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  1. I agree with this for the most part but believe looks and feel contribute as well. For looks, playing a putter with any glare or too light a colour causes problems. I need a high contrast between the putter and sight lines or they become more of a distraction as I focus on a fuzzy line with my failing eyes. As ar as feel goes I have had 3 putters I could roll very straight, my current Mizuno, a SC square back and an Odyssey I can't recall the model. Practicing at home all 3 were equal. On the course I had major issues with distance control with the SC and Odyssey. I may blame the problem as feel but it may have been something technical like incorrect loft causing the ball to skid. All i know was I could not get consistency with any but the Mizuno. I set up a putter fitting now that they received their Evnroll putters, I am hoping to find the best of everything.
  2. The only wood I have ever hit with any semblance of consistency is my TaylorMade Firesole 4 wood with the original steel shaft. No luck in finding anything better yet. I don't remember the last time I saw a steel shafted wood in someone's bag.
  3. Picked up 2 pairs of Adidas 360 tour boost shoes. One pair is current and the other is last years which I like a bit better since the heel is higher. Both on sale and they are more comfortable than my old Footboy Icons.
  4. Your new bag looks great, simple and classic design. I wish my bag (Sun Mountain four5) had that pop out side feature. Not sure I would carry this bag on a long hilly course though. Interested to hear how you like it after a bunch of rounds.
  5. I like the 2 colour paint fill better than all blue. Looks good.
  6. First set of irons was a mix of old blades I sent to a charity shop after the first year. I purchased a cheap set of Cleveland VAS 792 I used for a couple of years which I traded for a new toilet when I was gifted a new set of MacGregor Tourney PCBs. Best feeling irons I ever hit on a quality shot. Problem was I was not good enough to hit enough quality shots in a round. Three years ago I got a good deal on a new set of Nike Covert Forged which I still use.
  7. Only watch Golf Channel occasionally but don't have much issue with Chamblee. He has won multiple professional tournaments so he must know something about what he is talking about. A different perspective from others is never a bad thing. It gives us something to think about. I never have a problem with someone having opinions other than mine as long as they have taken the time to think through the situation and have some sound reasoning to back up their thoughts.
  8. I agree with what you are saying. Like any physical activity, warm up and proper technique are critical to avoid injuries in the short and long term. I read the information on their website and watched the videos to understand what is involved. Most movements seem doable for me except the crow hop. Always good to know your limits.
  9. Ardbeg Corry again tonight. Just past the halfway point of the bottle so need to polish it off quicker before the increased oxidization mellows it out too much.
  10. Had my wife order this for me today. Worth a try, I don't see how it can hurt.
  11. I also have had a Birdie ball mat for years and will vouch for it. The contour kit is extra pieces of foam, I prefer magazines placed under the sides instead.
  12. I have been waiting for SkyTrack to go on sale and today was the day at Golftown online. On order and waiting for it to arrive.
  13. I have a distribution company that sells specialty construction products.
  14. Tier 1 - Bubba Watson Tier 2 - Alex Noren Tier 3 - Kevin Kisner Tier 4 - Bryson DeChambeau Tier 5 - Kiradech Aphibarnrat Winning Score -13 Low Am +8
  15. Baseball. It has been a long winter and have watched at least one game a day since Thursday.
  16. At 46 this is the first year I am taking golf seriously. My goal this year is to break 90. Over the winter I looked at my game to determine my shortcomings that cost me the most strokes and came up with a list. 1. Shot shape could be anything from a pull, straight or fade turning into a huge slice with longer clubs. - I have been working on hitting a slight draw to take one side of the fairway out of play. I hope this will eliminate the abundance of penalty strokes. I should easily save a few stroke here. 2. Short game has gone south since my 20's. - The last 2 weeks I have been practicing chipping and short pitch shots in my back yard. Consistency in direction and distance has already improved. If I can eliminate 75% of second chips alone I will save a few strokes. Consistently leaving myself with shorter putts should save a few more. 3. Inability to hit woods or driver with any consistency. - I am no longer going to always pull a longer club but instead hit more consistent mid irons on anything but wide fairways. Again, cut down on penalty stokes and always playing from the rough. Improved lies with shorter irons at greens will definitely help and eliminate more penalty strokes. 4. First hole is often a horror show for me, at least half the time scoring triple bogey or more. - Make sure I hit some practice shots before I tee off. Starting a round cold is not smart. Could easily save a couple of strokes a round on the first hole. Also it will be nice to start a round not feeling pressure to hit hero shots to make up for the early lost strokes. Since the beginning of February I have been completely changing my swing. After 2 weeks I realized I was an idiot trying to do it myself and started taking lessons. Each lesson another piece is added and I get worse for a few days+ then start to see improvement. I am practicing at least 5 hours a week. The mental side with shot selection is another matter. A couple of courses I play regularly I am going to script my tee shots with a couple of options for the next shot. I hope this will get me making better decisions on the course. Long story short, identify weaknesses and work on fixing them picking off easiest and most costly ones first.
  17. I enjoy playing by myself, with friends and family and now with my kids. The courses I enjoy the most give me a sense of solitude or allow my group to feel we are the only people around. Golf is one of the things I like to do in my limited spare time to just relax. Walking the course, looking at nature, chatting and joking with friends and family. What more can you want.
  18. For a glove a wear a titleist XL cadet which is a little short on the palm of my hand. Always used the original grips on the clubs off the rack which were standard. I started using oversize grips 2 years ago and it allowed me to stop strangling the club when swinging. The lighter grip pressure has allowed my swing to be smoother.
  19. Not trying to be the old man yelling at kids to get of my lawn but music in public is what headphones or ear buds are for.
  20. Had the day off work today and spent a couple of hours hitting chip and short pitch shots into my outdoor putting green. Hopefully the weather will stay warm enough to get more time with it the next couple of weeks.
  21. Curious if anyone has tried a dimpled foam golf ball with Skytrack? I don't expect it to be as accurate but if I can get an idea about quality of shot this would be enough. I have been thinking about one for a few months and would be great outside hitting into a net in the summer. Winter months are more of a problem. The only area I have enough height to swing in my house is the entrance way. Can not use a net but I can close some doors and hit foam balls into a couple of them. It would make it much more worthwhile if I can use it year round.
  22. Just heard about Shawn yesterday while I was there hitting balls. Nice guy and wish him all the best. Good to know about Mike. He has been there a few times I have been in but not had a chance to actually talk to him yet. Toronto location has been getting busy the last month.
  23. Most have already been given away. It's also surprising how many balls I can lose in a round, especially when I start hitting the driver. Slices like mine help keep the golf ball industry strong.
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