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  1. I did a putter fitting with the Edel cart a number of years ago. It was informative to try the different configurations to see what worked better. In the end my putter at the time was not bested but I did end up changing the grip from pistol to round. More feedback and better hand placement for me. Going through something like this is worth the time and expense. Helps validate some things you thought and learn something new.
  2. ED13


    I love smoke and peat. My favourite distilleries are Ardeg and Laphroaig. My favourite bottles are Corryvrekan and Quarter Cask. For company wanting to try something with peat and smoke I start them off with something milder. Bunnahabhain12 or 18 is milder and a little sweeter. If you can find bottles in the square boxes rather than the round tubes snatch them up. The newer versions are OK but the older are a step above. Bowmore 18 is good as well. Lagavulin 16 is another good option. These are the bottles I have found the most success with for new Scotch drinkers in this category. None are high abv and the extra age can help. All are easily approachable.
  3. Glad you found something that works well for you. A good example for all of us to keep trying new things.
  4. See my replies above. Sorry I do not know how to put them in a different colour as I have seen others do.
  5. I have been a lifelong NFL fan and would watch every game I could. The shine has now worn off. Years ago I watched something on Jim Otto well after he retired. Hearing him talk about the punishment his body endured and seeing footage off him just trying to get out of bed was sad to watch. Easy at the time to think he knew what he signed up for. Now that has completely changed for me with CTE issues. Every time I see a player retire early I am happy for him. Every time I see NFL lip service to concussion protocols I get angry at the commissioners office and the owners. NFL players are lower paid and have shorter careers than other major sports like baseball and basketball. Even hockey has guaranteed contracts. Why shouldn’t players sit out until they are paid what they are worth? Why shouldn’t they get more guaranteed money? Team owners will use them up and toss them away without a second thought. Players need to get everything they can to last them the rest of their lives, they know they can’t rely on the NFL or their ineffective union to help protect them. I expect the NFL will go the way of boxing. A slow decline as the puppeteers in charge destroy and then start running out of its human assets.
  6. Once a cheat, always a cheat. A leopard does not change its spots.
  7. Just keep hoodie and his henchmen away from recording devices.
  8. Not much help other than to say Korean.
  9. This year I switched to hats made for runners. I use a couple from Ciele. Very lightweight and breathable. Made to be scrunched up in a pocket when not worn and easily washable. Golf logos not available and won’t be seen on tour if that matters to anyone.
  10. I was fit for irons spring of 2018 and the two best for me at the time were Srixon 565 and Titleist 790. Fitter thought Srixon might be better for me in the long term so I went with them. Titleist had a golf fitting day at my club so I stopped by after practise and quickly tried the new 790’s. Not ideal conditions as it was raining and standard size grips feel like toothpicks as I use oversized with four extra wraps. Did not help not having rain gloves so only able to take easy swings. Irons were very easy to get in the air. Feel on all shots was much better than my current clubs. I can get handsy on some swings which leads to me hitting slightly behind the ball and making contact toward the toe of the club. As mentioned you can feel mishits (easier the the 585s) and turf interaction was better than before. Also found shots hit toward the toe seemed to fade less than my current irons. Won’t commit to saying these are better than my current irons but will definitely look at them again before next spring.
  11. I also use the club glove 2 pack. So much cheaper than similar towels with a golf logo. As mentioned earlier the small towel fits in my back pocket. I keep it damp for cleaning ball when on the green.
  12. I picked up a TA3 this spring after trying it at DSG. The putter was easy to start online and rolled the ball very true. Was having trouble with my current Evnroll ER6 getting putts started on line having switched to this putter after a putting fitting the year before. I liked the looks of the putter and the grip was good quality so no rush to change it. The only thing that bothered me was the gold sight line. I prefer white and figured I eventually would paint fill the line sometime in the future if I did not get used to it. One small chip in the paint on the shaft so have no complaints. Probably helps that I use a bag with 14 way full dividers. Spent quite a bit of time practising with the putter. Roll was very true just like my initial findings. The problem I had was distance control. I play on fast greens so this is critical for me to avoid 3 putts. I was never able to get the distance control I needed with this putter. Never knew whether the putt would be short or blow past the hole. It got to the point 5 or more 3 putts was common for a round. Out of frustration I took my previous putter before the ER6 ( in my signature below) out one day with only 15 minutes on the practice green before playing. That day I only had one 3 putt and have not had more than three 3 putts in a round since. Also making more longer putts now as my ball holds my target line longer as the speed is better with the break of the putt. Overall I think a great putter if you can control the speed. I have had a similar problem with a SC Squareback as well as an Odyssey mallet. Both rolled the ball well but I was never able to consistently control the speed and distance with either. This is a problem I am more prone to.
  13. I got a couple of free tp5x balls at a demo day. Played one for the final 6 holes of my round. Ball flight was higher for my long irons and driver which gave me the needed extra distance. Not as soft on putts and chipping as the Callaway ball I was using but not enough difference to cause problems with either. I will look at having a ball fitting later this season, the TM ball is currently top of my list.
