backyard putting green I buy blemished balls from a local guy cheap as I am on a ravine which can be a magnet for pitch shots. A few found balls make it into my bag but most go to the kids.
  18. The sand wedge was slightly shorter but the gap wedge was very close to the same length and a bit upright. My set up position is critical for me so I need to be aware of it. The ping 50 degree is only available in one bounce and grind so this was not the difference. Thanks for the suggestion, I am having a lesson tomorrow and will discuss with him as well.
  19. Had a wedge fitting this afternoon at TXG. A little background first. Six years ago I had a freak accident which caused me to lose 40% of my balance in my left ear. Results are similar to vertigo but it is constant and will always be with me. To counteract this I must practice specific movements to train my brain to adjust similar to how our brain automatically adjusts our vision when each eye is not exact. When I started to play golf again after 2 years I had my irons retrofitted to True Length Technology specs which is a cross between a standard set and single length. This puts me in the same set up position for each shot through out my bag which allows me to have a constant swing from my driver to a wedge. I had also hit my golf instructor's Ping Glide 2.0 gap and sand wedge last Thursday and they were much more consistent with a better feel than my current Scor wedges. On to the fitting with Cam. I never take full shots with my wedges and my most consistent pitch is with a half swing. Cam had me hit this shot with my gap wedge to see the spin numbers. The plan was to try some different wedges, bounces and sole grinds. This was where things went wrong for me. It turns out my gap wedge is 1" long and 3 degrees upright (all my wedges are the same length). All of TXG's wedges are standard length which caused me to lean over more, crouch or a combination of both. I hadn't given this any thought as I did not pay attention to the specs on my current wedges and assumed the Pings I hit last week were standard (turns out they were not). The shorter clubs caused me to become more dizzy and within 12 shots I was cooked. After that I could feel myself swaying on my back swing. Shots with the shorter wedges were terrible. Tried a few more with my gap wedge which were better than the others and called it a day. I asked Cam to order me a Ping 50 degree wedge made to the same specs as my club with 12 degrees of bounce (same club as I tried last week). My thought was I would come back in when the club arrived, adjust as necessary and then work out the rest of the set. Cam let Ian know how we were going to proceed and Ian offered to have Mike build a couple of clubs to my current specs for me to try. I have a putter fitting next week and will try the wedges then. Ian's offer was beyond what I expected and I really appreciated this. A good example of TXG going the extra step for a customer. As far as fitting the rest of the bag there should not be any problems since TXG has a wide assortment of shafts in different lengths.
  20. What are the chances the Marxian S will become your gamer? Curios since you made some good pressure putts. Is your confidence in this putter high enough yet? Looking forward to see the next putter.
  21. I am not a billboard and do not get paid to advertise anything so I try to avoid logos when possible. I won't wear or carry branding by the large OEMs. For a bag I have to live with the four5 from Sun Mountain, not many choices in golf bags.
  22. I believe the graph skews towards the better golfers on the left. Personally, I don't have any friends who keep a handicap or even care. The graph probably does not include the average golfer that plays for fun. Most people keeping a handicap on the Grint I assume are more avid golfers or people who have aspirations to become much better and use it as a way to track their progress. This is not the average weekend golfer. Interesting to see for sure but not comprehensive so should be taken with a grain of salt.
  23. I have a wedge fitting next Tuesday but thought my wedges were good for me and probably would not need to be changed. Had a lesson this past Thursday and my instructor wanted to see me hit a few and let me hit his since I didn't bring my own. Wow, his Ping Glides's were so much more consistent on pitch shots than my Scors. I now know they will be replaced. The Pings would be a huge improvement and maybe something else will be even better. Can't wait until Tuesday.
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