  14. I tried something similar a couple of years ago. My putting got worse as I was unable to consistently align the mark with the line of the put. I would readjust multiple times which caused doubt and never confident in my line. I prefer my final adjustments to my putting line made while standing directly over my ball. Never thought about using the line off the tee. This is something I will try at the range. Glad you found an aid to help your game. I think we all try different ones hoping it will help.
  15. I started playing golf with an interlock grip. When I was playing very occasional rounds I subconsciously started using an overlap grip. Once I started playing more again a few years ago I went back to an interlock grip without thinking about it. I believe it is because I can grip lighter with an interlock grip. Putting grip is 10 fingers with both index fingers pointed straight down the grip.
  16. Majors attract all the top players which makes them special. Who willing skips them? Maybe a few other tournaments have this draw for players (Players’ Championship).
  17. Congratulations. Nothing more important than family.
  18. I look for a line that the ball can die at the hole on long putts and go past the hole 1-2’ on putts under 10’. I aim for a spot right or left of the cup as my start line. Speed is all subconscious feel. I have tried walking off putts to figure out speed or have set differences in length of stroke. Both of these methods just messes me up. I have always been a believer in gut instincts. Your eyes see and your brain processes more information than we can consciously handle. Let your subconscious do the work and trust it. How often do we second guess how we feel only for the worse? I also believe the more you analyze the results the better you can improve honing these gut instincts. This goes for all aspects of life not just putting.
  19. Just wondering what alignment aids people prefer. I prefer a single dot or line so I can narrow my focus. Multiple lines or other wider alignment aids distract me more. The cleaner the top of the putter the better I like it. Both of my kids seem to gravitate to putters with ball width alignment aids. Curious what people prefer and why. Also, does colour of markings on the top of the putter matter to you? I prefer white on a dark putter as it it easier for me to see.
  20. My first putter was a Ping Answer with the slot. At the time it was cheap and seemed to roll the ball pretty well. Over the years I would try other putters if they were free or I got them for good deal (Scotty Cameron Squareback, a couple from Odyssey, and a few others). None stayed in the bag for more than a few rounds until I picked up the Mizuno in my signiature. It seemed good but I always wondered if something else could be better so I went for a putter fitting. The numbers were better with tempo and strike position than the others I tried using the SAM system. It was recommended I not change the putter but I did change the grip to a round Edel I had tried out of their cart. Last year I did a full bag fitting which included a putter fitting. I ended up with an ER6 since it showed the ball skipped less. Used the putter last year and early this year. I found myself developing a pull with this putter. I don’t know what the cause was but it wouldn’t go away. While in the US on business I tried a TA3 and it rolled very well. The putter rolled straight but it took me a few weeks and a lot of hours to get distance control while practising from 10-12’. My issue is my proximity to the hole is not very good so 20’+ putts are the norm. I just couldn’t get consistent results with the speed of putts. This consistently caused my line to be off and I left putts too short or too long as they slipped past the hole. Last Saturday I 3 putted 10 times and new something had to too be done. Never had less than five 3 putts when using it. The following Monday I took the TA3 as well as my old Mizuno to the putting green before my round for about 45 minutes. I spent about 10 minutes with the TA3 hitting straight and breaking putts between 10-40’ from all over the green. Then I tried the Mizuno and I kicked myself for ever doubting it. Only left a couple of putts more than 6’ from the hole with the majority within 4’. Used the Mizuno during the round, made a 30’+ putt and 3 putted three times. Played Thursday with three 3 putts and Friday with only 2. Also making more one putts in the 6-10’ range while the TA3 produced only one made in the previous five rounds. A bit of a long ramble but I have learned my lesson. If a club works, stick with it. Chasing after something better worked out terrible for me. The bright side is I won’t make the same mistake again, hopefully.
  21. Sadly the TA3 is out of my bag. Long putts of 20’+ was the undoing of this putter. I’ll post a new topic to explain.
  22. I have an older Sunmountain Four5 carry bag with the 14 way divider. Using oversized grips with 2-4 extra wraps and no problems getting them in or out of their slots. Also easy to find clubs as I know where each one is.
  23. Great work with the ball testing and debunking. I don’t care if a company uses a Chinese manufacturer to produce a ball off an old patent. Be honest about it and sell at a lower price point. Why not purchase a good quality ball at a good price. I don’t want to see any type of medical products reviewed on this site. This is a golf forum and I think the CBD reviews could lead down a slippery slope. Let medical professionals deal with medical products. I might as well go to a gaming forum for baking tips.
  24. I have purchased a number of putters used over the years as long as they look new. My current set I was fit for and purchased new. Prior clubs were all purchased in heavily discounted sales or clearance on old models. I hate the thought of buying new at full price if I am not 100% sure they will work for me.
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